Monday, 3 August 2020

Why Did Jesus Say The Stones Will Cry Out?

Stones do not get around much! And I was thinking of how Jesus said that if the disciples should remain silent, the very stones would cry out.

Stones Will Not Rise

Stones will not rise by KACHI CG
Cover art for Kachi's newest track titled 'Stones Will Not Rise'. 

"I tell you that if these [people] should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out."
— Luke 19:40
The scene was the “Triumphal Entry”. Jesus was on a donkey colt entering Jerusalem as people spread their cloaks on the road in front of him, joyfully shouting praises to God, “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!”

This declaration of Jesus as the king of Israel, the son of David, the One who comes in the name of the Lord, provoked a rebuke from the Pharisees.

Let's read the passage:
"Then, as He was now drawing near the descent of the Mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works they had seen, saying:
" 'Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!' Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!"
And some of the Pharisees called to Him from the crowd, "Teacher, rebuke Your disciples."
But He answered and said to them, "I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out."" 
 — Luke 19:37-40

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Finding True Love After A Terrible Heartbreak

First things first. If you want to fall in love after a hard and depressing breakup, you’re going to first have to come to terms with it. That means you need to fully accept the breakup, no matter how much you miss this person. 

Happy New Month Sweetheart! I just had to put that first paragraph out there. Hope you are doing great this lovely Sunday?

Finding Love Again

This is meant to be a style post but as I continued to write, I found myself gravitating towards helping a friend who recently broke up with her fiancé. It was a huge shock.

There is nothing I'd say to you right now that will make you magically forget your ex, but there are practical things you MUST do if you ever want to fall in love with another person again. Here’s a short list of things that you must do:

1. Stop stalking Your Ex
2. Avoid reminiscing on old times
3. Find a new hobby
4. Dedicate yourself to work
5. Spend more time with God
6. Trust that you are deserving of true love

Let's shed a little light on three points out of those six:

Monday, 27 July 2020

Links To Blog Posts That Will Inspire You

Happy New Week, Sweeties! By this time last month, I was celebrating my 30th birthday milestone with close friends and family. Apparently, I am thirty years, one month and one day old today. Lol.

In case you missed it: shortly before I got to 30, I devoted time and effort to sharing lessons from my 20s. Here is a recap.

Excerpts from TWENTY PIECES

Inspirational articles_amakamedia

Lesson 1: How To Navigate An Extra Year In The University READ HERE

Lesson 2: Will You Regret The Things You  Do? READ HERE

Lesson 3: My First Clubbing Experience READ HERE

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Diary: My Friend, Caleb Wrote This "Birthday Poem" For Me

Caleb, my good friend sent me this on my birthday. I had planned to share it on the blog but got carried away with life's activities.

From Caleb Ukaonu

Birthday poem

The shout of good morning always coming out of Ij airport
Noise maker par excellence
The beauty and brain of Ajaegbu
A friend so tender and caring
My days in UNEC was wonderful cos of you
Such a sweetheart that my heart is already sweet
Amaka....the babe with so much talent and passion for good things

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Dear Diary, This Is To One Million Souls

Like I told you yesterday; I also write this piece with swollen eyes and dried tears. The tears have stopped flowing but the traces are visible. What I'm about to share with you today radiates from a heart flooding with peace and joy.

I Will Wait For It

It's 4 am. I woke up crying. The fear is creeping back in. The memories all come flooding in so quickly. My pillow is soaked. I can't even stop the flood of tears from streaming down my cheeks.

It's all happening at once. So many emotions. So many thoughts. Feelings of anxiety. Feelings of victory. Feelings of the unknown and feelings of the known. Which is scarier? The unknown? Or the known? Knowing what once was. Knowing the fear, the loss, the pain. Knowing that the result was close by. Seeing the hope painfully built slipping away. Feeling so certain yet doubting the possibility.

Monday, 13 July 2020

When The Heartbreaker Doesn't Deserve Your Apology

Happy New Week Sweethearts! I write this post with swollen eyes and dried tears. The tears have stopped flowing but the traces are visible. What I'm about to share with you today radiates from a heart flooding with peace.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Blessed are the peacemakers_amakamedia

Heartbreak blows you open. That's certainly not the most wonderful opening sentence, but tell me that's not wisdom. Don't leave me!

