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'Fragile Heart' by Yolanda Adams Lyrics + Me Singing it

A blogger has no idea who reads her blog until she starts receiving some kinda mails. When I recommended 'Fragile Heart' as a healing song here, someone sent me a heart-touching email. So it prompted this post. . .

'Fragile Heart' by Yolanda Adams

I love love love the lyrics of 'Fragile Heart' by Yolanda Adams. Each line carries a deep meaning. It heals. 


The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello sweeties! Heart Rays has been nominated for another award. Yay!

The Versatile Blogger Award

An award is always fun and inspiring! The Versatile Blogger Award is given in recognition for the great commitment, diverse talents and generosity shown by bloggers on the blogosphere.


6 Things Happened When I Let God Heal My Broken Heart

When I wrote 'how to deal with heartbreak', I made a promise to write on the special effect of letting God do the healing. 

6 Things Happened When I Let God Heal My Broken Heart

The process of healing comes in three forms; it can be slow, gradual, or immediate. For me, it was gradual in a fast pace. Going through a Heartbreak was the hardest thing I've ever been through. I almost died. I still wonder how I didn't die.


Be Inspired to Have a Good Night Sleep with these Quotes

I can't believe that for the past three days, I've not had a good night sleep. Something isn't just right. Oh Lord, fix me. I need me some good sleep . . . 

25 Inspirational Quotes About Sleep

These are quotes by famous actors, writers, and celebrities who have spent time meditating over the importance of sleeping. Something tells me a few of them were in my shoes when they brought these words together.


Why Did God Create Cockroaches?

I can avoid telling you about this creature on a Monday, but no. It's exactly the same way I tried to sleep, but couldn't. While you were sleeping, I was wide awake. Staring at the ceiling. Scared to death. Now it's pay back time! Lol.

The Cockroaches

I spent few hours trying to decide on the title for this article when I decided to write it. I had three options;

1. I hate cockroaches!
2. Why are cockroaches so evil?!
3. Suffer not the cockroaches to live!

But then, something changed my mind. A thought about thinking on it did.


PODCAST: Unlock Yourself

What do you regret the most? It could be an event, a decision, or a relationship, or even an accident. Whatever it is, you've pushed yourself for too long. Unlock yourself from the guilt and shackles of pain.

Be free from your own personal prison sentence.

 Rays of Freedom. . .


He Called My Mum His Mother-In-Law

I am not a ghost blogger who writes fiction, I am a lifestyle blogger who writes truth. I share my real-life stories. LOL. For lack of what to put up today, I thought to give you this gist.

He Called My Mum His Mother-In-Law

I have a private Facebook account. I don't accept any request from anyone I do not personally know. It's strictly limited to close friends and family.


How to Deal with Heartbreak

Somehow I feel my life is an experiment. I go through it, and share my lessons and discoveries. While some are pleasant, others aren't. As usual, I write from my heart. . .

How to Deal with Heartbreak

Are you heart broken? I know what's going on in your life right now, the feeling of emptiness, pain, anger and depression. You feel that you've lost someone who you thought was the best and the most special. (like in my case, the person was magical). You are not alone.

I was in a beautiful relationship with a man I loved like I'd never loved any other. But yes, like most relationships, the end was painful.


STYLE: I Wear Miniskirts

Over the weekend, as I was reshuffling my wardrobe, I found some pieces of clothing I'd not worn for a very long period of time. One of them is a miniskirt. *covers face* This is a throwback. . . 

How to Rock a Miniskirt Modestly

We all have personal fashion tips and tricks. The uniqueness of these tips is what we call style. I have my styles. You have yours too.

Some fashionistas can comfortably wear a miniskirt in public even when they know their laps are very well exposed, while some cannot because it isn't just their style.


Is This Supposed to be a Compliment?

Hello sweeties! How are you all enjoying the holiday? I have plenty gist for you o. But let's save it till the holiday ends. So I've been thinking about this for a while now. It's no longer funny. Have you ever received a 'compliment' that got you angry, irritated, or depressed? I have!

 Giving Compliments

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: A compliment is a remark that says something good about someone or something.

