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He Needs Your Love Now, Even If You've Never Met Him (Pray For Your Future Husband)

You don’t become a praying wife and/or mother overnight.

Pray For Your Future Husband

I often pray for my future husband. But sometimes it can be hard to pray for someone you’ve never even met before! So what are you supposed to pray? How can you pray deeper, more meaningful, and powerful prayers for your future man?

When I got this book 'Prayer For Your Future Husband' written by my darling sister and friend, Frances (who is now known as Hephzibah), I immediately knew I was going to take up the challenge. But it lingered.

I finally did it. Fully.

This prayer challenge is near and dear to my heart, and has taught me a lot. I’m thrilled to share it with you! I hope that this will encourage you to pray for your future spouse, or the man that God has already blessed you with.


How To Dress Modestly In Ankara Crop Top

The other day, I did something brave and totally went out of my comfort zone. I wore a crop top. Yeah!

Personally, pieces like crop tops, bikinis, and dresses with cutouts make me feel self conscious. I have always been a fan of dressing modestly; however, just because you are a Christian or a modest dresser does not mean you cannot wear the latest fashion trends. So, on today's Sunday-Style I will be showing you ONE tip for how to wear a crop top modestly.

Ankara Crop Top

A number of "Christians" and church goers would frown at the thought of wearing a crop top. However, I am among the group of Christians who believe modesty is not limited to what you wear. Modesty should be an attitude, or carrying yourself respectfully. It's deciding that you're a masterpiece, hand crafted by God, and you shouldn't sell yourself as a cheap piece. God thinks you're beautiful and worthy, no matter what you wear. So the reason we adorn ourselves should ultimately be to honour God and not to impress people. Emphasis on TO HONOUR GOD.

That being said, with different Ankara prints you can choose what suits your idea of modesty from various styles that you adore, in crop tops.

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Dear Diary, I Did It With A Danfo (Public Bus) Driver

Every time I start to write, I ask myself, Do I really want to open my heart for the world to see? My words cannot be erased after it releases. And friends, I must confess. It is scary to dangle my feet out here in mid-air.

With A Danfo Driver

For some of us in big cities, we rely on public transit every single day, usually twice. Whether it’s a motorcycle (okada), a train, a bus or a plane, there are times when you have no choice but to be in very close proximity to a lot of strangers.

Within years of riding buses almost daily, I think there are some definite do's and don'ts when it comes to any form of public transportation. Like, is it OK to eat when riding on a public transport?


Guess Who's Pregnant?

I am very sure that you've already heard about the popular blogger, Linda Ikeji's pregnancy, it's been trending on social media since yesterday! But that is not where we are going with today's post. Thought to first clear the air. Lol. 

I just want to encourage us because when we are expecting something great for our future, we are essentially "pregnant" and waiting to birth what we hope for. 

Pregnant With A Word

We have all seen pregnant women at various times in our life. In the case of married women, we just naturally assume that the woman’s husband is the father of the child (and hopefully we’re right!) But sometimes we encounter unmarried women who are pregnant and one of the first questions that invariable comes up is,
 “who is the father?”

It’s a natural question to ask, particularly when the mother is not married. But it also raises an interesting question in our own lives as Christians.


WIW: The Ankara Prints That Sets You On Fire

Is it acceptable for a grown woman to wear her mother's clothes? Yes? No? While you're pondering on that, I've got something to post for Sunday-Style. :)

Fire Ankara Prints

This vivid fire Ankara prints is one Ankara fabric to slay and rock now. You'll find it in various colours. It easily balances the whole physique, especially when styled appropriately with the focus point on the fire visual.

If you want to spruce up your wardrobe do not look any further, this fire Ankara prints is sure to at least lift your spirits for the better. The bold prints in the this fabric will resonate a similar vibe onto your spirit. . . Setting you on fireeee!


Mistakes Are Okay

Many times, the guilt we feel over our mistakes is much worse than the mistakes themselves.

Can we receive grace to forgive ourselves?

