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What I Wore: Ankara Cape

Hey sweetie! July ends today. The year is running really fastttt. Was it not yesterday we said Happy New Year?! And here we are already approaching August. Thank God for life! It's just awesome to be alive!

If you're following me on Instagram yet, then you must have seen a picture of me in this cape. :)

Ankara Cape

My love for Ankara fabric grows stronger by the day. I can't get enough of it's offerings - different colours, different patterns, different vibes. It challenges my creativity. And lately, it's been inspiring me to get on my sewing machine.


Ever Felt Terrible For Doing The Right Thing? (#SaveMayowa)

I'm pained. Oh! I should say, I was pained. I was pained at the report that followed after a positive news which circulated on social media yesterday.


My first draft of this post was titled:

Nigerians Raised 32 Million Naira in 3 Days To #SaveMayowa


Being An Entrepreneur Sucks Big Time

I quit my job in 2015. I wasn’t really sure what I would be doing or where I would see myself within the next five years (the things interviewers and my parents ask me over and over again).

Right now my most dreaded question is "what do you do for a living?". Please, where would I start from?

5 Golden Rules For Creative Entrepreneurs

I consider myself to be an entrepreneur. Maybe not purely an entrepreneur. Maybe a lifestyle entrepreneur. Maybe a media entrepreneur. Maybe a creative entrepreneur. Mehn, I don't even know. Does it even matter? You can call yourself whatever you want . . . It's a free world, isn't it?


RELATIONSHIP: When You Feel Like Punching Someone In The Face

It's inevitable to meet people who are hard to get along with. Some people do dumb things and are very annoying. They lie. They stab us at the back. They make promises they can't keep. So what do we do when people do dumb things, lie, stab at us, and all that? I'm here to help!

When You Feel Like Punching Someone In The Face

I thought of these steps (albeit after the fact) that I had issues with two difficult people and I'm going to implement them from now on when I come in contact with another instigator.


Dear Diary, There Is More To Life Than Natural Hair

I decided to do something about my hair. So I went to a salon.

My Natural Hair Journey

I have so many things to say about my natural hair journey. There have been moments of joy and moments of pain. There have been moments of frustration and moments of inspiration. There have been moments of "I love being natural" and moments of "I dunno what to do!"


Sharp And Blunt Pins

Hi sweets! How have you been? I've been sewing a lot lately, and I'm enjoying it! Those who sew use pins almost every single time. Even though pins don't seem like much, they are VERY IMPORTANT. I thought it might be good to have a Monday Inspirational post focusing just on pins. :)

Sharp And Blunt Pins

I recently bought a new box of pins. The one I had was torn and scattered all over my sewing cupboard. I decided to buy a new one.


STYLE: Rocking A Shirtdress

What is a shirtdress? Basically, it’s a longer version of a shirt, usually button-down, slightly oversized, long, that looks like a shirt but worn as a dress.

So I got one. Here is the story .  .  .


Once upon a time . . .

I went shopping at the nearest local market (Oshodi, Lagos precisely) and found a perfect cotton long oversized button-down shirt, and was thrilled. "Wow! It's a shirtdress."


3 Positive News I Found This Week

Yay! It's Friday! There is nothing more inspiring than stepping into the weekend with some positive news. I found some, and thought to share!

3 Positive News Of The Week

A positive news is any news that makes your heart smile and bubble with joy. It makes you believe good things still happen.

Here we go!


A List Of Positive Words You Can Attach To "I Am"

To live life filled with positivity, inspiration and love, you need to think positively.

Got this from www.positivewordsresearch.com/

List Of Positive Words

Thinking positively is done with confessing positive words about you, your life. We've established the fact that answering the Who Are You? question shapes your life. Get inspiration from my list. (Stealing is permitted here. It's OK to be a thief. Lol)


RELATIONSHIP: When They Leave Without Saying Goodbye

We are so good with openings. But very terrible when it comes to closure. We say hi, and don't say goodbye. Why some relationships end without having an end is yet to be understood.

Without Saying Goodbye

When someone comes into our lives, we open our heart. A story starts being written.


DIARY: 4 Things I'm Loving Lately

I can't believe I'd never done a What-I'm-Loving post. And I've been calling myself a lifestyle blogger. Lol.

