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What I Wore At The Filling Station Ft. The Okada Man

Hello sweethearts! How was your weekend? Hope you made it stress-free just like we planned? OK. Good. :)

Today's WIW post has no bearing. It is as confusing as the title itself. You might as well help me give it a better title after seeing the pictures of 'What I Wore'. :D

At The Filling Station

A camera solely focuses on you when you stand behind a wall, a gate or any plain structure (like I always do), but when you stand on the road or on a bridge, the focus of the camera will be divided. Many other things will draw the attention away from you - to people, vehicles, animals etc.

It's really interesting to know that life can be likened to a camera. You choose what to focus on. I've written quite a number of articles about capturing moments like in 'Those Who Enjoy Life' and '#BringBackOurMoments'. I've discovered (and still discovering) a lot about camera, modelling and moments ever since I intentionally started keep a diary of my styles. I'm totally awed.

This is not mine yet but it shall be very soon. Amen.

I like to focus on a particular item of my clothing or a concept of my style on each WIW post - it helps me define the purpose and perspective to draw from - so that my pictures can take an orderly format.

For example, I focused on;
  • my scarf in this post
  • my shoes in this post
  • my natural hair in this post
  • my favourite spot in this post
  • recycling in this post
  • pedestrian bridge in this post
and so on.

But for this post, I didn't know whether to focus on the filling station, the Okada man (motorcyclist) or my skirt. Lol. The camera captured quite a lot of things. So I thought to share a bit about everything while showing you 'What I Wore'. Permit me if I jumble it all up.

The Filling Station

Normal people go to the filling station to buy fuel and engine lubricants for motor vehicles, but yours truly went there to pose for camera. Smh. I'm such a weirdo. 

These guys should just make me their ambassador already. We share the same brand colours. As in!  

The Okada Man (a commercial motorcycle operator) 

Lmho. Meet Mr. Ihenna, the okada man. He kept staring at me and I wondered what he was thinking. He probably thought, "is this girl crazy or something?" Lol. There will be a time in my life when I'd never have to be on an Okada. However, let it be recorded that once upon a time, AMAKAMEDIA mounted an Okada

My Skirt

what I love most about this skirt; it has a belt. :) 
I love to wear belts. And when I find a dress/skirt that comes with its own belt, I am so going to rock it. 

I've had this skirt since 2010. It used to be super tight on me, but I've grown so slim that I can now fit into it.
I actually hate being this slim. I need to start eating more food to add up some flesh that will cover my bones and restore my curves. Which type of food would you recommend?

Question: What caught your attention the most - the filling station, the okada man or my skirt? Or is there something else?

"Life would be more amazing when we learn to focus on the most important things at the moment - amidst other things fighting for our attention." 
~ Amakamedia

P.S. Thanks to Johnero, he was the one behind the camera. But erm . . . lemme not lie, Johnero did not try o. See how dark the pictures turned out. o_O

Happy Sunday, sweeties!

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