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Do You Believe In Marriage At First Sight? (Interview)

For weeks, I battled with myself whether to bring The MACH Show onto Heart Rays. I didn't want to mix both forms of content but it dawned on me that if I don't share what I've been up to lately, then my status as a Lifestyle Blogger would probably be questionable. Lol. Lately, I have been expressing myself more on YouTube. So, if you are not subscribed to PerfectMachForeverTV, you just might be missing something.

Anyway, I have decided to try as much as possible to share highlights from each episode of The MACH Show as being led. I trust that it would bless you. Here is the second episode:

Married At First Sight

----- Introduction ----

Presenter (Me): Hi guys. This is PerfectMachForeverTV. Welcome again to our channel. Today, we have this fascinating couple here to tell us about their journey. . . we'll get to know them and then have some fun! (Everyone smiles)

Presenter (Me): *looks toward the couple* Thank you so much for having us. Let's meet you both.

Nnanna (Husband): Hello Everyone. My name is Nnanna. And that's my wife, *points at her* Irene.

Irene (Wife): *blushes* Irene.

Nnanna (Husband): We are the Inyamah Family.

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