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First 6 Months on the Job

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you start a new job. It is also normal that you get a bit worried about being able to perform to expectations. But remember, you got the job because you deserved it. You proved it through the tests, interviews and workshops. You're good like that. Yes, you can!
Today, It was officially stated that I've survived the first six months on the job. I'm so elated! All glory to God. Right now, I'm actually shaking my head to a reggae tune that I'm humming as I type this post. I would be dancing as soon as I click "publish".


PODCAST: The Letters in L.O.V.E

Love is a Vision of the heart
That flows from the deepest within
And permeates our whole being
Which when expressed outwardly
Builds a world we dearly desire.

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu

The God of my Own

The Keeper of my Dreams
The Maker of my Moments
The Fragrance of my Beauty
The Source of my Success
The Lifter of my Head
The Purpose of my Living
The Hope of my Glory
The Centre of my World
The Passion of my Soul
The Pillar of my Future
The Radiance of my Identity
The Joy of my Heart
The Power of my Voice
The Rock of my Life
The Flavour of my Labour
The Secret of my Blessings
The God of my own.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia


PHOTO TALK: Mercy says No

God's mercy brings me back to the light.

Designed by: Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia


POEM: The Musings of a Lonely Lady

Where is my love?
Have you seen him?
I'm here, waiting.
Waiting to be found
I miss him
I need him
My love!

The Need of a Spiritual Father

You know that moment when you take a cute selfie which you so admire and feel like showing it to somebody? I had a moment like that today. . .

The Need of a Spiritual Father

I had just washed my hair. I looked in the mirror and I realized how lovely my natural hair looks. My hair's actually been covered in the extensions for months. So I'd missed its natural bounce and elasticity. I was like O-M-G. Spontaneously, I took a picture of my beautiful natural African hair. And I loved it!


It's Time for some M's

Oh yes! It's time for some M's. Everyone has got a need for some M's at one point or the other. I do too. In fact I particularly need one right now.

When God be like: Hey man, I want to bless somebody. Somebody needs a breakthrough. So, I'll be dishing out some M's today. Need any?

And you don't understand what He means. You be like: Erm. . .erm. . .

What Do You Do For a Living?

We got talking. . .went on and on. . . then got to this point. . .
Somebody: so, what do you do for a living?
Me:  hmm. . . *smiles* I shine.
Somebody: *confused* huh?
Me: *laughs* Yes, As a light that I am. I shine out with Heart Rays.
Somebody: Really? *eyes popping* How do you mean?  Tell me more!
Me: *grins* With all pleasure. This post is for you.

It's funny how funny I usually find this question difficult. Every time as far as I can remember, it takes me more than ten seconds to provide an answer. Or perhaps I'd have to spell A-M-A-K-A-M-E-D-I-A.


I'm Dreaming of a Rainy Christmas Day

I know it's too early to talk about Christmas. But then, I can't help to write about this dream I had last night. Some people say that you dream about the last thing you thought about, or the things you thought about all day. Duh. . . if I hear say Christmas be the last tin wey dey my mind!


It was 8:34PM. "Alright... thanks for calling... sleep well too." I said as I hung up. I have had a long day at the office. All I needed was a good night sleep. I picked up a book from my library ~ Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I opened it to read but my phone distracted me. BBM ehn!



I love to take pictures! I've got a thousand of them. It is an indisputable fact that pictures keep the memories alive. We are at a vacation, a party, a family reunion, or a hang out with friends, and we want to remember these moments. What do we do? We take pictures. Yeah!

But have you thought about what happens when the moments captured in the pictures were really never experienced? Does "to capture the moment" mean " to take pictures" only. Like seriously? C'mon!

PODCAST: 2 Ways to Enjoy the Moment

You practically "listen" to my videos. Weird right? Sorry. In my mind, I'm on the radio and not the TV.

Warning: You might throw your phone away after "listening". *grins*

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu


Are you a model?

We'd met on different occasions. Most times we only exchanged the hi and hello. I actually like him. He always has a smart look. Always. When I saw him today, I remembered one day. . .

That day, we met at the corridor, our eyes met. He smiled, I smiled.

"Good morning" he said, still smiling
"Good morning" I replied, smiling too.

"You look good" he said
With a blush, "Thank you" I paused. "You too" I added.

And just when we walk passed each other, he turned, "Are you a model?"

PODCAST: You Enemy

An enemy is an antagonist, an adversary or an opponent who struggles, threatens and competes against one. Fear, doubt, worry, e.t.c are enemies. When you go give up on your God-given dreams, plans and purpose, you let these enemies from within win.  Fight that You Enemy today!

