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10 Employability Skills You Never Knew Bloggers Have

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Being a blogger is not an easy feat! There is a lot going on behind the screen. A lot.

10 Skills Bloggers Possess

Firstly, let me say that this article is not talking about those who simply "copy and paste" from other blogs and start calling themselves bloggers. It is rather talking about those who go through the hurdles of creating real and original content.


44 Quotes by Thomas A. Edison, Benjamin Franklin and Tony Robbins on Productivity

I’m a fan of quotes, but one of the issues I’ve had is finding the right quotes when I need them. Since I’m also working on being more productive, I decided to share this collection of productivity quotes.

Productivity Quotes

When you need an extra dose of inspiration to kick start your work and productivity in high gear, these productivity quotes can get you inspired, and get you back to work.


RELATIONSHIP: Dealing With Unmet Expectations

I drafted this post last night, but realized I didn't save it until this morning. It hurt. *bite lip* I had to start writing all over again. It wasn't easy mehn! (Thanks to your awesome comments which motivate me).

In relationships, you must always remember that people have their own emotions, behaviours, actions, beliefs, scars, wounds, fears, dreams, and perspectives. They are humans and cannot fulfil all your needs.

Managing Expectations

I was talking to a few friends about their expectations and I opened my mouth. I thought I was vain but my friends are "badder" than me. Lol.


DIARY: This Is The Woman I See

My sister and friend, Frances has inspired me to write about the woman I see myself becoming. She said reading it can help us get through dark times. I totally agree. 

The Woman I see

I am so excited about the woman I am growing into. I love her sillily. I admire her values, her goals, her priorities and every single thing that makes her an exceptional person.


Being Complete In Him

Happy New Week, sweethearts! How are you doing? I've missed you so much. It's been like ages since I interacted with you in the comment box. That'd change soon.

Today, I want to share with you a word that's been brewing in my Spirit. :)

Complete In Christ

I am complete in Christ. You are complete in Christ. We are all complete in Christ. Hallelujah! Amen!


STYLE: How To Mix Ankara Prints (For Starters)

Its always fun and trendy to mix colours and prints, even more so when you are doing it with the vibrant fabric of Ankara!

Mixing Ankara Prints

I love Ankara print, I see it as an art of its own. Ankara prints are exquisite, beautiful and colourful and represents everything African. I can't even say exactly when or how I became crazy about Ankara prints. I just found myself loving them! 


BOOK REVIEW: 'Never Give Up!" By Joyce Meyer

When you lose hope and begin to feel sorry for yourself, stop right that minute and say, "I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I will not stop hoping for a better tomorrow. As long as I am alive, I have hope!"

'Never Give Up!" By Joyce Meyer

I practically like to end my day with a book. 'Never Give Up!" is one of the books I pick up from my library after having a not-so-good day; when I feel overwhelmed and broken, when I feel miserable and empty, when I feel uninspired and uncreative, days when nothing seems to be working.


One Important Thing To Do When You Are Broke

Hi sweeties! I ran out of data again. *covers face* I'm broke mehn. I felt led to put up this post. Are you currently broke? Then this is for you.

What To Do When You Are Broke


No. I am not going to tell you to pray. You already know you should. However, I want to tell you what I am practically doing to stay positive and inspired in such a time as this.


RELATIONSHIP: How To Be Friends With The Opposite Sex Without Appearing To Be Chasing Them

If you ask me, I think women have become too friendly with men to the point that it has confused men. So with that, it is wise for us try to find the balance. How do you build friendships with the opposite sex without appearing like you're flirting with them?

Being Friends With The Opposite Sex

People usually say I’m friendly, but the truth is I’m more “selectively friendly“. I can easily make new friends . . . but that's only if I like you. I generally love people but I find it difficult to interact with people I don't like.


DIARY: The Awesome & The Awkward Things About Last Weekend

Last weekend has come and gone so quickly I can barely remember what happened. *scratches head* It feels like an hour ago yet I'm realizing how fast it went by.  And now it’s Tuesday.

Awesome & Awkward Went My Weekend

You may wonder why I like to share what transpired over my weekend/life. I wonder too. Lol. One thing is I am consciously striving to live life filled with positivity, inspiration and love.

MUSIC: "Boosit" - Cobahms Ft. Falz

Someone logged out of Twitter for two days and see how fast the world has changed. Phew. The way things are happening these days ehn, you will be left behind if you don't step up on your game. May God help us and grant us speed in Jesus' name. Amen.

OK. There is a new song in town. And I'm loving it. :)

"Boosit" - Cobahms Ft. Falz

The super-duper awesome Cobhams Asuquo as we all know gives soul inspiring songs any time he decides to dish out something. (Listen to "Do The Right Thing").

Against the backdrop of fuel queues, lack of electricity and the many issues that we are facing in the country, Cobhams comes up with a brand new inspiring single titled “Boosit.” And guess what? He is featuring Falz the Bahdguy! 


We Are All Sick

God has a great sense of humour, you know? He is a great Comedian, a fantastic Businessman, an amazing Doctor and so much more!

Today, He's relating with me as a Doctor.

