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This should be Fun!

It's weekend! Let's ease ourselves of the pressures and stress of the month. January was tough, mehn! Thank God it ends today.

It's a teaser. How many squares can you count? Nearly everyone on my Facebook page got it wrong, do you think you can get it right? Try guessing before you scroll further for the answer.

This should be fun!

PHOTO: 7 Rules of Life

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NEWS: God be praised! New Ebola Cases Drop to Lowest Level in 7 Months

Yes, Nigeria was declared free from Ebola. (Read here) Don't be scared. We are still free. *smiles*

But you know, Nigeria being free from the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), doesn't exactly mean it no longer exist. It does.

PODCAST: How to Find Beauty in Brokenness

It crashed on the floor, breaking into two. Beyond repair. My glasses. "I should have been more careful" I said to myself. Ever felt that way? Broken. Shattered. Tossed aside. Or thrown away.

Here is the truth, you are never beyond repair. The scars, wounds, lines, they all have stories to tell. Brokenness gives us the inspiration to live.

Rays of pain. . .

This is apparently the longest podcast on Heart Rays so far. Mehn, I didn't know what to cut out. Just had to leave it that way. To listen, click on the play button. The play button is the red round button on the top left corner of the embed player.


What Makes a Woman Sexy and Beautiful from Hair to Shoes, Clothes to Make-up?

This morning, I had a little challenge with picking up what to wear to work. (Actually, that's a daily affair. Lemme not talk about how many times I try a dress over and over. Phew!) 

None of my clothes seemed appealing to me at that time. "I just want to look beautiful" I murmured to myself. Well, thank God I didn't step out naked sha. Hehehehe. . .

So this question popped up in my head:
What makes a woman sexy and beautiful from hair to shoes, clothes to Make-up?


NEWS: Church of England gets First Female Bishop

Ok, I'm not so sure if this is some good news. *blink* but at least, it is quite interesting.

Libby Lane becomes the Church of England's first female bishop yesterday! Despite entrenched opposition from traditionalists, who say that the clergy's top rung is no place for a woman.


POEM: Awake and Dreaming

My eyes see the pictures
They do not want to be closed
As sharp as razor blades
Piercing into my heart
They can see my heart
Or is my heart that sees them?
It's uncertain which part it is
But somewhere from the inside
I can't stop myself from dreaming.


PHOTO: God Keeps His Promises

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.
- Hebrews 10:23 (NASB)

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POEM: I am a Christian

Happy Sunday! Hope you went to church. What was the topic and Bible text of the sermon/ministration in your church today? My pastor preached on Divine Positioning. Bible Text: Eph. 1: 18-21.

It was an awesomely spirit-lifting message.  Being a Christian gives us the power to create, to overcome and to possess. Are you a Christian?


Matse Met Ekemelu. Got Married Three Months After

I don't know about you, but Saturday has got love written all over her face. She's always all about weddings, birthdays, parties and everything that has got love to do with it. I actually attended a wedding today. Lol.

Anyways, I brought us some love story. This is Matse Uwatse-Nnoli and her husband, Ekemelu, sharing the thrills of being married with Kemi Lanre-Aremu.

Oya now, grab a bowl of popcorn, have a seat, and enjoy this love story. . .


NEWS: 14 Pregnant Teens, 8 Children Rescued From A Baby Factory In Abia

I bring good news! Amidst of the killings, bombings, deaths and all. We still have good things happening in the media. Heart Rays brings good news to light. So leggo!

Pregnant teens

PODCAST: Put a Smile on Your Face

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a million reasons to smile" :)


Mirror, mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Confident of them all?

My previous post talks about Happiness. Here, it is about CONFIDENCE. I'm guessing it will be an era of emotions on subsequent posts for few more days. Yep! Emotions - the energy in motion.

Building Confidence

Emotions create the atmosphere surrounding our heart. This is a more reason why we need to focus our minds only on positive emotions.


Happiness is so Underrated

Ahan! Life is not as complicated as we sometimes allow it to be. We need to calm down o! Can you imagine? Someone asked me: "Amaka, how are you?" I answered, with the most beautiful smile ever, "I'm fine." The next thing the person said was, "Aha! You look really happy. What happened? Has he proposed yet?" Mtchwwww!