Your life is in your hands. Do the right thing. Make the best choice. Decide to be the champion that you are!

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu

POEM: Divine Heart Rays

That moment when I do wonder
wonder at the magnitude of such feeling
Feeling so much like it's not reality
reality can sometimes be a dream
Dream that is continually on display
display that replays for a change
Change, oh change has come!


10 Lessons from the "It's in You" Convention

Last weekend was swell! I had the best time of my life at the convention tagged "IT'S IN YOU" which was organized for the youths in The Lagos Province 9 of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. There was Teju BabyFace (the host of Teju Babyface show), Toyosi Akerele (the Founder/CEO of RISE Networks), Barr. Ade Adeniji (the Pastor of the Salvation House Ministries) and many other super loaded men.

It was absolutely amazing and beautifully organized. These people weren't just talking theories, they taught out from experience. They revealed secrets/strategies that work. They gave out themselves. They shared. I feel so blessed that I also want to bless you. So you know I've got your back. Enjoy!


REVIEW: The Walnut

You know I like to talk about anything that I find fascinating. Right? So today, I've got the walnut on my mind. These days, I see it everywhere. And I'm starting to like it.

7 Top Reasons to Eat the Walnut

When I found out that it is good for the heart. I was like, "wow!" And knowing how much I value your heart,  I want you to also see reasons to like it now/more.

So let's go there, The Walnut. . .


Let God. He will make it happen.
It will end perfectly and beautifully.

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu


Wrong Directions

How often do we trust strangers who give us directions?

Some hours ago, I was asked to go make some bank deposit. The bank wasn't anywhere close to the office. So I had to use a public transport. It was supposed to be a journey of about fiftneen minutes. Alas, it took me more than fourty five minutes to get there. How funny!

As I though about it, it dawned on me that many times in our lives we may have missed our way too. Many times we may have taken the wrong bend. Boarded the wrong bus. Followed the wrong directions.

The Devil Doesn't Wear Black Anymore

I had thought it would be so silly to write about the devil. Frankly, I actually don't want to write about the devil. He doesn't deserve any attention. But I know he'd be so uncomfortable with this exposition. So I write randomly with confidence in the name of the Lord. . .

The Devil Doesn't Wear Black Anymore

The devil is the originator of all wickedness and corruption. He is the "prince" of this world, and the controller of its evil systems. So he knows what's up.


POEM: To Love Away

Here I come
Out of the dark
Breaking out to show
I know not what holds
I believe it will be good
I am to love away

And I go
set for the spark
Moving out to grow
I know not where unfolds
I believe it will be cool
I am to love away


PODCAST: God Speaks Everyday

"Although God speaks again and again, no one pays attention to what He says." 
Job 33:14 (GNT)

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu

REVIEW: Jewellery

The other day I did a review on Make-up. Oh la la, it was indeed something. You might like to read it here. And today is a review on another subject which I am particularly interested in - Jewellery. 

Is wearing jewellery a sin?

What did you say? An emphatic yes?! Or a probable no? Or not really sure? Many times we get it twisted on issues like this. "Am I doing the right thing?" "Is this a sin or is this not?" Yeah, we all do.

You know what? God has the answers we seek. God's word spoken to us directly and through the bible is our constitution, our manual, our daily guide. Therefore it is final and conclusive.  In fact, the end of the review!


5 Things I'd Love to do before I Die

It is official, I'm not going to have a premature death. So I'm not dying any time soon. However, I'd like you to catch my drift while I last here.

I give myself away. . .

Here are 5 things I'd love to do before I die:

STORY: 14 like a Val's Day

"Would you like some more?" he asked. Showing off his milky teeth as he smiled.

"No, thanks. I'm okay." I replied half-heartedly. It was cat fish. I really would have had some more but... I lost my appetite. We weren't talking. He said no more than a sentence in minutes which felt like years. I wasn't smiling. Neither was I frowning.

I looked away. Just across our table, I found a peculiar couple, or were they siblings? If I'm not mistaken, they did look alike. The lady was smiling. Their meals seemed untouched. They were talking. Sharing. They were having fun. Awww... so sweet.


PHOTO TALK: Life is too Short not to Shine

Life is too short not to live out the light.
Shine out with your Heart Rays.
Let the Light shine!

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu


Is Amakamedia also Among the Celebs?