It also went further to say; it is an expression of esteem and respect, more like best wishes.


PODCAST: Are You Drowning?

We've all been there. When life becomes hard and full of crises. When things aren't working out. When everything seems out of control. When you feel like. . . ugh!

But the question is; in the midst of the storm, are you drowning or swimming your way out?

Rays of Life. . .


11/07/2015: Excellent Spirit Activated

You remember the programme I told you about last Sunday. Right? Too bad you didn't attend. You missed!

Notes from the RCCG Youth Convention tagged 'The Excellent Spirit'

I didn't take so much notes. It was too practically spiritual to write anything. You would have to enter into my spirit to understand what I received that day. I mean, the Spirit moved. My God! It was awesome!


I Met Jerry (x)

Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. Do you agree?

Jerry's Gone

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POEM: Love Still Here

I waited for love
That it should come
I imagined it to walk by
For I stood there
Wanting love to find me


This is Nothing But The Truth

Who would have thought I'd been crying behind the keyboard? Who would have thought when I said I choose to be happy, I was actually crying out in pain?

God's Light in the Dark

Sometimes the blogosphere can be so fake and misleading. (Oops! It took me a lot to say that *bites lip*) Social media paints the picture that everybody has a perfect, beautiful life and that every day is bright. Well, I'm not ashamed to tell you that life has been a struggle for me over the past few months.


Daily Life-Changing Confessions

I look into the mirror, smile at the beautiful reflection and decree these words . . .

Daily Life-Changing Confessions

These are power tools for a Christian, when you speak out loud in Jesus' name, you command your life to become what you say.


Highlights of 'I Met Jerry' - Chapter 1 to 10

Some sweethearts find it hard to believe that this is a true story (and not fiction). I have lived and loved in all these chapters. Jerry does not only exist in my imagination, he also lives in the real world. Get over it jhorr. Lol.

Highlights of 'I Met Jerry'

The highlight of a story is the most important, interesting or enjoyable part of it. Now let's talk about what makes a relationship look like Magic and Wonder

The story so far. . .


STYLE: 5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Fingernails Long and Healthy

I don't wear artificial nails. My nails are natural, long and healthy. Yeah. Do you want to see them? *grins*

5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Fingernails Long and Healthy

Nails say a lot about your personal style and confidence. Those who wear artificial nails know that a beautiful set of long, natural healthy nails looks classy and sexy attractive.


The 10 Commandments of a True Writer-blogger

A writer is a person who writes and a blogger is a person who blogs. Therefore, a writer who blogs is a writer-blogger. Hehehe. . . loving this revelation I got from the Bible.

The 10 Commandments of a True Writer-blogger

I can't say I am a blogger without saying I am a writer. I am a writer who has a blog. So I am wearing the cap of a writer-blogger. *grins*


Do You Have an Excellent Spirit?

Hello Sweethearts! How are you all doing? How weekend dey go? So I thought to give you something before heading to church.

Do you have an Excellent Spirit?

When we mention "the spirit of excellence", one person comes to mind. Who? Daniel in the Bible.


PODCAST: Was Almost There

That moment when we almost got it . . . but didn't. Ouch!

We be like: "God, but why na?!"
God be like: "I have a better plan for you jhorr!" (Jeremiah 12:29)

Rays of Hope. . .


Maintain Integrity in your Writing

"You will be judged by your words" kept ringing in my head just after I clicked on the 'publish' button. Well, I finally deleted it when I realized it was a sin to write such.

10 Ways to Maintain Integrity in your Writing

In a way, we are all writers.

When you post on Twitter, Facebook, G+, you write something. When you update your BBM status, reply an SMS, chat with a friend, you write something. When you leave a comment on a blog post or submit articles for publication, you write something. Right? 


STORY: I Met Jerry (10)

When a man loves a woman, he tells her. When a woman loves a man, she tells the world. I had just added another personal love quote to my diary. I smiled.

Small Shakara

It dawned on me. Love is a beautiful thing but it can also be painful. You have to fight to keep it. You have to nurture it to grow. And you have to get angry to appreciate it. Yeah, I think so.

I was angry.
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