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NEWS: The Nigerian Army has Rescued 200 Girls and 93 Women

I have already talked about this on BBM and Twitter, but my conscience wouldn't let me be until I post it on the blog. Lol. You remember I made a promise here to bring us any good news I find. Right? So here. . .

The Nigerian Army has Rescued 200 Girls and 93 Women

The Nigerian army has rescued 200 girls and 93 women from Sambisa Forest who were captured by Boko Haram.


STORY: I Met Jerry

It was a Sunday. I had just had the most amazing evening house fellowship ever. And I was smiling my way back home as I hummed a song, Imeela. . .Imeela. . .okaka. . .onye kere uwa. . .imeela. . .imeela. . .Eze'm oo. . .

I Met Jerry

I was such in a good mood. Perhaps in high spirits. I didn't realize I had a smile on my face until he smiled back at me. Huh? I waved, and kept on walking.

He ran after me.


PHOTO: My Weekly Schedule be like

Take responsibility for your own happiness. Happiness is a choice :)

Heart Rays. . .Giving out the light.


You are a Brand

Everyone wants to meet interesting people whom they can associate and share their lives with. But being interesting might not always be enough. You would have to create an image in their minds - an identity.

You are a Brand

Destiny sounds as a big word to me. So I refer to it as dreams most times, it feels safer and simpler that way. I don't even like complicated issues in the first place.

Anyways, I've been talking about dreams for quite a while now. I have a strong feeling that a sweetheart is going to say; "Aww! This is a dream come true!" innabit. Therefore, there is a need for us to know our personal brands.


PODCAST: Letter to Myself

Hello Sweeties! I'm having some 'me' time. I decided to give myself a gift of me.
Sometimes life can be so overwhelming that you want to go find a way out of here to a place in there. (if you know what I mean).

I looked on 1 Samuel 30:6 - ". . .but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God." And I wondered, "how did David do it?" "Did he stay up alone?" "Did he pray?" "Did he speak to himself?" Just maybe.

There are moments when you would need to encourage yourself too. I'm having such moments. . .


STYLE: Sneakers on a Wedding Dress

Oh la la! I just couldn't get over a post I found on Pat's blog - Catwalk with PAT. I had to reschedule the post I intended for today to feature this style. I mean, I find it totally awesomely epic! Oh my. . .*teary eyes*

Sneakers on a Wedding Dresses

The Nollywood actress, Ivie Okujaye who came into limelight in 2009 after winning the Amstel Malta Box Office competition got married on Saturday. And everyone has been talking about how fabulous her wedding was and all.


10 Awesome Inspirational Quotes for Dreamers

I am a dreamer. I have a dream that is currently burning on the inside of me. Sometimes as a dreamer, you might feel discouraged but you never know how a small group of positive words can power you back on.

Inspirational Quotes for Dreamers

I compiled these quotes by notable men to inspire dreamers, achievers and anyone who totally wants to go for it!

I personally love these quotes. . .


What Keeps You Going?

Some people are still asking why I quit my job. *sighs* The answer is simple; My heart sees the picture.

The Power of Sight

When people question your decision, do you feel encouraged or demoralized? I don't know how exactly it feels but it does make me think, rethink, think.

Permit me to say, I'm a deep thinker. I painfully think it through. (Note: thinking doesn't mean worrying). I usually close my eyes and open my heart to find focus. When I do that, I see the light clearly.


PODCAST: Delilah

Yay! It's Friday! *giggling*  Today, I'm reading out a story I found on naijastories.com

The story reveals an outcome of choosing wrongly. Enjoy!

Rays of wisdom. . .


How to be a Sweetheart

The first step to being a sweetheart is to be a human. Only humans have hearts. Only humans can express themselves. Only humans can have heart attacks. Oops! I actually don't think animals have hearts. Or do they?

How to be a Sweetheart

A sweetheart is simply a heart that is sweet. Lol. Yeah. Like I said here, you are your heart. The heart is the true reflection of a person.


