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Somebody is Watching (Monitoring Spirit)

Hello sweethearts! How are you all doing? I feel like I've not been here in years. How was the weekend? Mine was wonderful! (Thanks for all your comments. You are the best visitors a blogger could wish for!)

Tell me, have you ever caught somebody watching you? Yes? No? Not really? In this life we live; it is either somebody is watching you or you are watching somebody. There's got to be some watching. Oya confess, are you the watcher or the watchee? Lol.

Dealing with Monitoring Spirits

According to Amakamedia: A monitoring spirit is somebody that has enough time to waste by looking for every opportunity to hurt somebody's feelings, threaten somebody's faith, and/or kill somebody's dream.

I came up with the above definition when somebody I held in high esteem betrayed my trust. I'd not want to go into detail because I still respect this person. However, this person has opened my eyes to the beautiful truth - Somebody is Watching.

Somebody is being watched by some set of people the Yoruba's refer to as "awon aye". It's quite interesting that this article collides with what I stated here about the world watching us. Sometimes I get really scared about writing/blogging. Who knows what somebody will come and go and say/do for them to now come and go and use against somebody? I get scared because writing can make a writer vulnerable.

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Anyways, I have discovered that somebody is watching somebody because somebody knows that somebody is going to become somebody in life. (I hope I didn't confuse you with all the somebodyness.)

Thank God for the Bible. All the answers we ever need can be found right in there. The light is in Luke 14:1;
"And it came to pass, as he went into the house of one of the chief Pharisees to eat bread on the Sabbath day, that they watched him."
Imagine! They (awon aye) even had the guts to monitor Jesus. They wanted to find something to hold against Him. So I'm thinking, if they could watch Jesus, why wouldn't they watch us? *rme*

I actually find the fact that Jesus visited the chief Pharisee very interesting. That verse tells me that Jesus had favour with men of influence. Not everybody can be invited to eat with a chief, but Jesus could. Jesus was connected to the elites of the society. As in, He had big connections. Jesus was clearly a celebrity. No doubt!

Yes. I now believe that being watched is not a curse but a sign of greatness. Being watched is a sign of having big connections and influence. Are you being watched? Congratulations! You are a very special somebody. You should indeed be glad that they are watching you. You are a celeb like that!

Lemme quickly tell you how to deal with them with these 5 tips I discovered from Jesus' response to the monitoring spirits . . . 

1. Determination: Despite all the criticisms from the haters, He didn't even send them.

2. Focus: He was just doing His thing. He went about loving, healing and saving.

3. Obedience to God's Will: He was not bothered about them because all He was concerned about was obeying the Father and fulfilling purpose.

4. Confidence: He got His swagger on. He was just too confident that He went to the chief Pharisee's house to eat bread. Omo see levels na!

5. Adventure Lover: He seemed to enjoy the fact that they were watching Him. He knew all along. I'd like to think He was like; "looku looku dem go just dey looku looku"

If Jesus did, so can we.

Personally, I have chosen to follow Jesus like that. I do not care if they have sleepless nights over my matter. I am not bothered about them. I have a God who cannot fail, therefore, I (insert your name here) . . . Nwamaka Ajaegbu a.k.a Amakamedia cannot fail!

Here is a secret: The monitoring spirits do not watch just anybody. They select those they should keep an eye on. They watch those who have a great calling from God upon their lives. They watch those who are on fire for God. They watch those who have obtained the promise of a new beginning. They watch those who are shining their light in this dark world.

There is no point binding and casting these monitoring spirits. You know why? God will set a table before you right in their presence. They will SEE God's blessings and grace radiating in your life. I pray that they will only see you but they will not touch you in Jesus name!

Remember Matthew 5:16, let your light so shine that they may SEE. So let them keep looking!

However, we have to be VERY careful as we live everyday. We cannot afford to live a careless life. We must not lead our hearts to sin. We must maintain integrity in all we say and do. We must keep holding unto God so that we don't give room for any attack from the monitoring spirits.

Saturate yourself with the presence of God. And never let your guards down.

Trust me, they are watching right now. . .

Have a blessed week.
Stay pure.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.
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