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This Is What You Will Learn From Your First Full-time Job

Happy New Week! Trust your weekend was great. I will be 30 on the 26th day of the coolest month of the year. And so I have decided to share my lessons from being a 20-something just before my journey into 30 begins.

This post is the sixth. I hope it inspires you in some way. Happy reading!

First-time Employee

lessons from my first job

My first official job was a call centre agent.

Thinking about it now, this role also played out in my second and third jobs. I was always handling calls and managing incoming or outgoing information for each organization/brand.

I will tell you about my other jobs in subsequent posts. However, let's focus on what I learned from my first job.

That You Will Be Scared

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you receive your first employment letter. After applying and going to the interview, getting the job is one of the best feelings in the world. You will be filled with anxiety and excitement all together.

The first time is always potentially terrifying. It can be impossible and daunting, but some people make it possible and learn the ropes. I did.

That You Have To Give Value

In my 20s, I learned that whether or not your first full-time job is your true calling, it's still important to leave an impact and be a source of value to your employer (or boss).

Your first job may require pushing yourself through some hard and unpleasant tasks, but this can also mean bringing your unique strengths to the table as well.

That You Will Make Mistakes

When it comes being a first-time employee, you’re almost guaranteed to slip up once in a while. That’s where the “learning curve” plays out; there is an understanding between you and your boss that you’re still getting used to how things work.

However, you have to always be willing and open to lean. The key is for you to know that LEARNING IS A LIFELONG PROCESS. You’re sure going to make (lots of) mistakes. Dreading them, or walking on eggshells all day to avoid them is no way to live.

During my first job, among other things, I learned to be a better writer. Yep.


That Customer Is Sometimes Wrong

Here me out on this one. When there is wrong service, yes, the customer is right. However, when a customer decides to take their frustration out on you, that is not right.

You all know how you do it when you get through the customer care lines. It's not always easy at the other end. You need to chill, please. Customer Care agents are humans too. Duh.

That You Need To Be Calm

Yes. Even under pressure, you have to stay calm.

When I got my first job that worked directly with people, I thought it was a literal piece of cake to smile and provide a task. That's just how I've always been. I have always been the one to try to do whatever I can for people. However, the challenge here was not letting myself get too emotional whenever a customer was displeased with a service. It took the grace of God for me to stay positive and calm.

Your first work experience will reveal two things: the type of employee you are and how you can use your strengths to make a difference.

Your first full-time job might not be all that, but it can be the best place for you to learn what you don't enjoy and discover areas that you are super good at. Knowing where you need to improve is just as important and valuable as knowing your strengths.

For you to climb up in your career leader,  it is important that you know were you are headed.

Put direction over speed any day, any time.

Your first full-time job is meant to shape you as a person and a professional — it will challenge you to learn more about yourself, it will force you out of your comfort zone, and most importantly, it’ll help you decide where you want to go from there.

Overtime, you will come to know yourself professionally and where you fit within your company/industry.

amakamediadotcom, 25
Me at 25. So Official. 

In my 20s, I learned and earned altogether. I am looking forward to far greater earnings in my 30s. Money is good biko!


Tbvh, I am thankful for all the job opportunities I grabbed in my 20s. Today specifically, I am thankful for my first job. It may not have been under the best circumstances most days, but it did teach me valuable lessons that helped shape who I am today.

As Warren Buffett once said, the greatest investment a young person can make is in their own education, in their own mind. Because money comes and goes. Relationships come and go. But what you learn once stays with you forever.

Thanks for reading.

* * * *

This is one of #20Pieces20. We'll have another one tomorrow. 🙂

What did your first job teach you? Please share in the comment box.

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay safe.

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