Do you know that Jesus was a celeb while he was on earth? He was famous, extraordinary and just so on point. Everywhere Jesus went, people gathered. I can imagine people (including me) taking a photograph with him. Oh! That would be so cool. Straight to Facebook!


PHOTO TALK: The Message in a Mess

"All things work together for good..." Romans 8:28

I know that I know there is something in this nothing for me somehow in a way...

Designed by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

Heart Rays  . . .giving out the light.

PODCAST: Soul Ache

When you have a head ache, you know it's a pain in the head. So you either take a rest or a pain relieving drug, and you'll be just fine.


STYLE: A #NoBlackWeek I Outworn

Yes, I know this is no fashion blog. But if I can share my dream, my secret, my moment, my experience, then why can't I share my style? So today, I'm pleased to share a bit of my fashion. Whoo-hoo!

No Black this Week

I have a thing for black clothes (most especially, black dresses). Black is classy, elegant and chic. Black is comfortable. I also love its flexibility with other colours. It goes with anything. And it works everytime. I actually do love a variety of colours but there is just something about black.  For every item of clothing in my wardrobe, I have a black. I didn't realise this until many times in few months, some friends amusingly accused me of wearing black so often.

So timidly, I took up the challenge to do a #NoBlackWeek. A week in which I must not wear the shade of black in any item of clothing. Unbelievably, I survived!

I go to the office on Mondays to Fridays. Here was what the week looked like. :D

The Church is a Body

"For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ" 1 Cor. 12:12

As the human body is made up of many parts, so is the church made up of many members:

Some, the eyes
-to see visions.

Some, the mouth
-to preach the word and prophesy.

Some, the nose
-to perceive and pray into other parts of the body for effective functioning.

POEM: The Light Again

Here, I see the light again
My only fear is the power it brings
For it can be to consume
As well as to create
I can only imagine

The shine, the flame, the ray
I am afraid,
Not that I do not believe
But because it is different
Not the trend of this day

REVIEW: The "Little" Miracles


When you buy a TV set, it comes along with a cable, remote control and manual. Right? They come along with the package. So, there are things we think are part of the packages of living. Sometimes (if not most times), we tend to ignore these blessings.

There are things we overlook, things we take for granted. We count them to be normal and usual. We need to understand that it is His grace. We should acknowledge these gifts, for they are miracles. The "little" miracles, I think.


POEM: His Presence

I live in His presence

His presence
is the fullness of His glory
is the radiance of His beauty
is the manifestation of His power
is the reflection of His majesty

His presence
is contentment
is fulfillment
is joy
is liberty

That Dream, Share It!

And again, I go through my personal journal. To keep in touch with my dream.

It's important that you share your dream. Write it out, draw it out and pray about it often. You have to commit yourself to do it. Keep them alive in your mind's eye. See the picture.

You have to use your five sex organs (the last time I checked, it was five. Or has it changed yet?). The eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin have to be involved.

It has to consume your being. Let it be all you eat, think and talk about.

I am a dreamer. 'Josephine' should have been my baptismal name, instead of 'Christine' (but I like it anyway).


PODCAST: The Beautiful Butterflies

I love butterflies! The story of the life of a butterfly can be so inspiring. It captures my imagination. They are not only bright, beautiful and colourful but are also sensitive to change, growth and transformation.They are ever changing and embracing the new and different life's processes.

Watch the video I created on butterflies below :)

You might also like to read my reviews on Butterflies here

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Follow on Twitter: @Amakamedia 
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

Heart Rays  . . .giving out the light.


REVIEW: The Beautiful Butterflies

I love butterflies! The story of the life of a butterfly can be so inspiring. It captures my imagination. They are not only bright, beautiful and colourful but are also sensitive to change, growth and transformation.They are ever changing and embracing the new and different life's processes.

A butterfly wasn't always a butterfly. It starts with a tiny egg that hatches into a caterpillar. The caterpillar grows and grows until its time to build a hardened shell around its body, called a chrysalis or cocoon. While the caterpillar sleeps inside the chrysalis, its body changes and grows new parts(it's an inside-out process). And then, when it eventually comes out. (after the waiting period) Oh! when it comes out, it becomes a beautiful butterfly.

REVIEW: Make-up

...should a Christian wear make-up?

"Hmmm! let's hear what she's going to say!" I should guess that's your reaction on this page, right? of course, I'm not wrong.

"Make-up is the in-thing now."

"make-up is make-up. Everybody wears make-up. The powder, body cream, hair cream, lip gloss and blah blah blah are all part of make-up" says the girls next door. You too?

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