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“My Wife Has Full Access to all My Bank Accounts,” Kachi CG Revealed in this Video

Hi sweethearts! I’m still in the anniversary mood while basking in the joy that this season brings. You see, there are trailers-load of positivity, inspiration and love all around.

Kachi and I decided to commemorate our 5th anniversary with a special Q&A video. It was quite a reflective journey as we share insights, lessons learned, and the real-life experiences that have shaped our relationship. 

Please watch to have a glimpse into our journey and perhaps gain some insights for your own.

You can catch up with how I do marriage with Kachi on YouTube @PerfectMachForever

Merry Christmas!

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay be-YOU-ful.

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Married For 5 Years! That’s 1,826 days of Being a Wife!

Today marks my five-year wedding anniversary with Kachi! I remember being on my honeymoon, thinking that milestones like 5, 10, and 15 years were so far away. Yet, here we are celebrating five wonderful years together. My heart is full of thanksgiving.

5 Years In Marriage 

I have really come a long way - from crying over heartbreaks upon heartbreaks to being able to get through a difficult season and now, being married to Kachi. Can you believe it’s already 5 years? Wow!

To be honest, I do not know where this article is headed. My heart is so full. I’ve been in a reflective state for the past week, and I am in awe of how my life has become so much better every passing day. God has faithfully kept His word; He has never failed me yet. 

Have you ever looked back on your life and just cry happy tears? That’s me right now. It’s feels like I’m looking back at my younger self, giving her a wink, and telling her I’m happy she’s having fun.

Five years may not seem that long, but our marriage has already evolved multiple times. Kachi and I are already different people than we were back in 2018 (and especially different from the people we were when we met in 2007!)

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