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What Is Your Style Statement?

Show me a person who makes a style statement, and I'd tell you about someone knowing WHO they are. Aha, that's my quote right there! Lol.

Style, to me, is more important than fashion. Style is personal and unique but fashion is generally for everybody. Do you know your very own personal style statement? Lemme help you with it! 

Discover Your Personal Style Statement

I have to thank Bro. Ezra for spurring me to define my style statement. After our little chat, I delved into my wardrobe to SEE myself through my clothes. Now I am proud to say I have a style statement I know my style statement.

I want to hopefully lead you into your own style journaling bliss too.

Knowing your Style Statement is similar to answering those get-to-know-thyself questions. Here are a few I devised that will help you be as specific as possible, using concrete personal details to answer each question.

  1. Look into your wardrobe. Fish out your favourite clothing and figure out what you LOVE about them. Describe their textures. Where do they come from (nature, art, etc.)? What feelings do these textures evoke? 
  2. Find pictures in magazines or online of stuff you LOVE/CRAVE. Which word describe all of them together? 
  3. Think about a COLOUR you adore, and describe its properties – cool, warm, vibrant, dull, dry - are these also words that describe you? 
  4. Where do you feel your heart belongs? (Does your heart belong to a physical location like the mountains? Does your heart belong with your career or a certain cause?) 
  5. Write down lots of words that represent your PERSONALITY, also words that relate to how you’d like to be perceived.(personality is key for me) 
  6. Once you have all these words, start discarding the ones that you're not really excited about and this will help you come up with your style statement.

When you are satisfied with the words that describe all your looks - from more casual to more dressed up - you’ve found your style statement!

Here are my words:






Now this is my style statement:

I am a creative African who loves being vibrant and colourful in a natural way.

Note that I used "am", "who", "being" NOT "wear", "looking". Style emanates from who you are. That's why you can't copy anybody else's style. You've got to have your own.

Creative: I am inspired by creativity. I like whatever challenges me to think, to imagine, and to create as well as mix and match.

Vibrant: I have a social personality and lifestyle. It is important that I emanate good vibes (excited, positive and warm) to connect with people. Bright colours excite me and ignite my mood. 

Natural: I’m drawn to refined and subtle details. I believe in the beauty and power of nature. There's got to be some natural feel about me. Being African comes natural to me. 

I believe you can see on this picture how these words (which I have decided to call "style rays") go to making up my style statement.

Erm . . . It is not everyday that I have every single style ray covered tho, but they go into influencing what I wear, what I shop for and what best describes the clothes and outfits that make me really me.

Bonus: When you know your style statement, shopping and dressing up becomes way easier. (Way!) 

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"Fashion becomes an art from your heart when you let the light shine through your style." 
~ Amakamedia

P.s Talking about style: A woman, Dcn. Owolola came to me excitedly and said: "E-hen! Sis Amaka, I've been looking for you. See my scarf . . . See my scarf. I copied you!" Lol. I indeed do have a style. :)


Like this headwrap? See how to do it for yourself HERE.

So, what’s your style statement? Have you discovered your style rays? You can even upload a picture that best represents your style in the comment box below.

Let's do this!

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