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8 Unusual Tips For The Perfect Honeymoon

The Monday following our Wedding, my husband and I left Lagos, Nigeria (the bubbly city where we live) to celebrate our wedded bliss. It was the trip of a lifetime — the first long, exotic trip we'd ever taken alone together.

With great pleasure I am going to give you insider tips for planning a great honeymoon vacation without going in debt.

Perfect Honeymoon Tips

You just got married! Now what? Go on your most-deserved post wedding vacation. The honeymoon will allow you some much needed time to rest, recoup and process what just happened.

Don’t conform to what you think a honeymoon should be – take time to really consider what makes you happy and what you really want to see or do while away. Just because somebody else’s honeymoon was perfect for them, doesn’t mean it will be perfect for you. Go gently.

These are my top seven tips to guide you on discovering what's perfect for you:

Be Specific About What You Want

Talk with your beloved about what your vision is for the honeymoon, and ask your beloved to share theirs. What are your top three priorities? Spa, gym and sports? Or cultural sights and traditional cuisine? Or tour sites and travel rides? Beaches and waterfalls? Two of you should make a list —and highlight the similarities. Your top choices should be reflected in the destination you choose.

Even though I had a memorable wedding ceremony, I wanted a more memorable honeymoon. M-E-M-O-R-A-B-L-E was our keyword, so we went all out for that.


STYLE: A Mismatch Ankara Challenge

Long time no style post. Since the last one, I've not had a good reason to show off an outfit. Partly because I have been wearing the same set of clothes; as my style goal for the year was "Wear What You Already Have". Thanks to a colleague who challenged me by saying, "Amaka, you claim you like Ankara. Can you wear Ankara from head to toe?"

Mix and Match Challenge

And to think that I was struggling to make this outfit look great makes it very rewarding and joyous. What trips me most is that none of the Ankara fabric is the same. The earrings, skirt, shoes and bags have different prints. I simply played around with green and orange platelets. What I think I normally wouldn’t do.

So here is the trick: If you’re wearing different printed pieces, keep some form of continuity going on by choosing prints in the same sort of colour scheme. Making sure they complement each other will help your outfit look more put together. I discovered that a head to toe printed look can have the potential to be quite busy and overwhelming. So you have to break up a head to toe printed look with something basic like a plain white top, a plain black top, or any plain top or a plan belt.


Dear Diary, I'm One Month Married!

Life has changed. Significantly changed. I wanted to settle into newlywed life and find a balance between enjoying every minute with Kachi and working a 9-5 before heading back to the blog. But happily for you, he loves when I write and is my biggest encourager. So here I am writing how I feel about being married for a month.

One Month In

Have you ever stopped to think just how much can happen in one week, one month. . . one year?

Sometimes it still doesn’t feel real. I’m a wife. I have a husband. Just how?

By this time last year, I was as single as a slice of bread, still living in my parent's house, copywriting full-time and keeping fairly busy. Now just a year later, I have been married for one month, marveling at all the many (and wonderful) changes that took place in just one year. A courtship, an engagement, a wedding, and now. . . I’m a happy wife. Wow.


Can You Choose What To Forget?

For a very long time, remembering whatever we choose has been almost effortlessly done so well. However, forgetting whatever we choose seems almost impossible.

This year, I am making a decision have made a decision to INTENTIONALLY forget what should be forgotten.

Choose To Forget

Every day. In each moment. Life is constantly giving us opportunities to make choices as to what we remember. Each day holds many different moments; some painful, joyful, confusing, happy, peaceful, angry and loving. It is up to us as to which ones we remember.

Our memories can't hold all these moments, so the ones we choose to remember are important, for we will learn and grow from them. It is a little like selecting the best picture from a stack of proofs.

Easy but not very simple.

Or, is it just me? Do you tend to also have clearer memories of the moments you really really want to forget?
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