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Major Takeaway from the ‘Just Us Girls’ Conference 2023

I am so happy. No, happy is an understatement. I am overjoyed! This year’s Just Us Girls Conference themed ‘WOWMAN’ was brought together specifically for me, right in this season. Wow! Like, I mean! 

I’m really loving how God has been so intentional about me this year (and this month, in particular). Thank You, my Sweet Jesus! 

WOWMAN Conference 2023

I am big on attending conferences, and I derive satisfaction in sharing my key lessons and notes with you. Remember when I shared my highlights from The Spirit-Life Conference in 2017? How about my notes from a Ruth-Naomi Meeting in 2018? And my lessons from the Excellent Leadership in 2019? Aha, you see! 

I have always enjoyed attending events that are geared towards my growth — mentally, socially, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. As long as I am led to attend, I prepare myself to receive everything that God intends to pour out into me. 

Like a butterfly, I am consistently and constantly living in a state of evolution. 

I practically live on knowing that there is an atmosphere that I need to be brought into right before my next upgrade. It could either be at a prayer meeting or a conference or from a place of pain and rejection. I am always looking out for where and how my heart can be stirred and my spirit will be lit up. I am always looking out for the WORD that will make the babies in my womb to leap. The Amaka you knew six months ago is MOST POSSIBLY not the same Amaka you will meet today.

The WOWMAN Conference was a catalytic meeting for me. I literally saw myself EVOLVE into; 
  • a more beautiful woman who deeply knows that God created her with a specific intention to WOW himself. He created me, then looked at me and said “Wow! This is very beautiful!” 
As a beautiful woman, I have a mind that works and a brain that thinks. I am well-crafted to fulfill His purpose. I am complete in Christ. I have limitless ability to procreate because as soon as God created me, he rested. I am the woman he needs for the job. 

No matter what the enemy brings at me, I SNAP BACK. This one!!! Like an elastic band, I SNAP BACK!!! I am resilient. Whoosh!!!
  • a daring ministerial gift who is keen on audaciously spreading the gospel of Jesus on every platform wherein she has been called. 
As a ministerial gift, I hunger and thirst for God’s word. I am called to preach His word in every way I can. I am addicted to Jesus! My husband and children are no excuses for me to not step into what I have been called to do in this season. Yes!!!
  • a warrior wife who truly knows her assignment in the life of her husband, Kachi. I am his helper, also known as his strength, his saviour, his rescuer. 
As a warrior wife, I can use my tongue to bring out the KING in my husband. I war in prayer. I am God’s partner in marriage. Marriage is a big deal but it is too small to be the purpose of its existence. There is more Kachi and I can do TOGETHER. I am forever submitted to my husband. Submission is power under control. As I submit to Kachi, I submit to God. Hallelujah!
  • an intentional mother who parents her children not just by what I say but through what I do. As a mother, I am a tree that God has blessed. Wow! What a woman I am!
I am unstoppable. I am carrying a generational purpose. I am the devil’s nightmare. Lmho!

Though the vision tarries, I will wait for it. I will go for it. I will do it afraid. The enemy is panicking and running helter skelter right now. Hahaha!!!! 

It was so good to see my girlfriend, DeiZy. She was here

The WOWMAN Conference 2023 was a weeklong conference which started from the 11th to 17th of September, 2023. Each day had morning and evening sessions, except the first day which had only one session. It was a wholesome—shifting, breaking, shattering  mending, remoulding and rebranding—experience for me. Lord, I pray to never recover from this Conference. In Jesus name, Amen.

I would not be doing you a lot of good if I do not let you know that the conference was streamed live on YouTube and the videos are available for you to glean from, too. Subscribe to ‘Just Us Girls Global’ on YouTube and go to the LIVE column or Simply search for ‘WOWMAN Conference 2023’.

I would personally go back to watching those videos again and again and again until my life is completely changed. Whoops! 💃

What did the Bible say about faith again? Faith comes by hearing, ehen? And hearing by the Word of God. 

This is God’s promise to me from this conference.  I am so so happyyyyyyy!!!

Cheers to a more glorious version of YOU!

Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay be-you-tiful.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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