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Taking A Break From Taking A Break

Hi sweetheart. Welcome to a brand new week. Hope you are doing great! 

Until His Kingdom Come

Taking a break

Aside from the very first two weeks after my Wedding Day, these past two weeks have been the most exciting, refreshing and eventful one. I literally was locked up at home with my husband for the entire period. And trust me, I enjoyed every minute of it! 

It’s surprising how loud silence can be. Especially when you’re not used to it. This has been my experience each day, sitting there in the arms of the one I love. Alone. It was beautifully silent — but for the oscillating sound of our neighbour's generator set — and my soul decompressed from weeks on end in the rush to achieve my goals. My body and soul has found fresh air there that was hard to come by before the lockdown. I am grateful.

I want you to join me. Not in my husband's arms (that is never going to happen) but in some silent, occasional solitude of your own. You need a break from the chaos, from the noise and the crowds, more than you may think at first. You need the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude.

I was seldom online. My most favourite social media, which happens to be Twitter suffered my absence. I lost hundreds of followers. However, I am not in anyway moved by that.

We are humans, not machines. We were created for rhythms; rhythms of silence and rythyms of noise, rhythms in community and rhythms in solitude. It is unhealthy to always have people around, as well as to rarely be with them. God made us for cycles and seasons, for routines and cadences.

You can decide what this season is all about for you.

Taking a break from time to time has always been a human necessity, and it has been made so much easier since the lockdown. Especially after the first two weeks was declared by the Federal Government. By all accounts, things are less crowded, and calmer, than they’ve ever been.

Yes, my heart is less crowded. It's calmer. It's happier. For real.

I catch myself thoughtlessly scrolling into social media once in a while. On occasion I’ll turn it off and try to consciously be mindful of God and pray. In the midst of this global pandemic, it’s remarkable how strange, and wonderful, the silence has been.

But merely taking a break isn’t enough. There are blessings to be received in just letting your soul decompress and getting out of the busy life, enjoying your spouse, and letting your soul feel the warmth of embrace.

For those of us who are in Christ, we have to come back better, not only refreshed, but more ready to love and sacrifice. We have to find new clarity, resolve, and creativity, or return primed to re-double our efforts, by faith, in our callings in the home, among friends, at work, and in the body of Christ.

I am thankful for this break. My marriage is better for it. My family is better for it. My soul is better for it. My body is better for it. Even though I was resting in the arms of the one I love, I was;

  • Working On My Second Book
  • Creating Content For YouTube
  • Drafting Plans For Greater Works
  • Spending Time With God

One of the things God said to me about taking a break (specifically from those relationship that didn't lead to marriage) was, "to strengthen your inner man". No matter how painful your experience, the result is always going to be a STRONGER YOU.

You can only share information that you’ve owned — knowledge that has been birthed from his work in your life. You can only preach the lessons that you’ve learned and the changes that you’ve made. You can only give that which you have been given.

I say this again; there are blessings to be received in this season.

When it gets really really tough, please, don’t give up. Keep your focus on the great cause for which you’re living – GOD'S KINGDOM.

Always remember that His Kingdom will never end.

I pray you make the very best contributions you can make to the world while you’re here. And that God keeps you from getting apathetic and regularly stir your heart with fresh fire for fulfilling His purpose here on earth.

Thanks for reading.

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay safe.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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