Oh. You didn't catch my drift? Sorry. Maybe that's why I drifted from the relationships I threw myself into, because the guys couldn't catch me. Wisdom. Don't leave me!

Oops. I'm not playing with you like they do in Italy. Give me another chance. Please. You can see I am not writing don't leave me in italics like I did in the previous paragraphs.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

DIARY: Lovely Pictures From My Quarantined 30th Birthday Party

Since the beginning of the year, I've been dreaming of having a BIG 30th birthday party. I dreamt of having a cocktail/dinner party where guests socialize while drinking and eating appetizers and all that good stuff. I also wanted to launch my second book, Twenty Pieces on my 30th birthday.

However, during this time of social distancing, as a result of COVID-19, a lot of adjustments had to be made. So I had a small party in my living room with twelve (12) of my closest pals. It was such an exciting and emotional event altogether. I'm beyond grateful.

My Birthday Party

My 30th birthday party

To make it feel more like a typical birthday party, amongst my twelve-guest invitees, I had a Master of Ceremonies, a Guest Artist, a DJ, a cook, a photographer and balloon-blowers for decorations. It was basically what I would have done on a normal day, but this time, in a smaller way.

I give it God through my husband for making it happen. It was a very memorable one as you may tell from the lovely pictures below. . .

Friday, 26 June 2020

It's My 30th Birthday! Please Say A Prayer For Me

"Lord, teach me how you want me to live. Then I will follow your truth. Give me a heart that doesn't want anything more than to worship you." 
             — Psalm 86:11

30th birthday
30th birthday pictures
30th birthday party pictures
30th birthday party pictures ideas

Blowing starts here.
Thank You Jesus!

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Self Interview: Interrogative Questions To Ask Yourself At 25

This is a reply to those questions I asked myself five years ago. They are questions that you are expected to be answering just before you turn thirty. It's time for me.

I'll be 30 in less than 24 hours. Whaaaaaat!!!

Q and A Before 30

Q and ABefore 30

Q1: What are you doing? Why are you doing it?

A: Like right now? I am writing. Lol.

I am writing because. . .Wait. Honestly, I thought a lot about why I'm writing. I was wondering whether I should write for my self only (and not share it) but it didn't feel right to me. So I am writing to FULLY live.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Are You Thinking: "Would I Miss Being 20-Something Again?"

It's 3 days to turning 30. Whoop-whoop! Do women get excited about growing old. Lol. I must be weird like that.

Saying Goodbye To My 20s

Goodbye to my twenties_amakamedia

20s feel like they started yesterday. I have great memories about everything I felt from my 20th birthday up until now. I think it's because I am very intuitive.

I feel things deeply.

I am fully aware of what I feel when I feel it.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Links To Prove That Style Never Fades

Happy Sunday sweethearts of my blogosphere! Trust your weekend was great! I will be hitting the big 3 and 0 in five days. And since the beginning of June, I have been sharing 20 lessons from my 20-somethings

I've shared up to 15 lessons. And this is the 16th. Style never fades.

In my 20s, I discovered something about fashion, it changes and fades. But style? It's eternal and never fades.


Thanks for coming over.

See you tomorrow for another blogbuster post!

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay lovely.

Posted by Nwamaka Onyekachi
Let's connect on Twitter: @Amakamedia
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And Bloglovin: Amakamedia

Heart Rays . . . giving light.

Friday, 19 June 2020

Writing In Your Diary Helps You Keep Track Of Your Life

It's a new day! What a great day to be alive! Thanks for joining me on this journey of keeping track of my life. I will be 30 on the 26th day of the coolest month of the year. And I have been sharing my lessons from being a 20-something right at the start of June.

This is the fifteenth lesson. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

God Has A Track Record In My Life

At 15, I got a diary as a birthday gift. Ever since, I have not stopped keeping a diary.

Each year, I got myself a private diary to pour out my emotions, say what I would have said to a best friend, and just write.

At 24, I launched this blog as a birthday gift to myself. I didn't exactly know what I was doing but I knew it was the best thing to do at the time. I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts with the world.

