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PODCAST: I Smell Christmas!

Aii, I'm here now. And I brought the Christmas fever along *grins*
What do you want for Christmas? I've decided to give away customised Christmas jingles this year. I want to be a channel of love. Lemme help you package your beautiful wishes for your friends, family and fans. Let's love away!







Top 10 Favourite Quotes by Myles Munroe

Death is not an end. It's the moment we claim total victory over the world by entering into God's presence forever. I don't know how to share a news about death, but I do know how tell the good message it brings. Life is too short not to live out your dreams.

I shed tears when I read on Premium Times, that Dr. Myles Munroe, and his wife, Ruth were among those who died after the plane crashed in the Bahamas yesterday, on Sunday. *tears*


Nice! 4000 Teachers were Recruited in Kebbi State

As I was moping on why I couldn't sew with my sewing machine. Bukky (my dearest friend) asked me whether there was no good news today. Ehn! I must find o. I had almost taken the next available flight to search around the world when I found one right in Nigeria. Yipee!

4000 Teachers were recruited in Kebbi state

Why Do I Have This Sewing Machine?

Yaayy! It's weekend! There are variety of  happenings during the weekends. From laundry, to cleaning, to making my hair, to visiting, to weddings, to partying and to church rehearsals and all that. But this Saturday comes with few activities, which gives me an opportunity to sit on my sewing machine.

My Sewing Machine

I really do like fashion. 


PODCAST: How to Get Enthusiastic the Next Day

I recorded this right on my bed this morning. It wasn't a funny day yesterday. Let me tell you how I motivated myself.

To listen, click on the play button and chill for about six seconds. :)

Music:  Eben & J Moss Ft. Karen

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A Bag of Dangote Cement now Sells for N1000, no longer N1700

I have a dream that one day, I'd build houses. Yeah! Although it's said that Rome wasn't built in a day. But you never can tell, miracles happen. *winks*

And there is a miracle already here. *smiles* For those who are currently building or planning to build.
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