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DIARY: My Third Trimester Update (Pregnancy Journey)

In case you missed it, I officially announced that I was pregnant on YouTube and have already shared my first trimester update and second trimester update on Heart Rays . This is probably the most monumental thing to happen to me in my life so far, and I am documenting my journey here.

This has been on the draft list for so long and now it’s time to publish it. 😊

Week 29 - week 32

Third trimester update

This is my third trimester. Third trimester has been interesting. My energy burst from the second trimester is still on. I am living in the MOMENT. No rush at all. 

Our little one seems to be moving and kicking a lot now and I’m enjoying every bit of it. I feel the movement once I sit down and especially when I go to bed and lie down on my side. I can’t describe the feeling but it’s a mixture of weird and amazing. At this stage I’m feeling quite large and ‘heavy’. A few times I’ve felt a twinge up in my ribs where I’m pretty sure baby is sticking a foot, so hyper!

I am beautifully embracing my bump in different Ankara Outfits and feeling really amazing. 

The biggest thing pregnancy has taught me, is the ability to hold space for multiple competing emotions. I feel so happy and so scared and anxious all at once. I feel excited and nervous, grateful and fearful, prepared and a wreck - all the things at the same time. But I TRUST GOD.
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