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Writing Is Prophetic

I’ve learned over the years that the exact same thing can happen when I write.

Prophetic Writing


I often find that when I sit with a pen and paper, if I anticipate that the Holy Spirit will give me something to write, He does. I receive thought impressions and visual images in my mind and write them as I receive them. It's prophetic.

Sometimes I don't even understand what I had written until days or weeks later.

Prophetic writing isn’t spooky or weird. It’s pretty normal. And with a little practice, it can become a beautiful way to communicate God’s heart to others.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Your Office Is The Best Place To Prove You're A Christian

Hi again! My name is Amaka and I will be hitting thirty on the 26th day of the coolest month of the year. And I am sharing my lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30s begins.

This post is the 13th lesson. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Christian In The Workplace 

Lessons from my 20s

I graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) at 20.

Between turning 20 and turning 29, I have worked with different individuals and organizations across diverse sectors of the media and communications industry.

Broadcast Media — FUTA Radio;
Telecommunications — MTN;
ICT— PM Global Technology Service Ltd;
Digital Media — SBI Media;
Amongst others.

You gotta believe me when I say it's not easy being a Christian in the workplace. Right?


Tuesday, 16 June 2020

It's 10 Days To My 30th Birthday! I Wrote Another Book!

Hi, hi! I will be hitting thirty on the 26th day of the coolest month of the year. And I have been sharing my lessons from being a 20-something since the beginning of this month. They are all HERE.

Twenty Pieces

Twenty Pieces Book by Nwamaka Onyekachi

I present to you the cover of my second book. Whoop!

My plan was to reveal everything on this blog, but God gave me a bigger one. This is nothing like what you have been reading on the #20Pieces20 blog series. Well, may be it is.

Being in my 20s was puzzling. It was a decade full of questions and quests as I try to figure out everything — who am I? Am I really in love with them? What am I doing with my life? What do I want my career to look like?

Monday, 15 June 2020

Don't Quit Your 9-5 Job Until You Feel It In Your Gut

Happy New Week! Having the same opening paragraph over and over might seem boring to you. Permit to use to say it one more time. Thank you. 

Hi. My name is Amaka. I will be 30 on the 26th day of the coolest month of the year. You didn't know June is the coolest month? I have been sharing my lessons from being a 20-something right at the start of June.

This post is the eleventh. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Overcome Your Fear Of Change

Overcome fear

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

In my 20s, I quit my job twice.

It was a scary thing for me to do at both times.

The first time I quit my job (which lasted for two years), I was not financially prepared. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I still lived with my parents at the time, which artificially deflated my cost of living (while simultaneously increasing theirs).

It wasn't an easy time but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Friday, 12 June 2020

A Woman Is The Girl Who Accepts Herself

I only started recognizing myself as a woman in my late 20s. I was very much OK with being just a girl.

I Am Woman 

A grown up girl

In my early 20s, I felt the need to be perfect. Always. I wanted to be pretty enough for attention, but not too pretty because pretty girls were called bad names. I wanted to be free enough to have fun with everyone, but not too free to well. . .be one of those bad names. I wanted to be everything to everyone all the time

It was draining.

It took me almost half of a decade to know that I am a pretty woman whether married or not.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Marriage Is Still Not The Goal

Hi sweetheart. Welcome to a brand new day. Hope you are doing great! I will be hitting the big 3 and 0 in few days. And since the beginning of June, I have been sharing 20 lessons from my 20-somethings.

This is the ninth lesson. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Married At 28

I'm Kachi's wife

At 23, I wanted to be married.

If only I knew my mind had a lot of revamping to do. I needed a consciousness shift.

I was unwinding. Unfolding. Creating. Recreating. Breaking. Opening. Breaking up. Breaking free. Breaking through. It’s a truly wonderful season to be in.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

An Open Letter To The Guy Whose Heart I Broke

Is it OK to say 'Good Morning'? Cos I am writing this article at 11:00AM. So yeah, I will be hitting the big three-0 in a few days. And like I told you last week, I will be sharing lessons from my 20s just before my journey into 30s starts.

This is the eighth lesson. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Letter To My Ex

Letter to my ex

Dear Ex,

I know what it means to be heart broken.

