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Yep! They Designed a Formular Race Car

I'm not complaining but those who blog every hour of the day deserve a place in heaven. Lord, how do they do it? *sighs* Ok, I got some good news for you...

Five final year students of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Univerisity, Awka, designed a formular race car as a passing out project. (I feel I should emphasize that). Yes, a formular race car o

PODCAST: Yeah! The Best of The Year is Here

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And oh, I got carried away somewhere. I didn't eventually find the missing cheques. My boss had to write another.

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Don't get it Twisted. It's Burkina Faso, Not Nigeria

I'm sure you've heard about the happenings in the political scene of Burkina Faso today. But just in case you haven't. According to Aljazeera, hundreds of people broke through a security cordon and stormed the National Assembly building in the capital city, Ouagadougou few hours ago.

Now, is there any Good news in all these bad news? Yes. And yes. Heart Rays gives out the light in this dark world. *grins*


There is a New Dance in Town

I love to dance. (Note that I didn't say I know how to o. lol) I dance a lot. Most times, it's in front of my mirror sha. *covers face*  Dance is an expression of emotions. It is a perfect way to lift up my vibrations and chase away the blues. I also enjoy watching people dance. I'd like to tell you about this dance I just discovered. . .

You know I'm being paid to talk about the News on Entertainment in Nigeria, which includes the latest Nigerian Music Videos. Yeah? So I found a particular video today o. The one I like. I really like. :)


Dear Future Hubby, Be Creative o

It's a Monday. I was just "jejerly" minding my job (serious mode things) when a colleague showed me this romantic video. I should say, it's the best I've ever seen. I was like: "oh my God. . . oh my God. . .oh Jesus..." I cried, and to think that I couldn't switch back to my "serious" mode, I cried even more. *sobs*

The video shows how a guy, Levy proposed to his best friend, his love named Tiffany. I find it so emotional. Levy put some heart into his proposal. It's more like a movie than a reality. Could this be real? *tears*


Is There Any Good News in all These?

Do you know that moment when you find yourself biting your pen? It happens when you're faced with a difficult question in the exam hall, when you don't know what to write and sometimes when you can't seem to get something. Phew! I caught myself doing that today.

As I was sourcing news stories, I felt so depressed, and almost frustrated. I was losing hope, joy and life. It's never dawned on me as much as it does now, that the media is obsessed with bad news. Violence and immorality everywhere! *cries in pain*


Whose Report will you Believe about Ebola?

All the while, I'd beat myself for having nothing to write about Ebola. It was a hot topic for discussions. Everyone had something to say - from its history to its signs and symptoms. And I didn't know where to stand with my pen.
But today, with all gratitude and excitement I write on Ebola. Yay!

Nigeria is declared Ebola-free

This morning, I heard on the radio that The World Health Organization was preparing to declare Nigeria free of Ebola. I had kept my fingers crossed and hoping to scream for joy before I go to bed.


As I Embark on this Journey to the Life of a Critic

Being called a critic has never ever sounded any good to me. Ehn! Me? God forbid. I used to think it's a bad title (it can be anyway). I've never imagined that I'd be glad to be called a critic.

The gist is the company I currently work with, is creating platforms for creative minds to connect and build a community. A community where societal issues are raised and constructive criticisms are appreciated. And I've been promoted (in some way) to be a part of the project.


PHOTO TALK: The Lord is My Light

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PODCAST: Know where to Find Happiness

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It's been a "Linda Ikeji" Week

This is probably my first post about current news and trends. Most times, I blog about my day, my week and in fact, my entire life. (which can be boring too. lol) And other times, I talk about the things I do love, the lessons I've learnt and everything beautiful. Well, this is one news I can't afford not to share...

Google Shuts Down Linda Ikeji's Blog


5 Lessons from "School is for Lazy People"

So a friend invited me to the programme tagged "School is for lazy people" It was a day after Suzzy's wedding and I was tired. Reluctantly, I accepted the invitation.

I'm so blessed to have been there. It was fun. The comedy, poem and music. So fantastic. Lemme gist you na, they said formal education (the university) is a waste of time. It streamlines your thinking and kills your creativity. Those who rule the world didn't go to school. . .


Things We Do For Love

It was the during the Id-el-kabir Sallah break. As usual, the Traffic in Lagos, Nigeria was crazy because many more people (the Muslims especially) were traveling to celebrate the season with their loved ones. So you dare not travel if you can't stand the traffic.

That I'm seated for minutes to hours on a vehicle that's either moving very slowly or not moving at all drives me nuts. I find it unbearable.
Yet I frantically chose to travel for love.

Not Another Long Boring Weekend

When the Federal Government declared Monday 6th and Tuesday, 7th of October, 2014 as public holidays to mark the Id-el-kabir Sallah celebration. I knew it was going to be another long and boring weekend if I don't plan to make it an interesting and exciting one.

That moment you're asking, "what do I do with this break?" We've all had such moments. Tell me, what do you do?


PODCAST: New Day, New Grace

New day, new grace. His mercies are new every morning.


Let's Go Greeny!

Each time I'm asked what my favourite colour is, I be like: "Erm... I don't know..." And it's not just me. Those who just love colours know exactly what it feels like not to have a favourite colour. We just love colours. I especially love bright colours. And sometimes we don't have a fave because our choices are based on moods, weather and relationship status. Yelx.

Oya, Let's Go Greeny! 

Based on my mood (and maybe relationship status. lol), I have chosen green today.
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