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Let's have Sex with our Ideas

Sex. Sex. Sex. It is everywhere and everything. It beats my imagination.

We live in a sexy world. These are days when sexiness drives the market. If you want to sell a product, then you got to create a sex appealing advertisement. Like magic, your product will be everywhere.


PODCAST: Why Wouldn't You Say "hi" ?

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PODCAST: Voice of Truth

Stop beating your self up. Let go of the voice telling you how bad you've been. Listen to the voice of Truth telling you how beautiful you are.

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Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
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STYLE: A #WeekForScarves for #TeamNaturalHair

You've read my "About Me" page and have come to understand that I love everything lovely and beautiful. Abi? Fashion is a beautiful thing. And me I like am for fashion. Walahi!

So I didn't know what to do with my African natural, thick and kinky hair. I just couldn't find any hairstyle to fit my mood. I was wondering, searching and thinking about it all through the weekend.

Bingo! I ended up wrapping my hair in scarves all through the week. Thank God I don't work in a bank or in any strictly "you-must-wear-corporate" organisation. Free-styling is allowed here. *grins*

This was how the week looked like :)


God Bless the Month I was Born

I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Being together makes us enjoy the fun, the laughter, the experience and the journey much more. These moments mean so much that I had to write #BringBackOurMoments. They are priceless.

So on one of the occasions, as we got talking, sharing the stories and having the fun of our lives, I got into a playful argument with a friend who was born in the Month of January. She ranted that January being the month she was born is the best month of the year. I don't agree! Or what do you think?


PODCAST: Speak Out

You don't make a change when sit, relax and stay tuned. You have to speak out.
Use your voice.

Click here to listen: Speak Out

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Afraid of who I saw in the Mirror

I've not found any lady who doesn't like to look into the mirror. We do that especially when we are dressed so cool. *winks* The mirror is a lady's best friend. I don't know about the guys. Wait, do you guys like the mirror too? That's weird. LOL.

It's normal for me to smile, giggle and even dance when I look into the mirror. But this morning, something strange happened. . .

I was Afraid of who I saw in the Mirror

I was all dressed up and ready to go to work. I decided to steal another glance at the mirror before heading for the door. OMG, I saw somebody, not smiling. Not giggling. Not dancing.


Apply Here

Do you have a space in your heart right now, apply within.
Your CV are your cases.
Present your CV.
The management will get back to you.


PODCAST: Not Over Yet

I'm excited. Am I not always like that? (lol)  I just signed up on Soundcloud. I am so happy that I've found something more. *dancing* Soundcloud is an online audio distribution platform which gives me more channel to transmit Heart Rays. Yipee!

 The year is not over yet, it can still happen. Be hopeful.

To listen: Just click https://soundcloud.com/amakamedia/not-over-yet

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POEM: Something More

There comes that realm
An insight with a longing
That an emptiness be filled
Out of the ordinary
Beyond this spot
It is a hunger

That place I seek
A view with understanding
It's unclear how it becomes clear
And unclear again
I'm not confused but it's obvious
It gives a sign
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