Healing Grace

(This is somewhat an extension of last week's post - Grace Multiplied. "Grace" has been illuminating my heart for a while now.)


What I Wore: Because Of Sandflies

Have you ever been on a picnic or camping trip and been bitten (or eaten alive) by those pesky bugs known as sandflies? Well, I have and it is not funny. :(

Because Of Sandflies

Last week, I had a very bad allergic reaction to sandfly bites. I didn't want to step out of my bed. I felt terribly horrible. My skin (hands and legs) was swollen, reddish and itchy.


POEM: Don't Go and Die There

Where are you headed?
Okay, you may go
Go but don't fall
Okay, you may fall
Fall but don't break away
Okay, you may break away
Break away but don't die
Don't go and die there.


RELATIONSHIP: She Is Not Flirting With You

Hey ladies! Permit me to talk to the guys today. Some of them are getting it twisted. They need to know the truth.

The Acts of Flirting

Hey brother, how are you doing? See, let me be frank with you. When a sister likes you, you'll know. And when she likes you some other way, you'll also know.


DIARY: I Will Always Have Girlfriends

This diary entry didn't go the way I had planned. I wanted it to look like this one and that one but . . . oh well. Everyday cannot be the same. :)

My Girlfriends

Frances, my sweet sister and friend did it again. She organized the TWTW (The women @ The Well) meet up for April. And I couldn't miss it for anything in the world!


Grace Can Run Out

I looked at my to-do list, and I got really scared. It dawned on me that I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. I have to totally depend on God's grace this week . . . this season.

Grace Multiplied

My to-do list isn't so different from what I've been doing for over three months now. But suddenly, it has started to look like "too much". Something wasn't right. I felt it.


What I Wore: Glowyshoes' Giveaway (On The Red Carpet)

Yeah. So I rocked those shoes again. The same shoes I talked about here. Please, help me thank my sweetheart, glowy for giving them to me so that she can give me many more shoes. Lol

Mixed Prints in Glowyshoes' Giveaway (Part 2)

My new found love for prints increases weekly. My friend, Bukky told me about Solange Knowles. She said she is the pioneer of mixing prints. Oh well, I give it to her.


BOOK REVIEW: 'My Vision' By Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoun

You know how important reading is, right?

I'm considering writing a book review bi-weekly, so that I can pick up the habit of reading and finishing one book per week again. Hmm . . .

'My Vision' Written By Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoun

It is better to capitalize on your strengths and not your weaknesses. I don't know how to review make-up or restaurants, but I do know how to review a book. It's a gift I shouldn't take for granted.


PHOTO: Who Shall Get There?

God is holy and He wants us to have a lifestyle of holiness. He has given us rules to follow which will make us eligible to enter into heaven. We shall get there in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Heaven so on my mind today.

Created by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia

Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.


RELATIONSHIP: What To Do When You Feel Ignored

There were times when people loved me and I ended up ignoring them. There are also times when people I love ignored me right back. Sometimes I felt good and other times I felt the most miserable and foolish. :(

Let's talk about how to overcome the miserable feeling . . . 

What To Do When They Ignore You

The first thing you need to know is never to degrade yourself or lose your respect. Whether you are being given all the attention in the world or being ignored does not in any way change who you are.


DIARY: Thank God I Am Not Yet Married

The title of this entry may be funny but it is the truth. Being grateful for your current relationship status is a practical way to face your present as well as your future.  :)

Thank God I Am Not Yet Married

Lord, I am sincerely grateful that I have not walked down the aisle yet. I would have married prematurely . . .


The Successful Businesswoman, Linda Ikeji Kinda Believes In No Sex Until Marriage

I'm so late to the party! You guys know I took a 3-day break from Twitter. Yeah? So I'm trying to catch up on as many gist as I can. And then I couldn't let this one slip!

Linda Ikeji vs Wizkid

I love Linda Ikeji. She inspires me in many ways. She always emphasize that she didn't have to sleep with any man to make it this BIG. 

25 Things You Never Knew A Voice-Over Artist Does

I just told you here how important advertising your skills and product is to your business. It's cool to practise what I preach. I'm a voice-over artist. And here are the various areas you might be needing me. :)

25 Things You Need Voice-Over For

Someone recently asked me to mention the things he’d need a Voice Over for, and I reeled off the more commonly known areas of voicing. But, as soon as I got started, the list seemed to get longer and longer and longer, that I ended up having to write them down. 

Incredible Discovery From The Bible (Divine Business Tips)

I'm super excited! I like how God is relating with me as a businessman now. Whether the devil likes it to not, my business is a successful one already. I must hammer!

Biblical Concept Of Advertising

Hmmm . . . I love wisdom. It's sweet! If you take this discovery seriously, you'll be well on your way to becoming your own boss.


What I Wore: Mixed Prints In Glowyshoes

Happy New Month sweethearts of my blogosphere! Good to see you shinning in April. How are you doing? :)

It's my first WIW post of the month. Yay.

Mixed Prints In Glowyshoes

Print mixing is one of the hardest stylistic feats to pull off. And since I am always up for a challenge, it has become one of my favourite things to do.
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