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Dear Diary, I Broke The Bank

Is March over yet? Thank Goodness! For obvious reasons, most people would agree that January is the longest month of the year but for me, March was longerrrrrrr!

Marching Over March 2018

It's the 23rd day of the month and my bank account already looks like a graveyard. I thought I was good with money! Ah!

Actually, I’m being a bit dramatic. I am good with money – good with the big stuff at least. I’m good at setting aside a big fraction into investments for both the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of earth (If you know, you know). I’ve always understood the raw yet subtle power of compound interest (thanks mum) and so I’ve always acted accordingly. And in general that has made my financial life calmer, saner and more predictable.

Where I really struggle is in the day to day expenses. I’m incorrigibly impulsive when it comes to small to medium purchases like daily snacks and cookies and weekly trips or takeaways. Let me not even talk about the cost of transportation in Lagos. Phew.

But I just can't explain what happened in March. Money was literally walking away from my bank account without me touching them.

My financial bones are quite strong, but my money muscles grew so weak.

Plenty money that I could otherwise be saving or using for something more memorable (like a trip to Badagry) gradually frittered away painfully. *sobs* Where's my handkerchief?

Why does my prescription lenses have to expire this month?
Why does the charger of my phone have to blow up this month?
Why does the screen of my phone have to break this month?
Why does my phone have to go blank this month?
Why does the coconut oil I use for my hair have to finish this month?
Why does my lip gloss have to finish this month?
Why does my internet subscription have to expire this month?
Why. . . ?
Why. . .?

Oh God! Why now, why?

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So when I visited an optician, money left.
When I got new prescription lenses, money left.
When I got my phone fixed, money left.
When I renewed my internet subscription, money left.
When I visited a hairdresser, money left.

Money kept leaving. . . leaving. . . leaving . . .

I didn't expect that to happen.

I know there are unexpected expenses that come up each month. But having a hundred of them rapidly come up in ONE month made me cry. Now, my bank account is not smiling.

I'm extremely glad the month is finally over. I march over everything that weakens my spirit, my soul, my faith as well as my bank account in the name of Jesus. Amen.

This April, I announce a new season over my life; I declare that no evil pattern will be duplicated in my life. I reject repeated failure at the edge of miracles and I decree that my harvests will no longer be stolen, in the name of Jesus.

Your turn, what did you march over in March? What difference are you looking forward to this month?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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