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STYLE: 4 Easy Steps To Turning His T-Shirt Into A Skirt Without Cutting it

He may be your boo, brother, uncle, father, husband, nephew or "just a friend". The way he is related to you doesn't matter. As long as you have access to his wardrobe, you can do what I did and wear what I wore. *winks*

Shirt to Skirt

I love love love it when I can do so many things with one piece of clothing. It thrills me. I get so excited and feel like I've won a jackpot each time I discover something new.

I have literally turned into his wardrobe hacker since I knew I could do this. That's what he gets for having me around.

Now let me show you how you can be a wardrobe hacker how to turn his t-shirt into a skirt in four easy steps. Here we go!

Step 1: 
Pick a fine oversized t-shirt that is big enough to fit your waist and hips.

Step 2: 
Ignore the sleeves and wear the t-shirt over your neck, over your shoulders and down to your waist. 

Step 3:
Tuck in the sleeves into their respective armholes, one after the other. 

Step 4: 
There is no step 4. You are now wearing a skirt. It is so easy! :)

Aha! You know how much I love belts..I just had to wear one. :D 

That's it.

Don't we just love finding out new tips and tricks that will help us in this life? Whether they're money-savers or handy things to know, it makes life more enjoyable.

See previous tricks: 

Aha! This is the fun part. See pictures of me modelling in his shirt as a skirt . . . :)

This post is not about my hair. But for an unknown reason, I feel kinda weird (fierce) in it. I don't know how to describe it. Pixie cut has an effect on the shape of my face. I'm not sure whether the effect is a good one or a bad one yet.

Don't laugh. I do not exactly know my face shape. I'm thinking it's somewhere between being oval and round. *still not sure*

Something happened while I was posing for the camera. One guy from nowhere just appeared and said "Hello, pretty. Lemme snap with you please." I'm not sure he even said please. I was shocked. What did I not do?

That's the guy. Notice I didn't look interested? I honestly wasn't. Strangely, he neither asked for my name nor phone number. He didn't also use his phone/camera. He just snapped with me and left. I was surprised mehn. Has anyone ever had such experience? 

Any nice t-shirt turned into a skirt can turn heads. It made a stranger trip to the extent that he couldn't resist taking a picture with me. Lol. As in! It can also make your boo fall more helplessly in love with you. You just might make him pop the question when he sees you looking so fly and shinning in his Tee.

Oh, thank me later.

Everything in one picture. Nice.

So that is how I turn my brother's shirts to skirts. What a man can wear, a woman can ______ ? (fill in the blank by yourself).

Happy Sunday, sweets!

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