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STYLE: How To Keep Repeating Your Clothes Like A Pro

Do you get worried about wearing your clothes to the same place more than once? Me too! (especially if you're a celeb. Hehehe. . .)

"Should I wear this shirt again?" "Have I taken a picture with this dress before?" "Will they not say I don't have clothes" etc. These are the thoughts that run through our heads. *waves* I'm here to help you!

Art Of Repeating Clothes 

It is almost inevitable not to repeat your clothes twice, unless you are a shopaholic.

If you are a shopaholic and have enough money to buy new clothes every week, (please come and dash me money. Thank you very much), you are lucky because that totally reduces the chances of repeating clothes.

But if you are not a shopaholic and don't have enough money to buy new clothes every week, relax. Don't stress yourself. What matters most is the way you carry yourself!

I believe you will find these tips helpful:

Tip #1
Be Creative
Above all tips, NEVER wear the same outfit twice. When I say outfit, I mean the same combination from head to toe. Try to create a different look and vibe. Style it up. Change the top you wore it with or the shoes you wore the previous time. Change the way you wore your hair (and makeup, if you do). Your creativity makes the diffference.

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#Tip 2
There are going to be days you wouldn't feel like it and you want to simply pull on whatever you can grab (which will most likely be something you recently wore, obviously). For days like that, opt for a scarf, jacket, necklace, belt and any other clothing item to throw on your ‘repeated’ clothes. Trust me, most people will not even notice!

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Invest in separates
Investing in separates such as skirts and tops is easier to mix and match than when you invest in single outfits such as dresses. For instance, instead of buying a dress, buy about three tops or two skirts. So that you can have options. And yes, having a little black/red/yellow dress is a neccesity. You can style it in hundred ways!

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Tip #4
When you feel you've had enough of a dress, turn into a skirt or top. Believe me, nobody will notice!

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Tip #5
Have fun
The most important thing is to have fun with your outfits. What's the point of "creative lifestyle" if we can't be creative with our clothes? I personally love to play and experiment with my clothes.

Get inspiration from the pictures below. :)

same skirt , different tops. 
same dress, different hairdo and accessories.
same skirt, different vibes.
same dress, different vibes.
same top, different skirts.
same dress styled differently. 
same black dress, different jackets
styled up a dress into a peplum top.
same dress, different shoes.
Same separates, but the difference is so clear. 

The act of repeating your clothes is an art. Just imagine what you want to look like, and create it. Nobody will kill you for wearing the same thing twice. Besides, is it their body? Lol!

Even a First Lady repeats her clothes!

Image source: Google

So you see? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with repeating your clothes as long as you add some creativity.

Lemme recap the tips:
  • Buy more of separates instead of dresses
  • Experiment and play with your clothes 
  • Use accessories to dictate the mood of your outfit and to completely transform your appearance
Go on sweetie, repeat your clothes with style! Be creative. Be inspired. Be-YOU-tiful.

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Please share some of your personal tips in the comment box below! How do you do it like a pro?

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