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Nikki Laoye's Failed Marriage Broke My Heart

Welcome to a New Week Sweethearts! I'm sorry that I have to start the week with this. I have been so restless in my spirit since I heard about her divorce.

Christian Failed Marriages

Christian failed marriages

In 2015, I blogged about Nikki Laoye. I shared how much I adore her love story. The fact that she and her ex husband (jeez! Ex hus-what?? That doesn't even sound OK to me) married as virgins was a source of comfort, sort of encouragement to me. At that time, I was a Christian single walking in purpose with a resolve to keep myself for marriage.


I will be back to complete this article. Hopefully.

Like I told you yesterday, Kachi and I are on a mission to promoting Kingdom marriages. We are harnessing YouTube as one of the tools to fulfilling this mission. We hope you join us.

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As August ends, may we step into September with a resolve to PRODUCE all the good we can while we can. Have a great one.

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay safe.

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