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Use Love Languages at Work to Build Healthier Relationships (AUDIO)

Everyone needs to feel appreciated to know they’re contributing valuable work and ideas. But effectively demonstrating appreciation often requires more than saying “Good job.” 

I recorded this presentation I made while with Mediacraft Associates for personal use until I couldn’t resist the pressing urge to publish it for the world to hear. 

 Please listen below 👇🏾 


I must admit that many things triggered sharing it publicly: 

1. Just last week, the tragic news about a banker who committed suicide within the bank’s premises went viral. There are many more employees who have committed suicide that we do not know about. It’s on Vanguard, Punch, Cable, everywhere you look. The world is in dire need of LOVE. 

2. My current phone might be formatted soon, and I fear that I might lose this file forever. Not a valid reason, actually.

3. Two of my colleagues made reference to a presentation I made some time ago, and I believe it was quite insightful.

4. Above all, the two most important personalities in my life—my husband and the Holy Spirit— have given me their go-ahead.

love language in the workplace

Want to feel God’s love? Listen to this. 

Please share the link and leave your thoughts in the comment. Thank you.

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Stay be-YOU-tiful.

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