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Let Your Personal Style Never Stop Evolving

Last Sunday of the year. We made it!!! Oh, wow!!! We have practically come to the end of the year. But, we have not come to the end of our style journey. We must keep evolving. Okay?

Now I sound like a teacher. :D

Keep Evolving In Style

If you've taken out time to discover your style statement, congratulations! But, you don't have to be static. You must learn to adapt to changing needs.

You guys know I embraced the 9-5 life this year after a few "I am an entrepreneur" failures. Yeah? Lol . So I was practically getting dressed E V E R Y D A Y, and I have seen my style evolve and grow over the course of one year. I reckon this would continue to happen and I'm looking forward to what 2018 fashion would be like on the blog.

Your Style is never static; the internal and external factors that impact our style are forever changing. Our bodies, lifestyle, work setting, environmental norms, climate and style preferences change as we journey through life. Your style needs to adapt to these changing factors if you are to become a better version of yourself every day . . . every month . . . every year.

An evolution doesn't have to be dramatic. It can be subtle yet absolutely noticeable.

Every year, there's a new fashion colour palette to contend with as well as a bewildering array of neckline, hemline, skirt, sleeve, blouse, and dress to consider. You must try to stay updated on what you wear and how you wear them without compromising your values.

I believe that evolving your style can have a positive impact on your year and your life in general.

In reviewing 2017, I looked back at some of my outfit choices and thought to share them with you.

January - March

In 2017, I set a fashion goal of '6 months without shopping'. And I surprisingly exceeded that, going 8 months without shopping.

Although it was a challenge dressing up every morning, yet it was exciting exploring my wardrobe. And, you know I’ve always encouraged you to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and experiment with the clothes in your wardrobe, yeah? It’s the only way I know you can to discover your true style statement.

See: What To Look Out For When Shopping

April - May

One thing that helped every time I looked into my wardrobe for what to wear each morning was consciously working on a weekly style challenge. It helped in cutting down my options which made selection a bit easier.

If you didn't take part in any style challenge this year, please do next year! You would thank and love yourself for it.

Click Here To See A Challenge You Can Try

June - Early August

You might be tempted to think I was buying new clothes every week, but the trick is being creative about wearing the same piece over and over and over again.

Late August - Early September

Dressing up is a hobby I am dreaming to fetch me money pretty soon. Imagine being paid just to wear clothes. Lol.

In 2017, I made mistakes mehn. I remember pairing up some combinations that turned out woefully. I couldn't believe myself. Damn. It feels OK to gladly admit because it means you keep learning and improving as the days go by.

The most important thing is:
Don't repeat mistakes.

Keep experimenting with your clothes and keep having fun!

Late September - Early October

If you don’t evolve, you might miss out on things that end up making you feel even better about your year. I evolved; I can say this because I started loving brown and grey like nothing else this year. Can you believe that this bright-colour-loving gurl wore a dull-grey shirtdress on her birthday?! I even wore a jumpsuit for the first time ever this year. See evolution!

Your personal style is important to keep evolving so that you do not fall into a style rut the week/month/year after. It can affect your confidence and self-esteem and sometimes it can be a long hard road to get yourself out of, if not.

Late October - Early November

The number of new pieces that found their way into my wardrobe this year are very countable. And it is refreshing looking at what I wore all year! I found the beauty again in the clothes I hardly wore, some things I hadn't paid attention to in years, and committed to loving and wearing what I already had.

Because stuff isn’t what matters.

What you have is enough. YOU are enough.

Late November - December

Knowing your personal style rays is easier on finance, easier on the mind when getting dressed every day, and better for your personal/style development. You agree, don't you?

2018 can only be better!


A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported me through the year — my readers, followers and my clients etc — thank you so much for your show of love and support. *hugs and kisses*

Your clicks, comments, shares and follow made it all worthwhile.
As we bade Goodbye to 2017 . . . and welcome 2018, I pray that God in His infinite mercy would grant us immense happiness, protect us through the year, and fill us with the grace and wisdom to achieve everything we set out to achieve in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Love you.
You rock!
Stay inspired!

P.s I'll be away for two weeks or more to press in unto God. Happy New Year!!!

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