Biko, what is happiness? Happiness is a state of being happy. Being happy is a positive emotional state of mind. It is a decision to be in that state.


It's official, I'm a fan of Linda Ikeji. . . No Pretence!

Hello friends! It's Monday. Happy New Week! Hope your weekend was fab? For me, last weekend, I was talking about the #NoSexTillMarriage hashtag. And about 75% of my small community made jest of it. Can't you guys do without sex ni? Smh. Anyway, that is not the issue right now.

This is about Linda Ikeji. Remember her? That question was unnessary. Of, course you do! Just in case you don't know her. . . hmmm, you may read Google shut down Linda Ikeji's blog.

Few minutes ago, I logged on to LIB. And for the first time in many posts, I was awed by this very one - I'd rather be self-made!


My Husband and I Married as Virgins - Nikki Laoye

I love positive news! The news which bring hope, boost faith and affirms that God lives. I have pledged to never stop to give good news for the rest of my life. Yeah, you read that right. A friend once told me that my good news are weird. Lol. What do you say?

Oyenike Laoye is a Nigerian recording artist, songwriter, singer and dancer. I've always loved her voice and music. And after reading about this feature on Saturday Punch Newspaper, I respect her. 


PODCAST: Be the Best of You

It's so amazing to be yourself! Truly happy and successful people are those who become the best they can ever be. It's not about a brand, reputation, wealth or persona. It's reality. It's who they really are.


STYLE: 4 Harmattan-inspired Fashion Tips

Harmattan is a cold, dry and dusty weather that dulls and bores up everything. (Lemme not even talk about seeing dust on my shoes every five minutes after cleaning them up *sighs*) It has a way of telling me again and again that my body is made from dust. Like seriously.

The main issue is combating with the dry cold. I discovered a bit of struggle in trying to get something out of my wardrobe that prevents cold as well as fulfill my desire to look trendy, stylish and chic. I mean fashionable clothes which are suitable for the weather.

*clears throat* I'm happy to say I got few ideas on how to stay warm and stylish :)


Are these Politicians Angry?

I do not want to sound all religious, but I have this article circling around a Bible passage I read some days ago. If you do not think politics is spiritual as well as physical, then you shouldn't read any further. OK?

Are these politicians angry? Even if they are, what are they angry about?


PODCAST: Trust in God

Yeah, it's another awesome Friday! Perhaps you're filled with anxiety about the year 2015. Why not trust God?


POEM: Love Like Flower

This is the first guest post on my blog. And I'm excited about it. It is a poem written by my friend, Ekene. I like it and thought I should share :)

PHOTO TALK: Though your Beginning may be Small

"Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would greatly increase" 
- Job 8:7

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Ever heard of "FUNiomiasis" ?

Somebody help!!! I've been bitten by a funfly. And now, I'm suffering from obsessed with having fun all day. Choi! Why me? 

After having so much fun, fun is having me right now. I dare not say I didn't see this coming. I very well did. *tears*


Prophecies for 2015 by Kumiyi, Adeboye, T. B Joshua, Olukoya and more

A prophecy is a revelation of divine will. Do you believe in prophecies? I do. *grins*

So I have a compilation of prophecies for 2015 by the General Overseers of the prominent churches in Nigeria. 

PODCAST: It's 2015 (Introducing Cynthia)

It's official, Heart Rays isn't going to be as usual this year. We are so excited to take on this ride together.


4 Lessons from the Mistakes I made in 2014

Yay! We made it through another year. God has indeed been faithful. It is by His mercy that we are not consumed. Oh *sings* Dis kain God o.... I never see your type o... Dis kain God o... Blessed be your holy name...

2014 was amazing! I got a wonderful job, started blogging, made gorgeous friends, received answers to prayers and so much more! I'd have loved to share my testimonies. But I realized I would not be able to number them accordingly. So I decided to share the few lessons I learnt from the mistakes I had made in the past twelve months. You know, 
mistakes offer us chances to learn and grow. I see these lessons as a building up for 2015.

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