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Heartbreaks Never Last Forever

Hello again! My name is Amaka and I will be 3 and 0 on June 26. I decided to share my lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30s begins.

This post is the seventh of twenty. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

Heartbreak Empowers You

Heartbreak doesn't last forever

My biggest struggle in my 20s wasn't having an extra year at school. No. My greatest weakness was boys, boys and boys!

I was a sucker for love.

I wanted to love and be truly loved.

But I wasn't lucky in love.

I was recovering from one heartbreak after another.

And each time I got heart broken, I would run to God and give him my heart. Yet after a while, I would take it back from Him and gave it to the next guy. It was so exhilarating.

If I had channelled the energy I used to chase after boys and cry over them into something more productive, I would have been a multi-billionaire by now. Or, maybe not.

Maybe I needed to be heartbroken to find myself. Maybe I needed to be heartbroken to feel the emptiness in my heart. Maybe I needed to live to tell you. Just maybe.

My greatest struggle is my biggest blessing. 

I talk so much about heartbreak on Heart Rays and even wrote a book all about it. And there is yet more to come.

I am proudly among those who believe that heartbreak can be a tool for propelling you into your future.

Yes, you would cry and feel miserable for a few days, but the pain never lasts forever.

Me at 24.

I am thankful for all the guys who broke my heart in my 20s.


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    This is Day 7 of #20Lessons20 just before I turn 30. We'll have Day 8 tomorrow. It's getting spicier! 🙂

    Please share these posts with everyone you love. Thank you so much.

    Stay inspired.
    Stay positive.
    Stay lovely.

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    Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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