It's like a knife piercing into your heart so slowly.

It's been years since I broke your heart and I still remember how much I felt bad for rejecting you.

I wanted to want you but I couldn't.
Trust me when I say that it was nothing you did. 'It's not you, it's me', so cliche, yet truer words have never been spoken.

I felt guilty every time you called. I felt like a fraud when we were hanging out together. I hated myself for leading you on.

I knew I wasn't ready for the relationship you were asking for. I had many mistakes to make and the experiences that didn't require a committed relationship. I'm sorry.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Heartbreaks Never Last Forever

Hello again! My name is Amaka and I will be 3 and 0 on June 26. I decided to share my lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30s begins.

This post is the seventh of twenty. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Heartbreak Empowers You

Heartbreak doesn't last forever

My biggest struggle in my 20s wasn't having an extra year at school. No. My greatest weakness was boys, boys and boys!

I was a sucker for love.

I wanted to love and be truly loved.

But I wasn't lucky in love.

I was recovering from one heartbreak after another.

Monday, 8 June 2020

This Is What You Will Learn From Your First Full-time Job

Happy New Week! Trust your weekend was great. I will be 30 on the 26th day of the coolest month of the year. And so I have decided to share my lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30 begins.

This post is the sixth. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

First-time Employee

lessons from my first job

My first official job was a call centre agent.

Thinking about it now, this role also played out in my second and third jobs. I was always handling calls and managing incoming or outgoing information for each organization/brand.

I will tell you about my other jobs in subsequent posts. However, let's focus on what I learned from my first job.

That You Will Be Scared

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you receive your first employment letter. After applying and going to the interview, getting the job is one of the best feelings in the world. You will be filled with anxiety and excitement all together.

The first time is always potentially terrifying. It can be impossible and daunting, but some people make it possible and learn the ropes. I did.

Friday, 5 June 2020

Admitting Your Mistakes Is A Sign Of Strength

I love Fridays. Yay! We're still on about the amazing fact that I will be hitting thirty on the 26th. And I am sharing my lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30s begins.

This post is the fifth lesson. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Own Your Mistakes

20_admitting your mistake

You may be tempted to say, "If only”. If only I did this differently? If only I made a better decision here? If Only. . . If only. . . If only. . .

Don’t go there.

If you made mistakes, learn from them. If you need to apologize, do so. But don’t build a home in the past. The past is a point of reference, not a place of residence.

Once you identify mistakes, come back to the present. Immediately. If not, you will live in your past rather than learn from it. When you live in the past, you’re next door neighbours are regret and bitterness. And they visit everyday.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Don't Do Things You Will Regret Later (3): I Almost Dated A Married Man

Hi sweethearts of my blogosphere! I am sharing lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30s begins. I will be hitting the big three-0 on the 26th day of the coolest month, June.

This post is the fourth lesson. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Dating A Married Man

Dating a married man

I’m not necessarily proud of it, but I’ve been with a married man. I was young and totally didn’t understand the consequences of perpetuating such bad behaviour.

Spending the first two decades of my life in school conditioned me to be intense and results-oriented about everything.

You set out to do A, B or C and either you accomplish them or you don’t. If you do, you’re great. If you don’t, you fail.

But in my 20s I learned that life doesn’t actually work that way all the time. Sure, it’s nice to always have goals and have something to work towards, but I’ve found that actually attaining all of those goals is not the point.

Going a half way through might be your most successful outcome.

I'll explain. . .

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Don't Do Things You Will Regret Later(2): First Time I Went Clubbing

You will agree with me that hitting the big three-0 is a very big deallllll. And like I told you last week, I will be sharing lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30s begins.

This is the third lesson. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Clubbing Experience 

First clubbing experience

Fresh out of the University.

I was determined to rock my NYSC year.

After graduation, when the majority of my friends and coursemates were entering the “real” world with “real” jobs lined up, I packed my bags (well, over-packed them) and moved to Akure, Ondo State to serve Nigeria for the year.

It wasn't an unusual thing for corps members who were posted to Akure to go clubbing on Fridays. It was a way of living the "good life".

