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Dressed Up For The MACH Show This Sunday

Happy Style-Sunday Sweethearts! It feels so great to be able to go to church again at such a time as this. We had to shoot an episode of the MACH show immediately after the church service and I didn't want to go through the hurdles of changing outfits. This is What-I-Wore.

The MACH Show Style

The MACH show_PerfectMachForever

I had started this paragraph with "My husband and I have a YouTube channel. . ." but I deleted it. Then, I wrote "Kachi and I create videos on YouTube. . ." and deleted it again. I didn't want to sound like those women who'd seize every opportunity they have to rub their marital status on our faces. Lol. But, isn't it incredibly surprising how life changes once marriage happens?

Marriage has been such an amazing experience. I am so grateful for it and my passion for promoting the Kingdom marriage increases daily. A healthy marriage gives the world a beautiful picture of the gospel.

Based on this understanding, Kachi and I birthed The MACH Show — a Kingdom marriage series where we have great conversations and fun times with godly couples.

Each episode of The MACH Show is divided into three segments; we GIST on the first segment, we play GAMES on the second and have the MACH Basket on the third.
Our objectives for each segment is simple.
GIST: an interactive segment where couples answer questions bordering on the specificity of their experience in marriage.
GAMES: an entertaining segment where couples play/compete in games.
MACH BASKET: couples are asked to pick from the basket and follow accordingly. It's exciting.

Perfect Mach

The MACH show is a fun approach to a part of my MINISTRY and I hope you join me towards raising models of a Perfect Kingdom Marriage. Please SUBSCRIBE.

The MACH Show premiers on our YouTube channel every 2nd and 4th Sundays at 4:00 PM GMT+ 1. Writing this just gave me an idea for reposting each episode on Heart Rays every other Thursday — perhaps I could transcribe the video to text. Let's see how it goes. 

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