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RELATIONSHIP: How To Deal With Having Too Many Suitors

For ladies waiting to be married; among our struggles is having too many options. My aunt has this to say to you:

"GET MARRIED NOW. . . you are being too picky! The one you want 'WILL NOT' want you. Choose one of your options. Make him what you want your man to be. They do not come 'ready-made'. I made mine."

What do you think? Let's talk. It's Love-Wednesday!

One Heart, Many Suitors

Men always blame women for not being patient and knowing what they want while women tend to blame men for not growing up. But that is not always the case.

There comes a time when a man wants to get serious with one woman and wants to settle down, and put that ring she so crave on her finger. What would you have a woman do if all the men around her get to that point in their lives at the same time?

How do you deal with more than three men proposing marriage to you at the same time!?!


It's a struggle!

Some people think that having many suitors flocking around you is bliss. No, it's not! If you think more options have greater enjoyment, enhanced satisfaction, and less regret, you'd be wrong. Ladies with more potential husbands are no more satisfied than those with fewer — it's a more experience of confusion and fatigue.


Lemme help us with one thing. No. Three things actually:

Number one:
Don't Overestimate Your Options

Let me shock you; You’re not as hot as you think. Just because you have access to many options doesn’t mean you are all that. Oops. It might be the enemy's trick or God's test for you. Be wise. Having too many options doesn't mean they are potential husbands. You should know the real things that make them options in the first place. Beyond the "I want to marry you", what else makes him look like your potential husband?

I’m just saying, don’t hold out for options that might not be yours to begin with.

Number two:
You must know what you truly want

My sisters and I at the Women At The Well Ministry believe that it's OK to have a "list" of what we want in a husband based on the qualities laid out in the Word of God. Every woman should have a list of what they want.

*whispers* I want to marry a man like Joseph. 😄

If your goal is to find the very best of your list, you would not wait longer reviewing and rejecting.

Want to know more about "the list". Grab a copy of this book for 2,500 Naira only. Hard copy and soft copy available. (I wrote a chapter in it!) 

Number three:
Make sure you think with your head
not through your emotions
and have peace in your spirit

Whatever happens. always remember your relationship with God is very important. That’s why even at such a time as this, you must pray. You must pray. You must pray. 

“The Lord will guide you continually. . .” (Isaiah 58:11)

* * * * * * * * * *
2018 is the year!

It’s worthwhile to note that it took me longer to write this article than most others. Why? Because yours truly couldn’t decide how she wanted to put it.

I wish life was as easy as closing your eyes and waking up to being married. Lol.

Most of all, I wish for a suitor who makes you want to stop weighing your options. A suitor who is not too early or too late, too easy or too hard, too eager or too cold. A suitor who allows you to see things clearly, make your decision easily, and takes you many more steps closer to God.

Cheers to getting married in few months! Amen!

By the way, do you agree with what my aunty said? Share your thoughts.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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