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10 Employability Skills You Never Knew Bloggers Have

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Being a blogger is not an easy feat! There is a lot going on behind the screen. A lot.

10 Skills Bloggers Possess

Firstly, let me say that this article is not talking about those who simply "copy and paste" from other blogs and start calling themselves bloggers. It is rather talking about those who go through the hurdles of creating real and original content.

I respect bloggers a lot. Not because I am one, but because I know how much they put into their work. They are passionate and diligent people.

I pray God blesses every blogger and grant each one of us the secret desires of our heart. Amen.

In no particular order, this is the skill set of real bloggers . . . 

1. Planning & Organizational Skill

Bloggers have the ability to define objectives, outline specific points of action, set priorities and achieve goals.

Each week, we plan out our posts. We make draft, edit it and see to it that posts are completed and fit to be published.

2. Problem-Solving Skill

Whether you want to believe it or not; Bloggers have the ability to analyze problems, determine their causes and make suggestions to resolving them.

Every post solves a problem - it could be boredom, depression, hunger, ignorance. We try as much as we can to let teach you how to do XYZ (e.g how to turn a shirt to skirt), what is happening (I give it to the news bloggers here), and we also let you know that you are not alone.

3. Creativity and Innovative Skill

Bloggers have the ability to let the mind wander, to imagine and create a masterpiece. It takes creativity to have a blog.

We imagine a picture in our head and bring it to life in a blog post. And we are even thrilled by the results we get. Nobody does it like us!

4. Inner Drive and Energy

Some people are easily motivated when they get money and discouraged when they do not. But a blogger is motivated by something deeper—passion. We are obsessed with passion.

It takes passion to keep creating new posts even when there are no sponsored posts (adverts). We stretch ourselves beyond what is expected!

5. Communication Skill

Bloggers have the ability to articulate thoughts — both in speaking and in writing. Double check. Bloggers are better writers and speakers (pun intended).
We write well enough for you to read and understand. Don't you think we deserve some accolades?

6. Stress Management Skill

Bloggers have the ability to keep things in perspective even when there are some level of tension.

Ever hear a blogger say "Hello readers, sorry about the late post" or "sorry, I didn't blog yesterday"? I bet you have! We must have had the most stressful day ever. Yet we carry on with blogging. Phew.

7. High Tolerarance

Like I said above, bloggers have the ability to keep things in perspective. We might get discouraging and derogatory comments, yet we are not moved. We keep blogging and tolerating people.

(I'm indeed grateful that I have the best set of readers ever - they are sweethearts - always leaving positive and encouraging comments. *blowing kisses*)

8. Leadership Skill

We are influencers. Bloggers have the ability to influence others in a positive, inspiring and loving way. We have a voice that commands respect.

We share what we know and what we are currently learning—influencing others to be the best they can possibly be. Isn't that what leaders do?

8. Team Work

Team work is like when bloggers and visitors or bloggers and bloggers share ideas and discuss issues. We have the ability to work with others towards a common goal; to be collaborative and encouraging.

Check out this post, it was practically written by few of my favourite readers (as well as bloggers) at the time. Awesome team work right there!

10. Marketing Skill

Bloggers are good marketers. Full stop.

when others are sleeping, bloggers are creating content. 

Dear Hiring Manager, prospective clients and customers, with these few points of mine, I believe you now see why anyone who manages a blog should be automatically given the job, project or contract without a second thought. Bloggers have got all the skills you would ever need.

As a matter of fact, this blog is my curriculum vitae. Take it or leave it. 

A BIG shout out to all bloggers. . . You are super-duper awesome like that. Don't let nobody tell you otherwise!

A BIG shout out to those who love, respect and support bloggers too . . . You are the best set of people on earth. You all rock!

Feel free to tag any awesome blogger you know; mention their blogs in the comment box below.

Here's wishing you a beautiful weekend. Muwah!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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