4 Things I'm Loving Lately

If you are on a journey to self-discovery, to fulfilling your dreams or to becoming a better YOU, it is very important to keep track of what you are spending most of your time and money on. You know time is life, right?

Having said that, these are the things that have been taking a big chunk of my time and money lately.


Who Are You? I Am ____

I am learning a new habit. Or, I should say, I am forming a good habit of being conscious of whatever it is I attach to the words "I am".

Who Are You?

Last week, I had a weird dream during a nap. In that dream, an envelope in the form of a man was coming towards me, and I was running away from it. The nearer it got, the faster I ran. Then I woke up with the scene replaying itself on my mind.


What I Wore: White Shirt On High Waist Ankara Ball Skirt

Hey sweethearts of my blogosphere! How are you all doing? I feel excited each time I get on this blog. You light up my world for real! Thank you for every single time you visit Heart Rays. Thank you for everytime you leave a comment. And thank you for everytime you are just YOU. * plenty kisses and hugs* 

High Waist Ankara Ball Skirt


BOOK REVIEW: "Flashes Of Thought" By Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoun

This is not exactly what a book review should look like. But hey, it's me sharing what I find interesting and helpful with you. *winks*

'Flashes Of Thought' By Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoun

The first impression I had about this book was that it has got to be about politics and government. Knowing I'm not keen on politics, I didn't see why I should read the book. (that's me literally judging a book by its cover there again) But when I turned over its pages, my thought changed . . .


A Collection Of Thoughts About Angels

This is an extension of Tuesday's Diary entryIf we were all like angels, the world would be a heavenly place.

You can be an angel. I hope this inspires you. :)

Angel Thoughts And Quotes

Angels are God's gift to the world.

Angels dream beautiful visions of the world.


Dear Diary, I Don't Need Wings To Be An Angel

Wings are optional. Some angels choose not to have them, because having wings requires a lot of grooming and maintenace.

I Am An Angel

His father poisoned his food. 

Then he told his bodyguards to throw the boy out to die. 

So the guards took the boy to a bush very far from home. 

There he was, dead. 


This Lust Thing

There is this battle that takes place everyday. It is the greatest battle we all face in our lives - the battle within. It's a constant battle between the flesh and the spirit. The battle between light and darkness.

My people, the struggle is real o! 

This Lust Thing

This thing that opposes the Spirit of God within our hearts is soooo real. Most times, the Bible uses “flesh” to describe this thing that keeps fighting within us. I want us to deal with it today, literally. 


STYLE: The Secret Of That Ankara Hatinator

Hey sweets! How was your weekend? Was it fantastic or somehow? As for me, I dunno where the pimples on my face came from o. I just woke up and saw them there.  :(

Anyways, let's do what we have to do. Last week on WIW, I told you I had a secret to tell you. Here it is . . . 

Secret of My Hatinator

I woke up on that Sunday morning not knowing what to wear. My options were limited due to the fact that PHCN hadn't restore power for days. I probably said "Nepa! Nepa give us light na!" almost 1001 times in less than 30 minutes. I waited for a miracle. It didn't come. :(


The Strategy That Clears Your Mind In Less Than 20 Minutes

As I was thinking about what to blog about today, I came up with this strategy. I've been doing it for a while and I didn't even know! Now that I have become aware, I decided to share. :)

Mind Releasing Strategy 

I use this strategy when I’m feeling mentally blanked out and bogged down.


RELATIONSHIP: How To Know You Mean A Lot To Her

Subsequent to last week's post - how to know you mean a lot to him, Johnero and a few guys requested to know about ladies too. Then I said, "Yeah, sure!" I thought they'd never ask. I'm glad they did. So here we go!

When You Mean A Lot To Her

Source: G+

Let's be practical. You can never understand how a woman's mind works. Women are very complicated. (why am I even proud to say that? I guess it's because being complicated is also our strength). Yeah, yeah. Read "The Woman" to understand.


Dear Diary, She Is . . .

Diary Entry
June 2016
~ Reflections: She Is ~

She is born. She is full of hope. She takes her first breath. she smiles for the first time, and the whole wide world actually lights up. She is born into a life she knows nothing about, a world she never knew she would come into. She has to be here . . .


What I Wore: An Ankara Hatinator

Happy New year sweeties! Lol. Yeah. It's a new year. I'll explain. :D

An Ankara Hatinator


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