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The Difference Between a Good Idea and a Godly Idea

I'm a thinking thinker. (see BMF) I enjoy thinking. I like it when an idea pops into my head like, "flash! flash!". Sometimes it is a good idea but other times it isn't.

Good vs Godly

The other day, I received a quote:
"To have an idea is good. To have a good idea is better. To have a godly idea is best."
As I'm writing this article, I'm yet to fully understand that quote. I'm not sure whether to put my name to it or to put the Holy Spirit's. 

How can one tell the difference between a good idea and a godly idea?


STYLE: What I Wore to Church

Who didn't go to church? Come and confess your sins right now. *rme*

What I Wore: An Ankara Skirt

OK, before I show you what I wore to church. Here is a little something for those who couldn't go to church. . .


NEWS: Linda Ikeji Keeps Her Word

You know I like Linda. Right? I even created a category just for her. Click here - Linda Ikeji. I like her like that! The last time I blogged about her, it was about the project she promised would mentor and support young girls who have big dreams. She's proven to be a lady who keeps her word.

Linda Ikeji Empowers 15 Girls In The 'I'd Rather Be SelfMade Project

Firstly, lemme confess that this news is about three days old. I didn't know until I visited Gloria's blog - TrendyLiving.  And I couldn't resist posting it on Heart Rays. Oh my!


PODCAST: Go Through That Pain (2)

We all go through something that changes us. The changes might be produced by pain.

I have discovered that people who inspire the world are those who have gone through a painful experience.

Today, people talk about pain.

Rays of Pain. . .


Personal Confessions of a Christian Single Lady

No story. This one is straight to the point. 

Personal Confessions of a Christian Single Lady

1. I will not let lovesickness push me into the arms of a man who cannot love,  appreciate and respect me. 


I Met God (3)

I have found healing by writing letters to God. The act of expressing my fears, feelings and emotions has taken me to a place where He speaks directly to me.

My Letter

I had wanted to hide the pain and shame I felt when Jerry left me. But then, I realized it was time to be honest with God.


A Dozen & One Dangerous Inspiring Quotes Against Haters

Hate is an ugly thing. Anytime we try to do something great in life, there will always be people (e.g Monitoring Spirits) trying to bring us down. That's why we need to constantly feed our minds with positivity everyday.

Quotes Against Haters

We've all been there and will still be there. It could be that people are talking behind your back, or that they are talking right in your face. It could also be that you are getting lot of negative comments, or that you are being stabbed by someone. Whatever the case is, it's not always easy to deal with the hate.


Oh! Just Visit My Blog Already

Gone are the days when I used to be shy about having a blog. Now I can almost scream about my blog even on an airplane. Some of my friends (and strangers) no longer find it funny. I'm even sorry for my self right now . . .

Passion versus Obsession

We all have passion and obsession burning within us. These two emotions are generated from within and manifest in outward actions or pursuit, which can provide purpose and direction. They are powerful motivators to take risks, to make sacrifices and step outside of conventional norms to achieve our dreams.


NEWS: Today is #WorldJollofRiceDay

Hello sweetie! How is your weekend going? I decided to bring you this very ridiculous and interesting news. So I went on Twitterville, and found this hashtag trending all day. Nigeria has made history. Lol.


I'd not visited Twitter since yesterday morning until this evening. I was shocked to discover that today, August 22 is World Jollof Rice Day. Lmho! According to Twitter NG, it might be given a global recognition for real. *grins* 


PODCAST: Ben Carson's Story

*sings* Today is Friday. . . everybody like it. . . oh la la la la!

I hope you're enjoying the new ride. It's been a while I told you a story, I'm sharing the popular Ben Carson's story today. For this season of new beginnings, you need to have the determination to succeed.

Rays of Determination. . . 


'Words With Amaka' Kicks Off Today

Yay! Who is excited? I am! Exactly two weeks ago, I introduced 'Words With Amaka' and you told me you were interested and would like us to do this together. The ride is on already!

Please note that this idea is in a rough stage and not yet well structured. My presentations may be a little messy for the time being. But I believe as we keep moving, it will get better. The most important thing about getting a new idea is to be able to start it. Let's just start like that.


I Met God (2)

With tears in my eyes, I looked up to heaven. I had so much on my mind but didn't say a word. "Jerry never wrote you love letters. Did he?" God teased me. 

His Letter

Then God handed me an envelope. It was not the usual brown ones I've always known. It was of bright and beautiful colours.


Dear Diary, I Went For CASOR Reunion 2015

I did not only go to the University, I also became a CASORITE. A CASORITE is a member of the Christ Ambadssadors' Student Outreach (CASOR). When you graduate as a CASORITE, you become a Senior Friend. As Senior Friends, we hold a biannual reunion weekend. So I attended this year.
CASOR Reunion 2015 in Pictures

A CASOR Reunion is a time of home coming for those who have graduated from the university as CASOR Members (CASORITES). During this event, brethren on campus (Junior Friends) welcome the brethren who are graduates (Senior Friends) back to campus and the fellowship. It is usually a three day program. Precisely, it holds during the weekend.


