Sunday, 15 January 2023

STYLE: Mummy and Daughter In Ankara Skirt

Last week, I told you I’d be sharing more pictures of me and my girl(s) matching. Yeah? That’s just what today’s post is all about.

I love to match with my girls.

No doubt, having a baby is one of the biggest
joys of life, one that is beyond words. However,
there are plenty of reasons to rejoice in having a
baby girl(s)! There is something very different
about playing dress-up with your little girl. The
beautiful dresses, the varied patterns, the
cheery colours, the accessories, it just never

Sunday, 8 January 2023

STYLE: I Can’t Wait To Start Matching Outfits With My Daughter(s)

Trends come and go in fashion, but some trends seem to stay forever. One of those styles that have been around for several years now is “twinning”, or like I prefer to call it, “matching” — simply wearing outfits of the same colour/fabric/style combinations with two or more people at the same time in the same location. This can be applied to friends, siblings, lovers, and family members.

I loovvvvveeeet! 

Mummy and Daughter Matching Outfits

Matching outfits is my thing. It’s so much fun to do. It gets my creative juice flowing. It takes a lot of time sometimes, but hey, the positive feeling it gives outweighs the cons. Amongst other things, I believe it fosters the feeling of closeness and intimacy.

As a Christian single lady, I matched outfits with my mum, brothers, friends, colleagues, and even strangers (coincidentally, lol). 

Then I got married, I haven’t stopped matching with my husband ever since! 

Now, I’m a mother of two girls, tell me, what do you expect? To keep matching, of course! Haha!

Tuesday, 3 January 2023

New Hair, New Me

Welcome to a brand new blog post written by a blogger wearing a brand new hair in a brand new Year! Yipeee! 

Happy New Hair

New hair, new me

Riding through the waves of last year was as one would say. . .very chaotic but I made it through the storm. I welcomed a lot of big changes and one of them was to birth another human being and I am super grateful that I did! Glory to God!

It was 4 weeks following the birth of my daughter. I brushed my hair and was quite shocked to see a large amount of hair attached to the bristles of my brush.

I had been forewarned about it, but this was worse than I imagined. By ‘it’, I mean postpartum hair loss. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Two Babies Under Two Years?! How?

Having babies close in age is not for the faint of heart. Phew. There is double diaper changes, double crying, double rocking to sleep and double everything. My two children are barely 15 months apart. This has been the most terrifying and interesting time of my life. 

I share how I’m dealing with all the emotions and tantrums in the video below:

Thursday, 1 December 2022

DIARY: November To Remember (2022)

It’s the first of December. Yay! I want to be really excited but the devil is trying so hard to shake me up. He seems to be winning but you know what? He lost a long time ago. 

I am taking back my joy, my praise, my moments, my peace and everything else that has my name on it. Amen! 

November 2022

Every year I keep track of my November. I do this by capturing one or two moments of each day with a sentence or two. So I did it again this year. 

Tuesday 1: Celebrating Kachi’s cousin on WhatsApp. I’ve been saving this picture for a day like this. Hahaha. . .

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

3 Lessons I Learnt From Losing A Contract Job

For the risk of over-sharing (and, perhaps, I would) I decided to make this a CAREER post and not a ‘Dear Diary’ entry. 

When you lose a contract, a job or a business deal, the last thing you typically feel is positive.

Losing A Contract Job

I am not ready to job-hunt but I am ever-ready and willing to put my skills to work and make some cool money. Having spent almost half a decade as a creative freelancer, I pride myself on being good at what I do. I'm thoughtful about managing communication and relationships, clear about my rates and scope of work, and good at under-promising and over-delivering on results. 

Generally speaking, my clients are always happy. While some show their gratitude with words, others do by referrals. 

Wait, I’m losing focus. This article is not about how good I am but how TERRIBLE I am at NEGOTIATION.

I like being liked, and I tend to feel uncomfortable getting into a squabble with someone over money. So it caught me off guard when this contract went south.

As awkward as it was, I learned quite a few lessons that I hope can help you too. They are:

Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Dear Diary, I Really Wanted A Boy

I’m a planner. I like to know my baby’s gender as soon as I am considered pregnant! But this time, Kachi and I involuntarily embraced the idea of being surprised until our second baby was born.

International Day Of The Girl Child 2022

“I want a boy.” I repeated as many times as possible. I told the people who were qualified to be told. It was what I wanted.

Some of the people I told smiled and wished same along with me while some looked at me with judging eyes. "You should just wish for a healthy pregnancy and baby. That's what's most important."

Oh well, I couldn’t help wanting what I wanted.

I wanted a boy and wasn't ashamed of that. I knew that I'd be a great mother to either boys or girls, so why should I have felt bad for having a preference? Was I any less grateful for getting the opportunity to parent another child? Was I being a selfish brat and only thinking about my wants, instead of thanking the heavens that I was able to conceive again?

Of course not.
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