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Don't Do Things You Will Regret Later

I will be hitting the big three-0 on the 26th day of the coolest month. And like I told you last week, I will be sharing lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30s begins.

This is the second lesson. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Do It Anyway 

do it anyway

I was a good girl.

I had always been a good girl.

My parents trained me in the way that I should go. But it was my choice whether to stay in or to depart away from that way.

For two decades, I stayed in the path. I didn't do what I shouldn't be caught doing. I remained obedient to them. Obedient to God. And obedient to the Spirit within.

At 21, I wanted to have a glimpse of what life could be as a bad girl.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Navigating Extra Year In A Nigerian University Humbles You

Hi sweets. Welcome to the coolest month of the year! You don't have to argue. June is the coolest month of the year. Say "kool" and then, say "joon". Got you!

I will be hitting the big three-0 on the 26th day of the coolest month. And like I told you last week, I will be sharing lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30s begins.

This is the first lesson. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Extra Year Experience

Navigating extra year in the university

At 20, I was to graduate from the university of Nigeria, Nsukka but I failed two final-year courses that kept me back in school.

I still claim to have graduated at 20 whenever I'm asked because technically speaking. . .yeah?

Nearly all my course mates had graduated and were moving on for NYSC when I found myself in the exam hall with a pen and paper writing ACC411 and ACC401. (Or, was it ACC402? I can't even remember. Lol). I am laughing about it right now but it wasn't funny at 21.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

DIARY: These 20 Things I Learnt In My 20s Are Blockbusters

Hi people! It's exactly a month to my 30th birthday and I have thinking a lotttttt! In a good way, though. Yes! And I realized that the lessons I learned all through my 20-somethings are blogblusters, actually.

I'm going to be taking you on a very large explosive-bomb journey. Get ready!

20 Lessons Before 30 Begins

Secrets from my 20s

We all have secrets.

Secrets that are very deep and some that are not so very intense.

Some secrets are shared when the right time comes while some will never ever see the light of day.

I will be hitting thirty on Friday, 26 June. And the time has come for me to share some of my secrets with you. I will be using the last few days of my 20s to share things you definitely haven't heard me say. And even if you were among those who were affected, you would have never read it from me in a manner such as this.

My secrets, which would be both inspiring and entertaining, will be shared daily from Monday June 1 until the day before my birthday, Thursday June 25.

Here is a sneak peek of my life at 20s:

Sunday, 17 May 2020

STYLE: How To Make Simple Ankara Face Masks Without Sewing Machine

Hi Sweethearts! How are you doing this Sunday? With highly contagious COVID19 rapidly spreading throughout the world, many people are shopping for surgical masks to protect against this dangerous disease. 

I had a cause to go out to get groceries and didn't like the face mask Kachi bought for me to use for protection. Days later, I playfully crafted with Ankara and it turned out to be just great! I would be making more. Excited much!

Quick Ankara Face Mask

How To Make Ankara face mask

If you have been a keen follower of my blog (or any of my social media), then you already know that I love love love Ankara. The African print fabric (mostly known as Ankara) can reflect your stylish personality while helping you stay safe on the streets.

First, I trust you are aware that the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. Wearing home-made face masks is a voluntary public health measure in this epidemic.

Having said that, I can now go ahead to show you how I made my Ankara face mask in twenty minutes.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

6 Powerful Lessons From Mike Bamiloye's Biopic, The Train: The Journey Of Faith

What a movie! This is one to remember! The story of Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is so inspiring. My God! Almost everyone in my age bracket who lived in Nigeria grew up watching his movies.

Watching his biopic which was recently published on Youtube was a roller coaster ride. I laughed and cried. I felt the move of God at some point. Something sure leaped inside of me.

Lessons From The Biopic Of Mike Bamiloye

I know that I will never be the same again after watching this movie. The Train gave me a new direction, light and encouragement on my own journey. I want to tell you some of the things I learned from the movie. I am actually telling myself too, because I would want to revisit these lessons.

1. The Vision Is For An Appointed Time

This movie has strengthened my resolve to follow God's plan for my life. No matter what life throws at me, I should always be of good cheer.

