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What To Do At Home In This Coronavirus Pandemic And Lockdown Season

Hi Sweethearts of my blogosphere! How are you doing? You've been on my mind since this lock down started so I thought to check in on you today. Are you OK? Are you recreating or reacting in this season? Whatever you do, don't lose hope. God will preserve you and yours throughout this season. Amen.

Get Creative While Social Distancing

Don't let coronavirus take tour Creativity away

I'm all up for a Creative Lifestyle. I see life as an opportunity for self-expression. No matter what happens, I strive to find expression through that.

And I understand that Creative work has seasons. Part of the work is to know which season it is, and act accordingly.

This season is highly conducive for creativity. You can't afford to be bored. And you can't afford to be idle.

An idle mind is disastrous. There are many things you can do, to have fun, to keep your cool, to keep your creative juices flowing, without leaving the house.

This is a good time to get creative. For real.

Try to occupy your mind: read, meditate, watch movies, call friends and family, write, draw, sing, create something just to keep your mind moving.

First things first, stay away from false, negative news!

SHUT OUT THE NEWS. If you've been glued to your screens for the latest COVID-19 updates, this is for you. Take a break from the stream of negative reports to reduce stress and anxiety and give your brain room for positive thoughts and ideas.

Please, don't slide into depression.

Don't stay doing nothing.

Take up a new hobby, or do all those jobs you haven't had the time for.

List Of Things You Can Do At Home
  1. Re-decorate the house
  2. Take up a new form of exercise
  3. Learn a new language on YouTube
  4. Take up a new challenge
  5. Play FIFA or other board games
  6. Join a virtual book club online
  7. Take up baking
  8. Make videos
  9. Wash the car
  10. Wash your makeup kit
  11. Have a virtual party with your friends
  12. Have an online karaoke session
  13. Write poetry
  14. Start a lifestyle blog
  15. Write blog articles
  16. Write songs
  17. Write a book or short stories
  18. Do crosswords
  19. Keep a daily diary
  20. Listen to podcasts
  21. Listen to old favourite songs 
  22. Start your own podcasts
  23. Catch up with old friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and the likes
  24. Phone elderly relatives who may be feeling lonely
  25. Learn how to make bowties
  26. Learn how to make Ankara shoes
  27. Learn how to make Ankara earrings
  28. Learn how to transform a skirt
  29. Leave comments when you read a blog like this
  30. Think and make out a plan for your life (family, business, finance, etc) when this pandemic ends

As for me, I will be working on my second book and creating new memories with Kachi. Check out our latest video on YouTube:

I Caught Some Ideas On Twitter Via The #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver Trend:

I hope you'll understand
The value of social independence
The value of having a funded savings account
The value of personal moments
The value of having a vibrant hobby.
The stupidity in religious Fanatism and ethnic bigotry.
- Anva

I will visit my dad more.
Take my swimming lessons seriously
Hug my loved ones more 
Exercise more
Get closer to God
And so help me God, Amen.
- Gift

Don’t wait till #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver to start developing yourself. While you self isolate, take some courses online. Learn new skills. Read more books. Start an online business. Use your time wisely.
- Doc

— I hope our Universities and secondary schools will begin integrate Digital Classes to their learning approach.
— I hope organizations will begin to engage more staff to work from home.
— I hope our health sector gets more facilities and workers.
- Tee

A whole lot will change after this pandemic ends. And I think it is wise to sow seeds now, so that we can harvest them when the time comes. Remember Isaac who sowed when there was famine? (Genesis 26:12-13).

Your seeds can be anything — knowledge, talent, money, time, etc. Just make sure you are doing something. This season will be over before you know it.

I pray that you figure out your life in this season. Here's wishing you clarity and simplicity. 💛

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay lovely.

What do you do for fun?

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