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Voice-over Demos

Hi. I am a voice-over artist. I create and package voice-overs too. I enjoy the art of creating impressions with my voice. It's fun and business. Yeah. That's one of the things I do to get money to buy clothes and do shakara. Lol.

When you have a project that requires professional voice-over in UK/Nigerian English, and you want it to sound the way you want it - with the perfect tone and pace. I'm AMAKAMEDIA, I can be of service!

You might be looking for a soft, silky and subtle ambience, a formal and businesslike tone, or a carefree, childlike and enthusiastic vibe, then you have got one already!

My voice-over demos demonstrate my versatility, quality of voice, wide range of delivery styles, and extensive experience. Some of them are “dry” (that is, a demo without music) for you to gauge my voice quality. When you hear any vocal style you like, send an email to amakamedia@gmail.com to tell me which demo you like and we'll start the recording process!

  • Telephone Voice-over
These are tones that generally reflect the company’s image - formal, friendly, serious, casual, etc. They always make the listener feel like they are being served.

Kindly click on 'listen in browser'


  • Commercial Voice-over
The purpose of a commercial is to sell a product or service to a target audience. If the commercial is aired on TV, then voiceover may be required. If it is aired on the radio, then voiceover will definitely be required.

"Fire of Laughter" with Tiblaze

WIMBIPS Annual Conference

  • Storytelling Voice-over
I have an extensive experience in recording stories for children. Storytelling voice-overs generally require acting skills, the ability to convey feeling and meaning, and sometimes it also requires character voices. A good storytelling voice talent makes the story come alive! This type of voice-over is mainly used for mobile apps and audiobooks.

The AAK Show

My friends jokingly called this show "The Aunty Amaka & Kids Show" Lol. 

The Magic Stone (AAK Show)



  • Vox Pop
I could take the pain to conduct interviews with the people on the street. A vox pop is an interview in which an average person is asked for his or her opinion on a matter of general interest.


Ever felt pain?

  • Radio Show
Getting Heart Rays on the radio has always been my dream. A dream to be everyone's sweetheart at night. Yeah. I especially love the night shift. I want to talk about love, love and love all night. I'm such a romantic!

Heart Rays with Amaka



  • General Demo
Being a voice-over artist requires imagination, versatility and more than a little practice. So I'm still discovering my voice. Feel the general variation of my voice in these demos . . .

VO 1

VO 2

VO 3

Here is the thing: I'm an associate member of The Association of Voice Over Artistes (AVOA) Nigeria. I am dedicated to upholding a set of high ethical and professional standards. You can count on that!
I captured the day I filled my form :)
We use our God-given voice to make money as well as to satisfy our clients' needs. In other words, we sell our voices. *covers face*
When ordering a project, be sure to mention which demo reflects the delivery style you want for your project.

Send me an email with your script attached, to receive a price quote and a free, no-obligation custom demo-based on your script. Files are delivered in MP3 or WAV format (whichever one you prefer).

I look forward to working with you!

iShine Studio

A big thanks to Victoria of vicsvoice.com. This page is all her idea.


Pleases . . . Yes,  please don't leave without visiting my blog. You know this is a blog.  Right?  Lol. Sometimes,  I like to think I am a good writer: I share insightful and inspirational articles, quotes, and reveal some of my weird fashion/styles. I also rant a lot about love and relationship. Feel free to talk with me. I'm just as human as you are! *smiles* 
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