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STYLE: Peplum Love

Yay! We made it. Happy New Month, sweeties! Thanks for your love and support so far. May this month usher us into a higher level of grace and glory in the name of Jesus. Amen.

It's Sunday. You know how we do. ;) 

Peplum Love

There is nothing easier than to create a feminine edge with stamp peplum top. It can be a bit costumey, and liable to get you crushed on the underground. But it is worth trying out.
The whole point of a peplum is that it celebrates a waist-to-hip curve.

My aim for this look was to focus on those awesome Ankara rose pin badges as I kept everything else pretty casual. But then again, my lovely friend, Bola brought the peplum love to light. I think I'm loving it. And if you haven't noticed, I've recycled my dress into a peplum top which I've worn many times over. It's fun to recycle old pieces bringing them to new life every time. :)

We are not timid, and not cowed by the notion peplum might not make us look absolutely gorgeous. Peplums can be hideous and it's definitely brave to wear them.

If you are slim, peplum makes you look shapely, giving you the appearance of hips. If you are plus size, it makes your waist appear slimmer; what’s there not to love?

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