PHOTO: A Message to my Heart

Sometimes the best way to overcome temptation is to speak to yourself. Say things like; "No! Don't do it. It's wrong!" "Go for it. You can make it happen!"

"Love your heart enough to speak to it.
You will hear it someday when your lips have no words." - Amakamedia

Do you speak to yourself? I do that a lot!

Created by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Follow on Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@gmail.com

Heart Rays. . .giving out light.


A Matter of the Heart

Hello lovelies! How was the weekend? It's so hot in this part of the world o. *fans face* How is it over there? OK, this post happens to be a response to someone who politely asked me; "Please, what is your blog about?" :D

A Matter of the Heart

I love heart matters. I just love anything that is heart-related. Wait, I hope you know heart matters aren't restricted to relationship issues. Good. Just so you know, Heart Rays isn't just about that. Lol.


PODCAST: We still have to say a #PrayerForNigeria

Tomorrow, we decide who our governors will be in all the states across the country. So y-e-s! we're still praying for Nigeria. And hoping that God helps us choose the best leaders. I had wanted to repeat the podcast on #PrayerForNigeria but I changed my mind because I'm guessing you have it already.

So far, it's the best I've ever produced. If you haven't listened to #PrayerForNigeria, then click here. Let's keep praying for our dear country.

This is a peep into how it literally went before it came to blow our minds. Lol.


Walking on Water

*teary eyes* I don't know what to say to you - my friends and family. You are so dear to my heart. You are just the best ever.  THANK YOU for your encouraging comments, emails, texts, and calls as regards to the scary choice I made. For having my back, God bless you!

Walking On Water

When one of my closest pals asked me; "Amaka, how do you feel now?" "Tell me exactly how you feel?" I said, "Mehn, I feel like Peter who was told to walk on water o. Tough thing!"


This Choice I made is Scary

For over a month, I've been trying to decide whether to move forward or to stay. Some days, I've completely made up my mind. And other days, I change my mind. Why? Fear of the unknown.

This Choice I Made is Scary

I had lost the passion. My enthusiasm dwindled daily. I struggled each morning to get out of bed. It affected my attitude towards work. I was in a survival-mode.


How to Enjoy being Single when all your Friends are Getting Married

Lately, everyone seems concerned about my relationship status. “How can someone like you still be single?” Everyone is suddenly a relationship coach and has all the answers. Yes, I am currently single. And I don't in anyway feel sorry for myself.  It's not like I'm even close to 30 yet. "What's your own in my case na?"

I'm prompted to write this piece for a worried single. . . I was once depressed too.

How to Enjoy being Single when all your Friends are Getting Married

Firstly, your feelings are very, very normal. Especially when everyone keeps asking, "Are you in a relationship?" "when are you getting married?" (Sometimes, when I'm tempted to lie. I'd say "Oh, he's doing very well" "we're working on it" lol) And the thing is, the longer you are single, the harder it will be to handle all these questions. As well as the awkward feeling you get when you see all your friends getting married and having children.

Well, I love to share my secrets with you because you are my friend. Here are some ways to make the process easier. . .


PODCAST: Out of Darkness

Sweet Jesus, I just want to say, "Thank you" for bringing me out of darkness and gloom, into your marvelous light!

This is why You died.
 To be "...called out of darkness..." 1 Peter 2:9

Rays of life. . .


April Wise

Let's break away from the world's "April fool" syndrome and stand out as the lights that we are. I believe as a Christian, I blog for Christians. Yels!

Be April Wise

To be wise is to have the ability to have a good sense of judgment about a situation, and based on that, to know what to do. It’s about making the right decision given the situation you are in.

Being wise is essential to live a fulfilling life. The wiser you are, the more likely you are to have a happy and successful life. Why? Because it helps you make the right decisions in life.

But the question is: how can we be wise?
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