Make More Mistakes

We all want to do everything right, but that is not going to happen as long as we are in this body of flesh, living. If we could be perfect in our behaviour, we wouldn't need God.

Think about it.

Jesus died for us because we could not be good enough on our own to enjoy a relationship with God that is completely holy. If you truly love God, if you are in love with Jesus, you will not want to sin or displease him. You will do everything you can to stay away from sin. But you will sin, and you cannot let that distract you or hinder you from moving on with God.


STYLE: Get The Best Of Your Wardrobe By Changing Your Approach

Happy Style-Sunday! Today I’m going to show you my best tip for getting the most out of your wardrobe when it comes to combining colour. Leggo!

Change Your Approach

Most of us fall into strong habits when it comes to putting our outfits together. We tend to take the most obvious solution that mirrors what the people around us are doing or what we've done before. But if you’re going to be “extra”, you might need to shake things up a bit.

Take time one night and play dress up in front of your mirror:


How To Become A Wife Before You Get Married

I think it's time to include 'marriage' on the side bar of this blog, because I'd probably be posting more about marriage than relationship from today. I've been learning and evolving greatly.

Become A Wife Before Marriage

I was smiling. My eyes were producing tears. I was cutting onions in the kitchen. It was one of those special evenings I get to have the kitchen all to myself without my mum popping her nose and acting as a monitoring spirit. Lol. She has this nasty habit of supervising me and making "suggestions" about even the size of pot I should use. Lol. I don't blame her at all. It is her kitchen and it is her husband's house.

So I was cooking yam with tomato sauce for the family. For some weird reason, perhaps not so weird, I was happy and proud doing it.


The Other Side

Do you know what robs our joy faster than anything else? When we know the right thing to do and we don’t do it.

Ah, may God help us maintain our joy!

The Other Side

If God lays it on our hearts to do something, we should better do it. And do it immediately because for every opportunity that you get to choose obedience, you receive a blessing!

Obedience doesn't exactly sound like fun. It actually feels like an obligation, like something we have to do.  We often doubt the motives of being asked to obey, or we think that our way would surely be better.

Why is that so? Because we always want to see what will happen if we do what we do before we obey. That's living by sight. However, God has desires that we live by faith. 

It’s easier to have faith when we can see the end of the story. But often it takes greater faith to obey God’s promptings when it doesn’t make sense at the moment.


What I Wore: Short Hugging Skirt and a Long Ankara Jacket

The Ankara/African prints designs are here to stay and is a must have in your wardrobe. If I don't inspire you to wear more of Ankara, then what in the world am I doing here?

Happy Style Sunday!

Ankara Jacket + Short Skirt

There's this song a colleague always listen to in the office, it's about finding a girl who is both fun but professional and independent. I appreciated the connection made in the song between outfit choices and the assumed personalities they project.

The girl that is fun wears a short skirt and the girl that is independent wears a jacket. Lol.

This song popped into my head when I was blogging this outfit. It struck a perfect balance between elegance and cool.


Break Free from Unequally Yoked Relationship

I was in an unequally yoked relationship that sucked the life and energy out of me! It drained me emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. I never felt so lonely, empty, depressed, and lost!

Glad I can talk about it here.

Freedom From Unequally Yoked Relationship

Right at the beginning, I knew the relationship was headed for destruction.

I never wanted to get into that relationship and so wanted to get out of it the moment I got into it. However, I let my emotions lead me and ultimately control me! It was the deadliest place I’ve ever been in my life!!! I not only lost myself, but I also got chained up. In a cage.

I was not his girlfriend and he was not going to marry me but we had a "connection". Connection, was the preferred word for our relationship.

We served on the same team. Our first one-on-one communication was when he reached out to me on the phone; he asked me a work related question. And that one phone call led to other phone calls. I was totally not interested in him because he wasn't any where close to getting married. At least, he was open about that one. Besides, he didn't have ANY of the core qualities I wanted in a husband, but I did find him attractive sha.

Prior to him coming into my life, I was single and really didn’t have any friends (so it seemed in my mind because the devil threw a lie at me and I bought it). So, I was lonely and needed someone to call mine.
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