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PHOTO: What Is Art, Really?

Few minutes ago, I was playing with an app on my phone called 'PicsArt' and viola! this beautiful picture happened! The tag line on this app says "everyone is an artist". So I'm wondering, perhaps we should ask: what is art, really?

What Art Means To Me

I have worked closely with various kinds of artists. As a matter of fact, I work in a creative industry. So I am open to a wide range of art. However, one thing I find common among every artist I have come in contact with, is their emotions and personal experiences. They pour it out like streams of water. It's inspiring HOW they share it.

I've thought so long and hard about it and I'm now convinced that: Art is in the Heart

is from 
There is a "HE" behind the art. A man. A spirit. A person. 

Therefore, you can't call yourself an artist until YOU ARE THE ART. Art is a creative expression of oneself via various mediums.

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For instance, a fashion model can refer to her walk down the runway or her pose before a magazine photographer as “art.” Actors can call their work in the theater “art”. A writer can refer to her words on paper as “art”. While this may or may not be true, expressing yourself emotionally and creatively on whatsoever stage is a gift many do not possess.

In this sense, I agree that “everyone is an artist”. It just means that everyone can and needs to be found INSIDE WHAT THEY DO — so you can be an “artistic” mother, an “artistic” husband, an “artistic” manager, an “artistic” bus driver, even an “artistic” pastor. It doesn’t matter what your media of expression are — being an artist means expressing yourself in whatever way is available for and feels natural to you.

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Art is what I call the giving of myself — the expression of my unique talents in my own unmistakable way, of creating ideas in my own particular way, and discovering myself in the process.

I write, I voice, I talk, I sew, I model, I etc. I literally give myself away!

Have a fab weekend.
Stay inspired. Stay positive.

How are YOU an artist? And what is YOUR art?

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