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DIARY: When November Brings New Memories

If someone asked you what was so special about November, what would you say? I think it can be so hard to remember specific days and events when every day goes by in a flash, right?

I decided to keep track of the month of November with a few sentences and some pictures.

Memories From November 2017
~November To Remember~

1/11 - My phone mistakenly falls off from a three-storey building while trying to place it on a surface after self-timing it to take a shot. . . Two things that blew my mind is that NOTHING happened to my phone and that it went ahead to snap me before hitting the floor. "November looks good already" I thought.

that's my head sticking out in shock as I watch my phone fall

2/11 - I'm wearing one of my brother's shirts today.

3/11 -  I am de-cluttering my office workstation.

4/11 - Slept well through out the day. Let's just say some Saturdays are for sleeping ;)

5/11 - Purple sandals which I've had since 2014 peep here goes to the bin, after being an embarrassment at church today.

6/11 - A married man who has a son is claiming to like me a lot. No scrap that. A former colleague has recommended me for a copywriting project.

7/11 - Trekked a long distance on high heels because I couldn't get a commercial motorcycle. And there was no slippers in my bag to change into. Phew.

8/11 - I am having dinner with a young married man. Hmmm. . . 

9/11 - "Where are all the okada men?" Lagos is getting harder to live in by the day. Phew.

10/11 - I really like what I wore today. Ankara is bae.

11/11 - Some Saturday's are for sewing. Yeah? Laziness didn't let me finish a simple midi skirt. Smh.

12/11 - In a meeting with the strangers I'd be ghostwriting for.

13/11 - Monday has never more stress-free. I am watching an interesting movie on my laptop - The Devil's Advocate.

14/11 - Hmm . .  This yam with chicken Pepper soup is sumptuous. Thanks mum.

15/11 - I am fasting and praying for something new. My desire is to sing a new song before the year ends.

16/11 - Issa lie!!! I am the only passenger on this BRT bus!!! I'm shockered!
17/11 - A colleague told me he's always looking forward to what Ankara outfit I come up with on Fridays. Lol. Me too.

18/11 - I'm hanging out with the girls at the beach. Some Saturdays are for basking in the freedom that comes from singlehood.

19/11 - Service was colourful. It was a Cultural Day in church. I'm wearing two wrappers. Incredible. 

20/11 - Banky W and Adesua Etomi's traditional wedding, #BAAD2017 is trending on social media and Ebuka is stealing the show with his agbada! "Write about it asap, Amaka." Work calls. 

21/11 - Jeez, I left my phone at home.

22/11 - After midnight prayer I couldn't sleep, I now created a new IG account - @amakawrites. Na wa oh. 

23/11 - Weird that I'm not experiencing the regular excruciating menstrual cramps right now. Issa miracle!

24/11 - Spent so much money on body/skin/hair care products. Can you believe that this bottle of virgin coconut oil is N2550. Jeez!

25/11 - Some Saturdays are for weddings; two besties (chioma and Bright) are now married :) I wonder how many more bridal trains I have left (see here and there) before I become the bride :/

26/11 - I guess I've been walking, jumping and dancing on heels a bit harder lately. I'm limping now because my foot hurts.

27/11 - No heels this Monday morning because my foot still hurts. I feel like a cheerleader after discussing an upcoming sports event with the Youth Executives today. :D

28/11 - Loving this two-buns hairstyle. Got me feeling like a baby girl. *blush*

29/11 - My boss just sent me a well-done email. I'm proud. 

30/11 - I didn't go to the office today. I figured I need to work less and rest at home. "Yes Lord, Peace."

* * * * * * * * * * * 

When you open your heart to believe God is weaving and working everyday of your life, you'll realize that there is nothing ordinary about your day.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. 

– Isaiah 43:19

If you’ve been joining in on keeping track of your life in a private diary, try with one or two sentence per day. It can be electrifying. It's not too late to start this month.

Your turn; what can you remember about November?

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