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How To Practically Live Daily For God

Living life, in this earthly realm, is a constant war against darkness and the kingdom of darkness. We have no choice even if we try to live in denial. We are fighting every day.

Living Daily For Jesus

How to practically live for jesus every day

The day of judgment is swiftly approaching, and if our eyes are open, we can see that already the righteous judgements of God are being visited upon the earth. A friend of mine recently said, "We are having a rude awakening before the great awakening." I believe it.

It's been an awakening experience for me these past days. My heart is vehemently turned to the things that matter most.

Have you ever felt a mysterious stirring within you, as if your hidden personal destiny was to engage in a noble war against the forces of darkness? This is God calling you to live for Him.

We were not created and placed on this planet to live a life of mere safety and self-protection. As we lay our lives down for Christ our King, we discover the real meaning of life.

We are called to live a truly celebrated noble and heroic life, a life that is hidden with Christ in God — a life personally customized by God for His purpose.

Ours is primarily a fight for the hearts and minds of humanity. We have been called to humbly and boldly reach out to people, simply hold forth His truth in love while living lifestyles that expresse His wisdom, kindness, sacrifice, power, peace and beauty.

We can live daily for Jesus by practising each of the following:

  1. Chase After the transcendent pleasures of God 
  2. Enjoy the God-given earthly pleasures of eating, sex within marriage, rest and the beauty of nature 
  3. Make sacrifices and deny yourself, with rhythmic grace, certain legitimate enjoyments in order to make more time and room in your soul for loving God and others 
  4. Read your Bible, and take it to heart 
  5. Worship passionately 
  6. Fellowship with other believers, and make them your closest companions 
  7. Share your faith with others
  8. Engage in good works
  9. Love and serve your family
  10. Do your work as if God were your boss
  11. Avoid vice and sexual sin
  12. Pray hard
  13. Play hard
  14. Sleep well
  15. Take care of your body
  16. Listen to good music, and read good books
  17. Listen to good sermons
  18. Give to the poor
  19. Help a pioneer missionary
  20. Forgive your offenders
  21. Confess your sins immediately
  22. Be a faithful friend
  23. Believe that God is near you in the "ordinary" moments of life
  24. Sing loudly
  25. Dance for God
  26. Pray for the sick
  27. Cast out demons
  28. Listen effectively
  29. Weep easily
  30. Smile often
  31. Hug and Encourage Someone
  32. Don't Gossip or slander others
You can add more to the list in the comment box below. Thanks.

Please remember that you can't fully live for God without the Holy Spirit. Trying to live the Christian life in your own strength is exhausting and discouraging. Once you start to rely on the Holy Spirit, living a live that gives Him honour becomes everything that matters to you.

Permit me to say; I'm living my best life. It has never been better.

"His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness."
— 2 Peter 1:3 (NIV)

Have a blessed week.

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay safe.

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