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STYLE: The People In Your Picture

Hi Sweethearts of my blogosphere! It's been a minute. How have you been? How is it going? I'm doing fine myself. Hopped in to say hi and thank you for being here. :)

People In The Picture

My intention is to share another inspiration of 'what I wore' but something else seems to be happening to this post. In the course of taking personal pictures for today's 'Sunday-Style' post, the location was hijacked by some Boko Haram, yes the bombers showed up (please take the pun likely, lol).

I see my script changing. . .

Well, this story has to change because there are other people in the picture. I am not the only one in it.

So, the hard truth hit me badly:

It is not about you.

It’s not all about you. Now. . . could you take the pressure off a little? This information, when understood correctly, is very calming. We all have a purpose, a reason we are here on planet Earth, and that is what it is about. We are not here to be endlessly interested in our superficial selves and obsess over what we want, what we have and what other people think of us.

It is communal, not personal or private or individual.

Life is not about us. Neither are we the most important thing or person in the world.

With too much focus on the self we lose the meaning and understanding of what life is for — to use our special gifts and talents to make a positive impact on the lives of other people.

Remember that you are a part of a much larger whole. A bigger picture. 

We exist in and for the glory of God and our ultimate glory is to be caught up in and be part of God’s glory and His Kingdom. Meaning, we are living not only for our own sake but also for the sake of others.

Anyone God brings into your life, is for a purpose so don’t underestimate the person so that his or her purpose of being in your life will be fulfilled. You might be looking at the person as a problem, the person is there for a purpose.

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It's safe to say I'm thankful for the people who photo-bombed me today. I needed to understand and share this truth — it is not about me.

Writing 'HWMH' has been quite a journey and I’d like to thank you for your patience so far. I am not done yet 😥 I thought it was my story, but it isn't anymore. You see?

Until next time!
Keep believing in what you've been given. And most importantly, be thankful for the people in your picture right in this moment. Find out how you can be a blessing in their life too.

Happy Sunday!
Stay inspired.
Stay beautiful.

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