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Work With Me

Hi. Thanks for checking out this page. It would be more than a pleasure to work with you on your dream project.

You’re passionate about your dream. You’ve spent time honing your craft and finding your niche. You’re great at what you do. The only problem could be, you don’t know how to tell people about it.
That’s where I come in. We can do something!

So, if you're looking forward to working with me in some way, this is what you need to know about me:

What I Offer

I wear so many hats.

There is so much I have to offer. I need as many platforms to express and emit these rays from my heart.

As A Speaker/Host

I provide a wide range of speaking services - from hosting red carpets to corporate events. I speak on several topics that are HIGHLY customizable to your event/audience. Based on my passion for helping dreamers, my favourite topics circles around: Self Discovery, Personal development, Creativity, Finding Passion, Love and Relationships, and Effective Communication.

Got an event where a host is needed? If I would not be the one speaking, I could be the one ushering the speakers in.

It is so much fun and inspiration with me on the mic. Nothing gives me more joy!

As a Voice Over Artist

Got a product or event you want to talk about and share to a targeted audience? I record and produce voice overs fit for radio and social media.

To feel the energy and colour my soft and subtle voice radiates, listen to my demos HERE

As a Model

Lol. Don't laugh. I love being in front of a camera. Oh, I love it.

Do you need someone to wear your brand in a photoshoot? I'm in. That's mostly the only time I wouldn't mind wearing makeup. Have a glimpse HERE

As a Creative 

There are so much more I have to give. Just realized this page is not enough to tell you everything I do. (please look at that picture above again.)

I am a firm believer that when we engage and devote our lives to some sort of creative practice, our lives become more content and purposeful. This world desperately needs Creatives to continue to spread unique ideas, beauty, and products that show the best of us. 

If you are one who has chosen to embrace the creative way of life, bravo! There is so much we can do together so that you can shine brighter!

My Personality

I am very much a people person.

I connect, relate and inspire by default. Nothing energizes more than spending time with people and seeing them shinning as the light that they are.

Being an extrovert at heart who spent a lot of her childhood being introverted, I can be enthusiastic, inspiring and energetic as well as calm, gentle and supportive.

I Am a Dreamer

I believe in dreams.

I love to work with those who have got a vision of who they want to become and where they are going. I like to connect with purpose, passion and power.

I have a VERY STRONG passion for media and broadcasting. This passion drove me into dumping my cerificate in B.sc Accounting, to pursue my big dream of becoming an amazing presenter on the radio. But while on the journey to chasing my dream, I stumbled on a few career paths. And it's been awesome ever since!

(You know "passion" is a strong something on its own. Yeah? Imagine putting "very strong" right before it. It is no child's play!)

I Am a Dreamer's Dreamer

So on the journey to chasing my dreams, I have slowly evolved (and still growing) into a dreamer's dreamer - A dreamer who helps, encourages and inspires other dreamers.

It's what I love to do.

Are you a dreamer? Working with you might just be a dream come true for me and you. Let's make it happen!

What Matters to Me

Life is too short to be someone you are not, or be trapped by fear, expectations, should's and can'ts. Sounds cheesy but I want to be the best I can possibly be, in whatever I'm doing. I like being honest and real. I'm no superhuman. I make mistakes, and I share them without fear.

I am constantly inspired by creativity, people, and life in general. Nature inspires me. You inspire me. I enjoy embarking on a journey with you as we go from "who am I?" to "Here I am!". I dare to dream, and I'm ready to make it happen, one baby step at a time. What's your inspiration? 

The world is full of negativity already. Ain't nobody got time to add to that. People are in dire need of positivity boosters. Can we be that for them? For me, positivity is the quality of being encouraging, promising and hoping for a successful outcome. When we encourage one another towards achieving our dreams, we would have no reason to fail.

Love is the greatest force in the world. I wouldn't be here without love. Neither would you. Love sure makes the world go round. It is love that adds colour and beauty to life. I love to spread love in every way I can. I also love to talk about love. Give me a mic, and you will never want me to stop. :)

I really don't enjoy being "serious". It's more interesting when we freestyle. You know what I mean. *winks* Fun for me usually involves good company, great conversations, books, fashion, studio, camera, music, games, or possibly having all at once. 

If you happen to be in Lagos-Nigeria, and you run into me on Oshodi-Apapa Expressway. Holla at me! Let's play!

Projects and Experience

A "presenter" can make or break your event, so a proficient, versatile, and animated professional host is one of the things you need to invest in to ensure a successful celebration. I have hosted numerous events such as redcarpets, talkshows, interviews, book launch/reviews, birthday parties, and corporate events. I have also done voice overs for Radio/TV commercials and viral ads.

I treat my work with professionalism, passion, and enthusiasm leaving my clients (everyone) happy and satisfied.

Whatsoever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report; that adds value to people and gives glory to God, just count me in.

I look forward to working with you.

Favourite Overrated Remarks

"Amaka is calm and wild. It's a rare combination."  ~ Pst. S., Investment Analyst
"Having Amaka is like having a second event coordinator. She comes up with valuable ideas and suggestions to make the programmme smoother and more interesting." ~ Mr. Babs, BEC Instructor
"What you notice first are her eyes (especially when when she is not wearing those nerdy glasses), a piercing sparkle with a crafty intelligence. Next, her voice, light and girlish, almost unpunctated in her rush to say things. Then, that she is beautiful, an impossible kind of natural beauty, composed of the right elements; body shaped in the best feminine curves and her sexy ( permit that word, she doesn't like it either) bowlegs. And then, only then, can you really take it in: Nwamaka Ajaegbu aka Amaka Media is a beautiful personality, one to admire from afar and right here." ~ Mr. CYZ, Author 
"She balances the team. I really do like her." 
~ Mr. Niyi, CEO, PM Global 
Amaka, you are such an inspiration. Your friendship has been a blessing. I love you like kilode." ~ BeeBee, Entrepreneur 

Do send me an email, tweet at me or just say hi on the street. I am VERY approachable. Cheers!


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