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RELATIONSHIP: The Best One You Can Ever Have

There is no point beating about the bush. I'll to be straight with you, the best relationship you can ever have is the one that GLORIFIES God. Real talk.

The Best Relationship

It's been a while I posted something related to love and relationships. The truth is I was struggling in the area of relationships. 

Owing to the fact that whatever I write has got to be from my very own personal experience (as the Spirit leads), I couldn't write anything. I was confused.

Then He placed it in my heart to write.

Personal Note

As a single Christian lady, I personally decided deep in my heart that if I ever have sex with some boyfriend or even kiss him, I automatically know I am not going to marry him. That may sound cheesy, but I KNOW that I know that I will wait with the one. I just know.

I am aware that it is hard in this time when abstinence seems to be tagged 'old school' but I KNOW that my future hubby would have the standard of honouring my body until we get married. Even if I was the one who prompted the kiss, you aint my boo no more. You are going home. It's over.

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It will be foolish not to acknowledge that not all relationship leads to marriage. However, relationships are meant to make us grow as a person. Or isn't that why we do? Correct me if I'm wrong.

We are in a relationship because we enjoy each other's company, learn from each other, and somehow, we are walking towards a goal. Then we when we start catching feelings and start hearing tirin-taran-tirin in our heads, the desire to do "that thing" intensifies.

We must put ourselves in check.

Sexual drive is a very powerful one. It is so strong that it can alter one's thinking and emotions. You begin to do STUPID things. It can harden the heart and move you to irrational and sinful decisions.

Lemme quickly chip this in: They say "love makes you do stupid things". That's a lie. It is something that's not love.

OK. I agree it is HARD not to kiss, hold hands, rub, cuddle, when you are in love. Oh, it is not easy at all! But STOP it already. Just STOP. If you can't take your hands off each other, then you aint in love sweetheart, you're in lust. LOVE waits until marriage.

Make A Decision

If you've messed up in your relationships, make a decision to start anew! Don't think twice about it.

Believe me, I know what it feels like to love someone. And I know what it feels like to want to be with someone and hold them tightly to your chest and show how much you love them.

Yeah, it's normal. You're human.

When you love someone, you would really really want to kiss, cuddle and go all the way but mehn, you just have to tell your emotions to calm down. You have to take a stand and obey GOD in your relationship - you can't afford to let the flesh have a foothold in your heart. You can't afford to compromise the standard of purity.

There is this glow about you when you are pure. People can see it. You think no one knows when you have sex or do some certain things? It shows in all you do.

Purity illuminates. It shines on your face.

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Wait a minute, you don't believe that it's wrong to kiss and cuddle or have sex before marriage, see it here:

"Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body." 
~ 1 Corinthians 6:18

When I messed up, I felt like God has been withdrawn, and my awareness of His presence diminished. But thank God for His grace and mercy. We can always start afresh on our journey of faith. :) 

What Really Matters

God wants to be involved in everything we do. You can't put God aside when it comes to your relationship. Imagine if God was in the bedroom with both of you, would you still kiss and cuddle . . . and have sex?

Stay away from every appearance of evil. (1 Thessalonians 5:22)

Your relationship with God is what really matters.

Don't attempt to put your partner before God. DON'T.

True love is a decision to love God. Love God with ALL your heart. When you love God with your heart, your mind and body will follow.

No relationship is worth breaking off your relationship with God. A relationship can either be a distraction that leaves you stuck in a ditch - hurt, confused or frustrated - or it can be a bridge that PUSHES you towards Christ. It's your choice.

Been there, done that.

If you are reading this, then God has directed you here because He wants you to know about this issue. If you are in such sin, you know what the Lord requires of you. If you are not in this sin, then thank the Lord for His mercy and continue to seek holiness. God bless you. 

P. S. I didn't do it. Mercy said NO.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
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