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DIARY: I Will Always Have Girlfriends

This diary entry didn't go the way I had planned. I wanted it to look like this one and that one but . . . oh well. Everyday cannot be the same. :)

My Girlfriends

Frances, my sweet sister and friend did it again. She organized the TWTW (The women @ The Well) meet up for April. And I couldn't miss it for anything in the world!

The last time I saw these ladies was in November 2015. Even though we've been sharing life together on the cyber, I missed them. The hug and kiss emoticons, clicking on the "like" button, and commenting on posts aren't just enough. We need some real physical connection too. You know?

I had butterflies in my stomach that Saturday morning. I even went for a drama vigil rehearsal on Friday (the previous night) yet sleep eluded me. I was "egzited". (that's our customized word for "excited"). 

Our meetup was scheduled for 12 PM. I left home at 11 AM. But Lagos traffic tried my patience and insisted I got there late. Phew.

Me putting up a straight face in traffic. 
Anyways, I finally got there at 1:15 PM. Yay!

Erm . . . I had planned to narrate how my entire weekend went; fun and all. Somehow I am led to share the joy of having girlfriends albeit.

I am so grateful for this deep and meaningful friendship that God has brought my way. I’ve grown to understand the value of friendships with women and I'm keen on choosing the groups I identify myself with. (Oh! Thanks to 'The Saving Graces').

The Women @ The Well (TWTW) is one of the best things that has happened to me via the blogosphere. God bless Frances for being a vessel.

We Share

Above all things, we share our love for Christ. It is the foundation on which our friendship is built. In Christ, we understand the deepest part of who we are and where we find our strength.

Having friends who share your faith can deepen your own faith.

Ify sharing her heart out
Frances pouring out the water she's received
Mide telling me I'd be fine (skin reaction)

We Pout

There is something about us being pout-lovers. I dunno. It's amazing to find your girlfriends doing the same thing you love to do; like pouting, taking selfies, etc.

Having friends who give you room to take off your masks and be yourself is a miracle.

pouting with Frances
Pouting with Ruth (L) and Dee (right) 
Pouting with Ify (L) and Dee (right) 

We Smile

There is no better way to say that we are happy to have found one another. Our smiles are genuine and pure. It stems out of the overflowing love of God in our hearts. You can bet they are beautiful smiles!

We Play

What's friendship without fun? Boring. We are not the typical boring, tight-faced, joyless Christian sisters. Nah. We play as much as we pray. There is never a dull moment when we are together. (No matter how much the devil tries. He sure did try with some distractions but he failed woefully). We always bring our fun along.

We Eat

Lol. Yeah, we eat together. (Ooops! No pictures of us eating)

You can at least see me holding a bottle of milk. :D

Blessedly, in TWTW, we are not the kind of girls who sit to gossip about boys or talk about the latest fashion. Our conversations are deep and inspiring. We are women with hearts deeply longing after God, growing in fellowship and character, walking closely together into becoming the women He wants us to be - full of grace and glory.

L-R; Ruthie, Frances, Dee, Bookie and meee

We need one another to survive. 
There are a lot of women out there very wrapped up in their immediate family or relationship issues and activities that there isn't time to invest in friends. They let those potential tight bonds slip away because they just can't emotionally or physically commit. They are too "busy".

*in Snow White's voice* I ain't gon let that happen. I will always have girlfriends. :)

Friendship on replay!

Is there someone in your life who can look into your eyes and ask if you’re okay when they already know you’re not? That's friendship.

P.S. Sandflies showed me pepper ehn.

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