The vision is for an appointed time, and at the end (not at the beginning) it shall speak. This tiny seed (dream, vision) God put in my heart will eventually become a mighty tree, as long as I commit to the journey of faith with obedience and patience.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Taking A Break From Taking A Break

Hi sweetheart. Welcome to a brand new week. Hope you are doing great! 

Until His Kingdom Come

Taking a break

Aside from the very first two weeks after my Wedding Day, these past two weeks have been the most exciting, refreshing and eventful one. I literally was locked up at home with my husband for the entire period. And trust me, I enjoyed every minute of it! 

It’s surprising how loud silence can be. Especially when you’re not used to it. This has been my experience each day, sitting there in the arms of the one I love. Alone. It was beautifully silent — but for the oscillating sound of our neighbour's generator set — and my soul decompressed from weeks on end in the rush to achieve my goals. My body and soul has found fresh air there that was hard to come by before the lockdown. I am grateful.

I want you to join me. Not in my husband's arms (that is never going to happen) but in some silent, occasional solitude of your own. You need a break from the chaos, from the noise and the crowds, more than you may think at first. You need the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Dear Diary, The Thieves Couldn't Shake It Off

Since Sunday was Easter and yesterday was Easter Monday, can we also say today is Easter Tuesday. Lol. Anyway, Happy Easter Sweethearts!

I Live For Jesus

I feel the world pulling you away from your beliefs, and there are more distractions and temptations than ever before. But there’s hope if you put Jesus at the center of your life. And live for him.

You know I had tried to live for Jesus in my own strength, right? But it was exhausting and discouraging. Until I began relying on the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ life became free to flow through me. Now, I have what my heart longed for most — an intimate relationship with God.

I find that the nearer I draw close to God and come to know Him more, the greater His desires naturally become mine. Obedience to His will becomes easier. His instructions become a priority.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

What To Do At Home In This Coronavirus Pandemic And Lockdown Season

Hi Sweethearts of my blogosphere! How are you doing? You've been on my mind since this lock down started so I thought to check in on you today. Are you OK? Are you recreating or reacting in this season? Whatever you do, don't lose hope. God will preserve you and yours throughout this season. Amen.

Get Creative While Social Distancing

Don't let coronavirus take tour Creativity away

I'm all up for a Creative Lifestyle. I see life as an opportunity for self-expression. No matter what happens, I strive to find expression through that.

And I understand that Creative work has seasons. Part of the work is to know which season it is, and act accordingly.

This season is highly conducive for creativity. You can't afford to be bored. And you can't afford to be idle.

An idle mind is disastrous. There are many things you can do, to have fun, to keep your cool, to keep your creative juices flowing, without leaving the house.

This is a good time to get creative. For real.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

STYLE: When It Becomes A "Jean" To Go To Church

The normal me would have started this post with a greeting like "Happy Sunday Sweetheart!" but today is not a normal Sunday. Who would have thought that going to church can turn out to be a sin?

Going To Church In Difficult Times

We are not permitted to go to church till further notice because the government has mandated everyone to maintain self-isolation and social-distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Social distancing and bans on large groups mean regular Sunday services are not feasible. Churches have had to adapt to a world with coronavirus;

Some have moved to live streaming their gatherings, some have posted videos church members can watch later while some have devised a means of splitting their services into batches of a 50-member congregation (fifty being the advised maximum number of a crowd gathering in this time).

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

10 Best Bible Verses To Drive Out Fear Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

As at today, people all over the world are wearing protective face masks as a preventative measure against the spread of the coronavirus. Some are almost bathing with hand sanitizer every minute in order not to take chances at touching their faces with the virus. Everyone is being too careful. It's getting really scary out there.

Bible Verses Against Fear

Combat the fear of Convid-19 with bible verses

One of the hardest things about this moment is the uncertainty. Plans that were made months/years ago are now being cancelled, with doubts about rescheduling because everything is so up in the air.

Coast to coast, large public gatherings have been prohibited. Employees have been told to work from home, universities have moved all classes online and primary schools have closed for sanitizing. The stock market has seen meteoric crashes. The naira to dollar exchange rate is becoming more than a nightmare.

As the number of confirmed cases of illness grows, so too does the nation's collective uncertainty. Public anxiety is high, and everyone is trying so hard to curtail fear.

