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Are You Thinking: "Would I Miss Being 20-Something Again?"

It's 3 days to turning 30. Whoop-whoop! Do women get excited about growing old. Lol. I must be weird like that.

Saying Goodbye To My 20s

Goodbye to my twenties_amakamedia

20s feel like they started yesterday. I have great memories about everything I felt from my 20th birthday up until now. I think it's because I am very intuitive.

I feel things deeply.

I am fully aware of what I feel when I feel it.

I have a deep connection with my inner self.

In my 20s, I learned to be self aware. I learned to discover how I feel about what's going on in my life. Thanks to exercising my gift of writing by blogging. I had no choice than to get into my heart—mind and emotions—to fetch content (as in, articles).

And the ability to be brutally honest with my feelings is one of the greatest things I learned in my 20s.

Feelings are so powerful. I like to call them "rays", sometimes. We can allow them shine with our creativity, consistency and patience. Feelings are like messengers that tell us what is going on deep within. If we give attention to a messenger, we will learn the lesson.

I believe this level of understanding self awareness is a good foundation for my 30s.

I had thought that turning 30 would be like having one foot in the grave. I thought I'd be afraid or something close. But thankfully, at approaching 30, I feel younger and happier than I did 10 years ago.

I guess by the time you turn 30, you begin to settle into yourself and care less about making a fool of yourself. That release makes you feel so much lighter and more youthful.
In my 20s, 
I loved.
I lost.
And found myself 

I can boldly say that I am totally over being 20-something. I am content to have felt all the joys and pains deeply. I have great memories. Oh, I sure do.

You don't get to miss your 20s when you are intentional about living in the moment.

Would I Miss being a 20-something
Me at 27.

In your 20s, you don’t have so much tying you down at this point; no children, maybe a partner, no house purchased yet, etc. You have more time and fewer obligations now than you will ever have. It's wise to take advantage of it and go places, pursue hobbies, experience things you want to experience, because this is a time in your life when you can. More demands — professionally, personally, financially, etc will come later, so enjoy these years and maximize your experiences.

November 2017
27. I love this one in particular. 😍

I honestly had a blast in my 20s and I am looking forward to having a swell ride in my 30s. Oh yes!

* * * *

This post you just read is the 19th piece in the #20Pieces20 blog series.

Tomorrow we'd have the final lesson and thereafter, I will become the most beautiful and inspiring 30-year old ever. So excited mahn!!!

Let me know in the comment box what you feel when your birthday is drawing near. Do you freak out?

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay safe.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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