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5 Odd Things That I'm Currently Loving

70% of the time my content is planned out by a time table and I like my posts to have a general theme and message. But sometimes it's fun to just have a chat about random things. So that is exactly what I'm doing today, just sharing 5 of my most favourite things of the moment.

Things I'm Loving (Part 2)

1. Being Single

Although I am single, yet technically I always hadn't. I've always had some guy who had to play the role of a boyfriend. But lately, I'm enjoying being totally single.

There is now no Brother D. No distraction. No disturbance. No drama. I am single. And I am proud of happy and content with it. :)

2. Dressing Up Every Morning

missed being unemployed when the freedom of having a bath whenever I wanted to and changing into a fresh housewear to catch up on all my favourite things changed in a bit. But lately, I'm enjoying the routine of dressing up to work every morning.

I wake up early every morning knowing I am needed at the office. I wake up everyday knowing I am adding value here. I am wake everyday knowing I am doing the little I can to make the world a better place.

3. Wearing Wigs

Oh boy! Nothing beats the joy of doing away with braids and weaves at the end of the day, or pouring water on your head at night before going to bed, or simply switching into three different looks in one weekend. Wigs are my faves now. They save me a lot of time, money, and bad hair days.

I can wear three different wigs in one weekend - one Friday I wore my braids wig to the office so I could tie my scarf in a certain way, the next day being Saturday I wore my short wig to a wedding so I could show off my Ankara choker in an off-shoulder top, then on Sunday I wore my long wig to church so I could wear a beret.

Fake hair. Yes. I don't care.

4. Talking With Strangers

Usually, I'd rather keep to myself when I get on a bus without a friend. I'd try as much as I can to put up a straight face and ignore whoever is sitting close to me. However, lately, I would start up a conversation with anyone (even if they put up a straight face). I am open to explore the mind of another human on any given issue laid in my heart at the time. It's been intriguing. Bring it on, Lagos traffic!

I'm yet to read a comment on my blog from one of these "strangers" tho. Hi!

Previously On 'Things I'm Loving'

5. So Will I by Hillsong United

I cannot not tell you about this song; So Will I by Hillsong United. I love love love it. I practically have it on repeat as I write this. When Ify shared this song two weeks ago, I brushed it aside because I had already chosen I'm Running as my song for the season. But when I stumbled on the song again earlier this week, I decided to give it a try. And ever since I listened, my Spirit hasn't stopped soaring.

When you try to describe how the song makes you feel, you'd be lost for words. Go watch it on YouTube.

Because I want everyone I know to hear it, I have shared it on all the WhatsApp groups I found on my phone (even the ones I'd never said a word and have no idea how I got in. Lol).

Let's hear from you; what odd things are you currently loving, too?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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