Six Pointers To Choosing Your Perfect Match

Some months ago, I found this article on a WhatsApp group that I do not exactly enjoy being a part of. (Lol. If given the choice, I'd delete the group).

Anyway, according to the poster, this article was originally written by Reverend Ebenezer Diyaolu. I believe it would be helpful to my single/married friends, so I copied it for you.

6 Mates You Must Marry 

One of the ways your marriage will not add to the rate of divorce in our world today is for you to marry your mate and if you are married already, make your spouse your perfect match! 

You see that statement of ' Am I your mate?' does not apply in marriage. You must marry your mate. I will like to talk on six dimensions you and the person you want to marry or you have married must be mate.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Dear Diary, A Lot Has Happened

When you have three good news and three bad news, which would you share first? The good ones or the bad ones? Tell me.

Life Update

There is so much happening in my life right now, but I can't put them all in writing. This is partly because I am yet to process all my emotions and partly because the appointed time to share has not yet come.

Left to me, I will abandon this blog until I am ready. However, it is typical (and ethical, lol) of me to let you in into my world. I want you to know what my Heart Rays at this time. These are trying times.

One minute I'm smiling, the next minute I'm crying. It's been taking a lot from me to stay positive. A lottttt.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Top 3 Influential Women I'm Wishing A Happy International Women's Day In 2020

All over the world, March 8 is celebrated as International Women's Day. I thought to celebrate the women who have been greatly influential in my life instead of doing the regular Sunday-Style post today.

3 Women I Celebrate In My Life Today

There are many influential women in the world from all walks of life—politics, business, sports, and the arts to name just a few. Do you know what makes them influential? It's the RESPECT they give and receive. Respect had to be earned or given. You just can't take it.

In my opinion, being influential is more about being respected.

According to Webster Dictionary, to be 'influential' means to possess influence.

in·​flu·​ence | \ ˈin-ˌflü-ən(t)s\
1: the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways:

2a: the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command:

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Dear Diary, My Most Expensive Phone Was Stolen In Lagos!

I didn't want to share this post with you because it is a very painful one. Then again, I said to myself, "you are supposed to be promoting authenticity."

I Want It Back

You know that feeling you get when something breezes past you like the wind, that was how I felt at the point when it happened.

The first thing I did was to reach out for the phone in my bag. I had a panic attack when I couldn't touch anything that feels like a phone.

I poured out my bag's content to be doubly sure I wasn't being paranoid. But it wasn't there!

Friday, 14 February 2020

MUSIC: Kachi CG — Just For You

Hi Sweets! Happy Valentine's Day! How is it going for you? It's all lovely here. I just popped in to show you this music video; it is my all time favourite love song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The lyrics of this song come from a heart that has been swept away by a love that’s deeper than anything you could have never imagined.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

What I Wore: Black Never Goes Out Of Style

Hello beautiful people! How are you doing? I hope you are smoking hot for the Lord in this moment. You already know what Sunday's post is about; to give some style inspiration, especially as it concerns Ankara fabric as well as What I wore to church. Let's go right into it. 🙂

Black + Ankara

Black and Ankara style

Black here.
Black there.
Black here and there.
Black everywhere.
Need I tell you how much I love black again?

Thursday, 6 February 2020

How To Start A New Lifestyle Blog In 2020 (And Stay Committed For Years)

Hi, my name is Amaka. I've been blogging for about six years and loving every moment of it. Blogging helped me find my voice, get a job and earn money on the side.

When I was learning how to create a blog back in 2014, it took me some time to find all the right information online and I had to look for it on different websites. That's why I've created this blog post to teach beginners how to make a blog fast and easy.

It's not as complicated as many people think.

Starting A Blog In 2020

How to start a new lifestyle blog

Many people have walked up to me asking about how they can start their blogs too. I thought it would do a lot of good to put it out here on the blog.

First of all, I must let you know that blogging is hard work. It requires patience, consistency and passion. A lot of that. Without passion, I probably would have stopped blogging the following year.

If your primary goal for wanting to start a blog is to make money, then I'm sorry to let you know that this article would not be useful for you. However, if you are striving for living a significant and purposeful life, then you are in for a ride!