A Taste Of What It Feels Like To Be Hated By The World

Sometimes when I don't have a personal experience to share on Heart Rays, I create one and make it my story. That's how I find inspiration for blogging. Again, I risk my life for the purpose of writing . . .

Making Restitution

I specifically prayed for strength to write about this topic because it is a heavy matter of the heart. Restitution is a very sensitive issue. And yes, very important to be considered at this time.


PODCAST: People and Diaries

Yipeee! It Friday! Ever since I saw God in my diary, I've made a conscious decision to keep an account of all the happenings in my life.

Today, I'm asking people whether they keep diaries too. It's good to know I'm not alone in this. 

Rays of Wisdom. . .


People Resist Change for Fear of the Unknown

I'd say change is like waking up in the morning. We all enjoy sleeping, but respond differently to waking up. There are those who stretch their bodies and get going immediately. There are those who sleep a little more before getting up. And there are those who just stay right in bed. Which group do you belong?

Resisting Change
Embracing Change

Change means waking up from your slumber and abandoning your comfortable bed. It's like stretching your body, getting up and making a cup of coffee (or if you're like me, taking a dose of positive confessions) to kick start the day. 


I Met God

I still think about Jerry. I wake up each morning hoping to get a call from him, and wishing he'd say he was sorry and that he wants me back.

I Met God

As I was thinking about Jerry. God came and whispered, "why are you so worried?"

I replied, "No, I'm not worried. I'm fine."

He must have read my heart. Isn't He God after all? And He actually did.


PHOTO TALK: A Heart Like Jesus

Dear Lord, this is what I seek.
A heart like yours.


Created by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia

Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.


Somebody is Watching (Monitoring Spirit)

Hello sweethearts! How are you all doing? I feel like I've not been here in years. How was the weekend? Mine was wonderful! (Thanks for all your comments. You are the best visitors a blogger could wish for!)

Tell me, have you ever caught somebody watching you? Yes? No? Not really? In this life we live; it is either somebody is watching you or you are watching somebody. There's got to be some watching. Oya confess, are you the watcher or the watchee? Lol.

Dealing with Monitoring Spirits

According to Amakamedia: A monitoring spirit is somebody that has enough time to waste by looking for every opportunity to hurt somebody's feelings, threaten somebody's faith, and/or kill somebody's dream.


PODCAST: Prayer For A New Beginning

Do you feel like you're traveling down a dead end street, but the path to change seems too scary or just too hard to even consider?
Do you feel like every area of your life is changing so fast and you're just standing in the middle of it all, confused and blank? Yup, I’ve been there.

Pray with me.

Rays of prayer. . .


Exposing Words Pronounced Wrongly

I so love the English language. I'd like to be an English in my next life. Lol. Do you love the English language too? I've got an idea you might like. 

'Words With Amaka' Promo

The English language has been one of my favourite subjects from time past. I've always been fascinated at the beauty of words. You should see my dictionary, it's all over the place. I read the English dictionary like a textbook.


I Met Someone. Guess Who?

Lemme not lie, I still miss Jerry. I think about him once in a while. It's really not that easy to forget someone who you once truly loved with all your heart. You just can't forget them like that. *phew*

I Met Someone

On all those Wednesdays I told the story of "I Met Jerry", I enjoyed every bit of it. It was fun to write about a part of my life. It was fun to see me in a true story. I miss writing that. 


10 Quotes on New Beginnings

Yeah! It's the season of new beginnings. I'm excited about it. Things are changing. . . 

10 Quotes on New Beginnings

Whatever change you long for, whatever dream or goal you aspire to achieve, start by making a decision to embrace the power of new beginnings.


My Private Diary

Have you ever read something you wrote about yourself in the past? That feeling is heavenly! Going through my diary is quite the emotional roller coaster. If I tell what I've been through. . . you will not believe. 

A Practical Way to Gain Perspective

When I say I love to write, I mean I love to write. I prefer to use a pen on a paper than type on the keyboard. I literally love to write. For me, writing is talking with myself, with God, and with a best friend.
Writing is an awakening.


PHOTO TALK: Decree A New Beginning

I created pictures out of yesterday's post. And since I'm not yet on Instagram. I thought I could post them here.  :D

Feel free to use the pictures as you please.

Today, I'll be at the church dancing my way into a new beginning. How about you? :)

Happy Sunday!

                               Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.


Happy New Beginnings!

*inhales* I love the smell of new beginnings. It's always fresh and super exciting. *giggles* I could have scheduled to post for Monday but this one is too hot for me to wait. We need it like right now. It is fresh from the oven. . . as e dey hot! 

NEW Beginnings

I bring Good News! God is starting something new this season. I'm not just saying. I am making a decree! This is not the normal truism but a prophetic word. It's better we key into it already!
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