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STYLE: Can Purple And Red Be Worn Together?

This is not the most interesting colour combination I've ever put together, but at the same time it's something I would easily throw on to work once in a while.

Red + Purple Outfit

Once upon a time, there were certain colour combinations that were considered “fashion don'ts” in the style dictionary. Navy and black, gold and silver, and yes, today's duo: purple and red. But those days are far behind us.

Now you can wear whatever suits your mood, taste and personality.

However, sometimes the weather affects your mood. But when that happens, let your taste and personality win!

Last Wednesday, the weather affected my mood. It rained all night till the early hours of the morning. Knowing there’s nothing worse than getting caught in the rain unprepared — Slogging around in wet shoes, windswept hair and a totally drenched ensemble is no way to spend your day. It’s just downright unpleasant.

So I respected myself and wore my red sweatshirt on my midi purple skirt.

It takes thoughtfulness and mastery to dress for a rainy day. Because one minute you’re shivering, the next you’re sweating. You're have to be ready to switch up both minutes.

No, thank you. I'm not going to let the weather steal my shine one bit. Red sweatshirt to the rescue. Yes, baby!

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Purple is not one of my favourite colours, but it gets better when worn with a colour I really like. Red.

For something a little different, try a burnt orange mix with a darker purple. Whichever way you choose to wear these shades, be sure to add the perfect shoe. My shoes weren't perfect but they easily overcome the swampy roads in Lagos Mainland, Nigeria yo. Lol. A nude shoe will throw all the attention to your outfit and tie all the brightness together into one lovely sunrise.

Stay be-you-tiful.
Stay sweet.
Stay inspired.

Would you ever wear red and purple together?

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