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Oh! Just Visit My Blog Already

Gone are the days when I used to be shy about having a blog. Now I can almost scream about my blog even on an airplane. Some of my friends (and strangers) no longer find it funny. I'm even sorry for my self right now . . .

Passion versus Obsession

We all have passion and obsession burning within us. These two emotions are generated from within and manifest in outward actions or pursuit, which can provide purpose and direction. They are powerful motivators to take risks, to make sacrifices and step outside of conventional norms to achieve our dreams.

A passion is a strong liking for an activity or something. An obsession is when you are constantly preoccupied with an activity or something. I'm starting to think there is a thin line between passion and obsession.

Passion is a positive emotion while obsession is a negative passion. Too much of a good thing is ultimately a bad thing, and passion is no exception to the rule.

I hate to admit it but my passion for blogging is turning into an obsession. Never a conversation ends without a referral to "my blog".

During the conversations, I be like . . .

Conversation 1
Someone: What do you do?
Me: Oh! I have a blog (click)

Conversation 2
Someone: When did you leave XYZ company?
Me: Oh! I posted it on my blog (click)

Conversation 3
Someone: How can I see you again?
Me: Oh! You can find me on my blog (click)

Conversation 4
Someone:  Amaka, when is your birthday?
Me: Oh! I blogged on that very day (click)

Conversation 5
Someone: Take off your glasses. I want to see you without them
Me: Oh! I post pictures of me without glasses on my blog (click and Click)

Conversation 6
Someone: The camera of your phone is really sharp
Me: Oh! I wrote about it on my blog (click)

Conversation 7
Someone: Hey, Amaka! How have you been?
Me: I've been good. You can tell from my blog (click)

Conversation 8
Someone: Your nails are lovely
Me: Thanks. I blogged about them (click)

Conversation 9
Someone: Are you in a relationship?
Me: Oh! I blogged about my heartbreak (click)

Conversation 10
Someone: Tell me a little about you
Me: Oh! Just visit my blog already!

What do we call that - more obsession than passion? I wish to be wrong on this one.

I enjoy personal blogging because it allows me to share, serve, connect, and express. But, I don't like how long my mind remains active when it comes to creating a blog post. I don't like how I talk about blogging to everyone I meet. I don't like how I wake up and sleep off having some blog ideas on my mind.
I need some good distractions - like another positive and creative activity. A money-making distraction won't be a bad idea. Who's got a job for me? *winks*

On a lighter note, it's good to be passionate. Don't stop yourself from being passionate. Passion is a wonderful thing and without it we couldn’t care about the things that we love. But be aware that it is easy to become obsessed with the things you love.

So I'll say, check your obsession but keep the passion. Yeah right, easier said than done. I'm already thinking about my next blog post . . .

What's your latest obsession?

Happy New Week!
Stay inspired.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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