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Don't Call This A Style Post

If you've been following my blogging journey for at least over a couple of months, you'd have noticed that I love to show off what-I-wore to church on Sundays, especially if it has to do with Ankara fabric.

Sadly, since I started attending my husband's church it's been difficult getting shots that are blog-worthy for Sunday Style posts.

A Failed Couple Style Post

At our local church, Sunday school starts at 8:00AM. Being Teens' Sunday School teachers, we are expected to be at church earlier than 8:00AM to prepare and get ready for our classes.

Let's say our target time is 7:55AM.

Now look at this,

We currently live 45 minutes drive away from church. So that means we have to get dressed and be out of the house at/before 7:10 AM. However, four times out of five, we are yet to leave the house at 7:20 AM. And neither of us would entertain the thought of taking pictures before we head to church.

"Take what? When we are already late?!"

Since we couldn't take pictures before church, we should be able to take pictures after church, right? But it always doesn't seem to work. By the time church service is over, we are either hungry and tired or heading for another event. Taking pictures isn't our priority at the time.

"I'm hungry. Let's find something to eat biko."

Sometimes, the weather also plays its own part.

This was meant to be an outfit post where I get to tell you about my double-layer flare off-shoulder Ankara dress, my Ankara choker and my white slingback block-heeled shoes but, as you can probably tell, it really isn't.

Yellow is one of our favourite colours. This is the third time I'd be making an attempt to create a Style post out of our yellow matching outfits. Let's hope the next one would work out.

That being said, do you still think we should call this a Sunday-Style post?

Stay inspired. 
Stay positive.
 Stay be-you-tiful.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi 
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