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DIARY: This Is The Woman I See

My sister and friend, Frances has inspired me to write about the woman I see myself becoming. She said reading it can help us get through dark times. I totally agree. 

The Woman I see

I am so excited about the woman I am growing into. I love her sillily. I admire her values, her goals, her priorities and every single thing that makes her an exceptional person.

The woman I see is a sweetheart to many and God. She is one of God's favourite. She is a strategic instrument in His hands. 

The woman I see is a threat to the kingdom of darkness. They can't stand the glory she carries. They can't comprehend the intensity of light in her. She is powerful! 

I see me, a woman who is taking over territories and leading nations. 

I see me, a woman who speaks so that many may be blessed and delivered from the bondage of sin, failures and poverty. 

Ah, the woman I see is rich. 

She feeds thousands. 

She lends to nations. 

The woman I see is actually not perfect. She has her flaws. Her looks might not stop you dead in your tracks but her confidence and personality will, her cooking might not send you places you’ve never been - neither will her voice nor her writing - but this woman I am becoming, she is one heck of a phenomenal woman!

I see me, an African woman. A strong woman. A woman who is growing strong with each disappointment, each challenge, each heartbreak, and each victory.

I see me, a woman who is more authentic, more satisfied, and more committed to being who God wants her to be.

I see me, a woman who stands out from the crowd. She is not standing out based on what she wears but who and whose she is.

I see me, a woman sitting with kings and presidents. She is among those whose names constantly make the headlines.

Ah, the woman I see is a celebrity.

The woman I see is not ordinary. She is not sitting and folding her hands. She is creating businesses for other businesses. She is making things happen. She is just too much! 

The woman I see carries a grace that only shines out of an intimate relationship with God. The woman I see is passionate about God. She loves God. She breathes God.

I see me, a woman whose husband looks at every morning and praises God. She is a "good thing" to her husband.

I see me, a woman whose husband adores, loves and respects. She loves and supports her husband. She is a fantastic "helpmeet".

*speaks in tongues* 

I see . . .
I see . . .
I see . . .

The woman I see is far greater, stronger and wiser than the woman I am now. I am learning and growing to become the woman I see. . . 

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