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6 Powerful Lessons From Mike Bamiloye's Biopic, The Train: The Journey Of Faith

What a movie! This is one to remember! The story of Evangelist Mike Bamiloye is so inspiring. My God! Almost everyone in my age bracket who lived in Nigeria grew up watching his movies.

Watching his biopic which was recently published on Youtube was a roller coaster ride. I laughed and cried. I felt the move of God at some point. Something sure leaped inside of me.

Lessons From The Biopic Of Mike Bamiloye

I know that I will never be the same again after watching this movie. The Train gave me a new direction, light and encouragement on my own journey. I want to tell you some of the things I learned from the movie. I am actually telling myself too, because I would want to revisit these lessons.

1. The Vision Is For An Appointed Time

This movie has strengthened my resolve to follow God's plan for my life. No matter what life throws at me, I should always be of good cheer.

The vision is for an appointed time, and at the end (not at the beginning) it shall speak. This tiny seed (dream, vision) God put in my heart will eventually become a mighty tree, as long as I commit to the journey of faith with obedience and patience.

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2. God's Way May Seem Foolish

I knew this beforehand but I am reminded to stay true to what I feel strongly in my Spirit.

In The Train, God told Bro Mike to quit his job and to take the ministry to Kano. According to man's point of view, it was a foolish idea. However, bro Mike was willing to go the extra mile for his vision. So he obeyed.

Review_the train_mike bamiloye

I particularly like what he said when he was being interrogated by his team members:
"I don't know your future. I don't know the future of this ministry, but I know God. He knows the future."
I remember when God instructed me to pray for my future husband publicly, it was a foolish idea by all standards. But I did anyway. Today I am being blessed from that obedience. Hallelujah!

3. Marriage Is For Expansion

When Bro Mike approached Alaba (Sis Gloria), he simply said,
"will you marry me?. . . it is about the work God has committed into my hands. Please, I can't. I can't do it alone."
This movie made me super grateful for Kachi. I know that our marriage is certainly an expansion of the work that God had committed into our hands. Marriage is not all about sex and having fun, it is more about fulfilling the call of God upon our lives.

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In The Train, it was said that Bro Mike approached many other sisters but they turned him down. They probably didn't see his vision the way Alaba did. You know? The truth is, the spouse God predestines for you would have a glimpse of the future both of you will walk towards. You will just sync. You two will be a Perfect Match made from Heaven. 😉

lessons_the train_mike bamiloye

Kachi's vision is my vision and mine, his.

And just like my friend, Ife put it while we were discussing our lessons from the movie: In marriage, it's not her vision or his vision. It is OUR vision. I liked that.

4. Purpose Attracts Rejection

The scenes where Bro Mike's sister initially disapproved of his marriage with Alaba made me cry.

The journey of faith is never smooth. Many people, particularly important people in your life, won't understand God's dealings upon your life. But if you're deeply convinced that God will have you go in that direction, it pays to stick to it. If you wait for the acceptance of everyone, you will wait forever.

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5. Ministry Is About Touching Lives

What can make me say that I have a fulfilling ministry is the fact that through my expressions, I am able to touch lives. Ministry is not about entertainment, it is more about impact. It is not about money, but the lives and destinies imparted in a positive way.

The Train revealed that the key to breaking into the marketplace (particularly when it concerns a divine assignment) is to find the gap in the market, and by DIVINE INSPIRATION (not human idea) fill that gap.

When Alaba said,
"stop looking around for information when you can ask God for revelation."
 I felt that one.

6. Your Children Are Watching You

The closing scenes of The Train showed Mike Bamiloye's children mimicking him. If you want to raise godly children who would move mountains and take the name of Jesus around the world, through their skills and the help of the Holy Spirit, check yourself. What are you doing for God?

Joshua and Damilola are products of the fruitful lives of their parents. They grew to observe all that was being done and now they created this masterpiece to celebrate the life of their father. Isn't that amazing?!

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The lessons are too numerous to mention, but I do hope you got one or two things from this post.

Watch the full movie below:

See you in my next post. 😊

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay safe.

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