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Dear Diary, My Husband Left Me

Throughout your dating, engaged, and married life, you're bound to hit some bumps on the road. Hopefully, they'll make you stronger. Or, in my case, they'll make you stay awake.

Missing Him

My husband left me

Some weeks ago, I was alone. All by myself. At home. In the room. On the bed. I've never felt more lonely.

"I miss my husband!"

Sometimes loneliness creeps up on you in your marriage and before you know it, you start to feel empty, sad, bored, depressed and isolated.

Dear singles,
Marriage does not cure loneliness. 

Monday, 27 January 2020

3 Huge Lessons From Last Weekend

Happy New Week! We are already 27 days into 2020. The year seems to be going pretty fast, or what do you think? I've got a couple of personal lessons to share with you today. I hope they inspire you in some way.

Lessons From Last Weekend

Lessons from last Weekend

I'm one who is very passionate about growth, whether slow or fast. I’ve tried to stay so open to the education that comes from growth and the pain that follows. I desire to LIVE this full life that God has provided me — on every level. Even as I make mistakes (and I make lots), as long as I promise to learn from them I consider it a win.

So, off the top of my head, here are the top three things I’ve learned over the weekend.

1. Red Lipstick Doesn't Hurt

Isn't that a weird lesson? Yes, it is. And no, it isn't. It’s taken me most of my adult life to learn. . . to be less self conscious (my anxiety never helped with that!), and I’ve found this to be especially challenging in my professional life. But last weekend I really saw how much better I've grown when I stopped being too self-conscious.

Back in the day, I'd say "makeup makes me nervous. . . Yada yada yada. . . " But last weekend, I realized I can feel good wearing makeup. It felt good knowing I am still being authentic to myself and proud of who I am, as a person, even with my lips painted red.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

What I Wore: Sneakers With Ankara

So he asked me yesterday, "babe, what are we going to wear to Church tomorrow?" "I don't know. I think I'm going to wear those sneakers you got for me." And it happened.

Happy Sunday!

Ankara And Sneakers

WIW: Ankara and sneakers

You all know your girl loves loves loves Ankara fabric. And that love is not dying anytime soon. I planned to wear some of that to church today with the new pair of sneakers Kachi got for me.

I personally like to rock sneakers with pencil skirts, shirt dresses, flared skirts and chambray dresses.

The first rule for me was: Don’t let it be too casual or too short. We are trying to praise the Lord not raise curiousity! Amen?

Friday, 17 January 2020

The Thing That Art Can Do

I think I have a flair for photography somewhat. I know I enjoy being the focus of the camera, but recently, I figured out that I also like to be behind it. There is this joy that comes from seeing the killing smiles on the faces of those who have been shot. Pun intended.

This Art Thing

my p smiling parents looking at their pictures
My Parents-in-law smiling at the pictures I took

I love creative expressions. I am very much interested in expressing and exploring the basic human emotions such as joy, sadness, ecstasy and so on through art. I once shared how to express emotions through dance here. And many times, I've shared how I do same through writing as well as through fashion. Everything is art.

You may be asking, "what is art?"

This question pops up often, and comes with many answers. Many argue that art cannot be defined. Some say, the meaning of art is explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics. At least, that’s what Wikipedia claims.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Go The Extra Mile

Happy New Year, Sweethearts of my blogosphere! Welcome to 2020! Yeah! We made it! We made it into another year. God has indeed been faithful. It is by His mercy that we are not consumed. Hallelujah!

Word For Year 2020

Go the extra mile

"Happy New Year!" "Happy New Year!" I am literally screaming at the top of my voice. I just got back from the Cross Over service at my local church. Whoop!

It's astonishing how so many people troop into churches every December 31 just to shout 'Happy New Year'. . . even those that did not go to Church throughout the year. You know why? Because it is a Thanksgiving Celebration that we made it through the last year and a show of gratitude for what the Lord shall do in the New Year.

The New Year's Eve is very significant.

I'm grateful to God that I was among those who were able to jump, dance and shout "Happy New Year" at 00:00. It's the start of a new decade. Oh my!

Thank You, Jesus!
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